Life in the United States Would be Perfect if Everyone was Equal


We are about to read George Orwell’s notorious novella, Animal Farm.  In this novella, Orwell writes about a world where animals overthrow the oppressive farmer Mr. Jones and try to construct a society based on the founding principal that “All animals are equal.”  As we read Animal Farm, you will soon discover that the animal society is not so different from human society.  Many societies have attempted to implement this idea of equality at the onset of a revolution.  For example, the motto of the French Revolution was “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”  Likewise, at the onset of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson set the tone when he wrote that “All men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence. In both the Russian and Chinese Revolutions, revolutionary leaders gained support among the peasants and workers by embracing the socialist idea that class differences should be erased to achieve equality.

In all of these revolutions, people became captivated by this vision of a life filled with equality.  However, what exactly is equality?  Does equality mean that everyone receives the same opportunities?  Does equality mean that everyone deserves the same paycheck?  Does equality mean that everyone should pay the same taxes?  Does equality mean that everyone should have an equal voice in government?  Does equality mean that everyone should expect the same standard of living?  Does equality mean that everyone has the same athleticism and intelligence? Is equality actually a feasible goal or is it just a lofty ideal that will always lay beyond our reach?

Before you begin reading Animal Farm, explore your own attitude on this concept. In a thoughtful, five paragraph argument, respond to the following prompt:

Life in the United States would be perfect if everyone were equal.  Agree, disagree, or qualify. 

Your argument blog must include:

1. Thesis statement

2. A “statement of context” that includes three specific points.

3. Three body paragraphs that coincide with your thesis/statement of context.  Your should support your ideas with at least one example from the class discussion, at least one example from 2081, and  a reference to another student’s blog.

4. Concluding statement

This blog will be DUE the morning of Thursday, February 1 for both Ms. Houlahan and Ms. Kindred.  This blog will be DUE at 9 p.m. on February 2 for Ms. Wantz.  


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I am a middle school Social Studies teacher who works at School Without Walls at Francis Stevens in Washington, DC.
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155 Responses to Life in the United States Would be Perfect if Everyone was Equal

  1. Kylee Sweet says:

    In The United States of America, we are a democracy. A democracy is when everyone has the same laws and everyone is allowed to vote for the president of your choice. But, democracy is the closest thing that will ever be considered equality. The main question is “Is equality a realistic goal or is it just a dream that will lay untouched?” Equality is when everyone is equal and every one will have the same things as anyone around them. The things that will be needed for something like this to work is being able to make everyone equal financially, some people are more intelligent or beautiful than others, and also the places that people live.

    A big issue that will occur when trying to make equality work is that everyone has grown up with different financial lives. Some people are born with a ton of money, some people work their way up to be rich, some people are barely making it and some people are not making it at all. The people that are less fortunate will be very happy to get more money and have more of a chance to make it in life. But, the people that have a lot of money will be very mad to give up all of their money. Whether it be the money that they were born with or the money that they worked for, no matter what they are going to be mad. People deserve to have the money that is there’s. It is sad for the people but they get money from the money from the state and they have shelters that they can go to if they want. If they go to shelters, they might have a chance to get back on their feet again. There is a chance for everyone if they are willing to try.

    Another issue is something that comes naturally. Like beauty and intelligence. It is true that some people are born with more beauty than others and some people are a lot more intelligence than others. If someone is a very beautiful person, they can’t just cover up their beauty. They can’t always wear a mask all of the time. It is not a right thing to do. And, if someone is super smart, there is nothing that you can do that is humanity to make someone less smart. And what if someone is more athletic than most other people? Will he get a leg amputated so he cannot even stand up on his own anymore? Is this really a realistic or even a safe goal?

    The last thing that would be an issue to have equality in the USA is where people will life. Yes, everyone can have the same exact house. Yes, they can have all of the same things on the end side of the house but what about the location? You can’t have the same house at the same spot. They have to be at different locations. And some locations are a lot nicer than others. And what about when no one is watching and you are behind closed doors? How do people know if it is still equal?

    With all of these things, it makes equality impossibility. Every single little thing in life cannot be even. People deserve what they have worked for. There isn’t a way to change natural beauty. And, no one knows what goes on between closed doors. All of these things are what make equality in The United States of America impossible!

  2. Kiana Blossom says:

    Equality is when everyone, and everything is treated the same, and with all the same respect. Everyone gets the same amount of everything. Food, money, same size house, no matter what. Equality sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Everyone getting the same paycheck, no matter what job there is, getting the same grades even if one student doesn’t work as hard as another. Sound’s like a dream. But in my eyes, it is nothing but a dream. It is very unrealistic in my eyes.
    Human’s have been corrupted with the thought of inequality. We have already learned that teachers don’t get paid as much as dentist. We already have been taught if someone works harder and is more educated, they are considered successful and to have gone somewhere in life. We have been corrupted with competition. It’s in government elections, sports and entertainment.

    If everyone got the same paycheck, there would be no motivation to get an important job that is seen as more successful than others. Like a doctor, lawyer, therapists and so on, which are very much needed in life. Sure, there are people who want to be those things, simply to help the people who need it, but generally speaking, but if you aren’t getting paid as much as you should, there is less motivation to aspire to have one of those career’s.

    If there is no motivation to get a job, there would be no motivation to get an education. No one would wish to be educated and just go straight into the work force, knowing that no matter what, they are going to get the same pay as everyone else no matter what they do in life. If one student does really well on a test, and deserves an A, but another doesn’t try and deserves an F, it’s either one of the other, and it’s not at all fair or by any means “equal.” This makes the general quality of life go down.

    Intelligence is needed for most jobs, or really for anything. If everyone had the same amount of intelligence, no one would need school to become a doctor or anything along those lines. It is impossible for everyone to have the same amount of intelligence, because everyone is different, and are born that way.

    Taxes can’t be equal because no one would be making enough money. The country wouldn’t have enough to go around. If we did not have such a large income distribution gap, then equal tax rate would be more possible.

    No one would have the same voice in government. Every way if flawed. It’s not realistic for everyone to be happy with government. There is always one voice that is not heard, and it’s impossible for everyone to get their way because everyone has a different mindset and different opinions on how things should be.

    To me, real equality is nothing but a dream. It’s not at all realistic in my eyes. All in all, it does sound like an amazing idea, but it would never work. But in my eyes, it is nothing but a dream. It is very unrealistic in my eyes. Human’s have been corrupted with the thought of inequality. We have already learned that teachers don’t get paid as much as dentist. We already have been taught if someone works harder and is more educated, they are considered successful and to have gone somewhere in life. We have been corrupted with competition. It’s in government elections, sports and entertainment. It’s human nature.

  3. Jeff Longo says:

    Equality is a far sought after, but unfeasible goal. Equality is when everyone is exactly the same. But that is just not possible. People have strengths in difference areas and weaknesses in others, there’s always people that will take advantage of the system, and somebody needs to be in charge. The people in the Russian and Chinese revolutions were deceived by the ideals of communism, and they both ended the same way. With a harsh dictator. True equality and the idea of communism is purely theoretical, and will most likely stay that way. It is human nature to compete.

    To be completely honest, some people are naturally more capable in the business world than others. The idea of communism would have everyone working the same amount for the same pay. These naturally smarter people would definitely not be fond of this idea, considering they may work harder or get more done than someone of a lesser intellect, but receive the same pay. Does this seem fair? The person who works harder is not rewarded with more. I agree with Kylee when she said, people deserve what they work for. That is why many people enjoy America. Many people love the idea of the American dream where you can control your own destiny. In 2081, people are given handicaps to be the same. It would truly be sad to have to do this, to forbid intelligence. The people might as well be zombies.

    There will also be someone who wants to abuse the system. For example, in class we stated, there are people that have more financial needs, or financial wants, and people that need less. Medicine, for example. Maybe one person has a disease and needs medication and another person doesn’t. If they receive the same pay, then one person would be better off than the other. Or someone that spends all of his money, and someone who saves it all. Would that be fair? That would not make everyone equal.

    Not to mention, that somebody has to be in charge. As stated in class, if nobody is in charge, then who decides how wealth is distributed? Without a leader it would all become anarchy. In Russia and China, a leader always appears. Such as Stalin and Mao. In 2081, authorities are seen such as the police. If the police have power of the citizens, then are they truly equal? Some form of government would have to be in charge, but a government would not make all people equal. Without a government, anarchy is started. There is really nothing that can work.

    To sum up, people have difference strengths and weaknesses, there’s people that abuse the system, and there needs to be someone in charge. Communism sounds good in theory but it is not a realistic goal. Equality is an intangible goal. I do not think that it will ever be possible to have a functioning communist society, no matter how many years pass. Human nature will not allow communism to function properly. Sad as it is, it is true.

  4. Ryan Seemiller says:

    Equality, in goverment, it is always talked about how all men are created equal and such, but is equality truly reachable? It isnt humanly possible to reach true equality, but the thing we can consider is that, we will never have a perfect equal nation. Lets say though that a society had a few thousand people, and that natural desire to help one self was gone, completly eliminated. Then that desire is replaced with a burning passion to help themself by helping the community, people arnt equal in every way, but there different strengths and diversity, make them each a equally valuable tool in the community they are trying to make more powerful. If people are united, in a sort of nationalism on a smaller scale, and completly deticated to there community equality, it would be possible, but on the united states scale it could not be achieved. “Equality in large scales is not humanly possible” on any normal human standards.

    If you look at all large scale atempts at equality, they have ended in disaster, or a revolution, usually corrupt leaders and unrealistic goals brought on these situations (even though China is now super rich) and also how we saw in the film 2081, they also had some weird corrupted way to control the equality, forced equality just doesnt seem to work, human nature goes completly against equality, we strive to be better, to be on top of society, because being on top is the best defense against the odds.

    Now Kylee made a point that “democracy” is the closest thing to equality that ever existed, but democracy had just as much variation in classes as all the other goverments, and she has no evidence to back what she says, I think Russian communism was probably one of the most equal societies that ever existed, because 99% of the population was in poverty truly, they were united in poverty, and equal in poverty, it isnt like other goverments where there were many different classes all over the place.

    In my opinion, the purest form of equality I can believe in, is the military, and not this new modern day military I mean old fashion WW2 military. You wernt equal in rank or power (jobs), but you all had a job, and a strong bond and connection with each other, you did what was the best for your squad (community) All of these soldiers parts were equal and essential to the effort, so in a certain sense, they were all equal, and working for one singular united cause to benefit everyone, not just themselves.

    Now true equality would never be possible (except in a robot society) but a united sense of community and a communist nation, I believe atleast could still exist on a small scale, and could effectively be run equaly by the whole of the community.

  5. Tyler Bransfield says:

    When communism has arose it has largely been a result of the desire of the people to be equal to their superiors, and current (remember earlier this year) resentment of financial imbalance in America has only supported the idea that Americans, and people all over the world like equality. But there is political equality and there is economic quality to be concerned with seriously, while taking the idea beyond its boundaries is obviously incorrect. But the question is, Life in the United states would be perfect if everyone were equal. What follows is a brief examination of such.
    First off I will not discuss the absurd notions of the clip from 2081, nor the idea that people must be, or even can be physically, mentally and totally equal. Such a mockery of serious discussions of government and economics should not be permitted anywhere near said matters. Any entry onto this topic in its current form that mentions these silly adjustments should be outright rejected as a serious examination. I refuse to use examples from 2081 in my writing, even if it is a part of the prompt for this assignment. Now then, to get to my points, that are the invalidity of the prompt, my argument for negative position on the prompt and a brief examination of peer work.
    First off, the prompt itself is a contradiction that invalidates any attempt to take it seriously. Think about it, if every citizen in the united states was truly equal politically and economically, there would be no distinguishing features of power or decision making. This means the united states as a country would cease to exist, for without leaders of SOME kind, or decision making processes, then you simply have a rabble of people. The obvious counter argument is; but wait, the people would all have equal rights and work together to make decisions as an entity. Fair enough, but consider that if everyone had some political power to make decisions, in what would presumably be a democracy, then the problems inherent with democracy such as political indecision, lack of clear view of issue and a host of other problems would be magnified exponentially. And this is assuming that true democracy can even be pulled off, with all of its near practically impossible technical problems. Politically, total equality is anarchy, and economic equality cannot occur without a government as nature will revert business to primitive capitalism and destroy equality, meaning that equality in economics requires and unequal power distribution, ie a state of govern ship by the privileged or chosen. Clearly the prompt is invalid.
    With my previous statements still operational, I will argue strictly over the prompt, flawed as it may be. Suppose for a moment that everyone in the united states had equal political and economic position within the united states, which as I already stated is impossible, would life in the united states be perfect? Once again, I have to stress that the prompt is awful, perfects is a practically impossible state. I will interpret the meaning as’ life in the United States would be better if everyone was equal.’ Of the two major area where equality would be an issue, economic equality would be the far easier and least damaging policy. The benefits of economic equality in the united states would be an end to poverty and hunger in America, there is no doubt that this is a worthy goal, but the side effects must be looked at. The lack of a wealthy class would be the most disturbing part of this system. Under Americas current society, mindset and laws, even were they to be changed, the wealthy drive society. Large research firms and companies would no longer exist due to wealth distribution, and the raw driving force of massive amounts of capital (that is, money) would no longer drive society forward. While there are other points to be made on this subject, hat one is the most prevalent, and thus I will conclude the topic saying that the prompt is very tricky here. With the affirmation of the prompt, then LIFE in America would certainly improve, by how much I cannot say, be it a slight bonus or a massive uptake (I suspect the former because of the fact that the corporations which provide so many services and goods would be crippled). However, AMERICA the state, if it continued to exist, would fall ion status and position. So may analyzed position on the prompt depends on how you read the prompt. In light of my other statements it would seem I am generally in negation of the prompt. While this is true in regards to many of the statements made, about the prompt, I must say that economic equality would be a beneficial factor in certain government configurations, but definitely not Americas (current) model. For economic equality to be beneficial on a whole, in my humble opinion, political equality would necessarily be impossible. Keep in mind I make no attempt to say that a dictator is necessary, but rest assured that political equality is impossible for most intents and purposes. For this reason my overall stance on the prompt is negative, I disagree.
    At the time I wrote this piece, there were only two entries on the blog, so I sincerely apologize if it feels like I am targeting, the reality is that I had no other material. Perhaps once everyone has posted I will write a large comment on the comments just to be annoying. Maybe. Anyways, it should be noted that only one of entries actually mentioned the prompt specifically in its conclusions (KB). KS makes the mistake of focusing on the physical and mental inequalities claimed to be inherent in society. With this KS concludes that equality is impossible, avoiding the prompt and stating ‘there isn’t a way to change natural beauty.’ Despite my statement that I would not trouble myself with such affairs, I have to say that, anything can be changed with sufficient application of force and weight. Moving on. Earlier in her piece KS states that people will be angry if they do not receive all of the pay for their demanding job. This only affirms my negative stance, while KS did not state her own. While it must be kept in mind that the situation would change were such a system to be instituted, capitalist America specifically if it is to be discussed simply has to many previously standing issues, as does much of the world, to possibly consider having such inequality as a policy (and that’s the important part, policy). KB, while slightly more on topic, still failed to address the prompt, but does say that “If there is no motivation to get a job, there would be no motivation to get an education. No one would wish to be educated and just go straight into the work force, knowing that no matter what, they are going to get the same pay as everyone else no matter what they do in life… This makes the general quality of life go down.” A worthy observation, if commonly made, but still declaring a position in negation of the prompt. This observation is highly contextual of course, so it must be pointed out that every contextual problem has its own specific solution, if you know what I mean. It should be assumed that under a system were economic and/or political equality was policy, choosing ones profession in a negative fashion would not be something to be concerned with in the large scheme of the things. Then KB makes the point that some people are born more intelligent than others, and that cannot be changed. Hmmm. Think about that in relation to what she said earlier. Then of course, KB says that equality is dream and humans have been corrupted with inequality. Even if that was true, it would be of no consequence.
    Hmm, it appears there are more posts made while I was writing this, let me read these. Hold on a moment…
    Jeff makes a valid point akin to my own concerning the lack of leadership and loss of function as a society and state, but still avoids the prompt and discusses problems that are specific to Americas current system. By saying that the want of the Russian and Chinese peoples to establish equality, they created dictators, JL falls one thought short of the idea that reducing everyone’s roles in society leads to one group, or one man, taking power, an intriguing one that certainly supports the negation of the prompt. Ryan claims that the military was a form of equality, can a private order his commanding officer to charge into machinegun fire. I don’t thinks so. Saying that “equality in large scales is not humanly possible” is certainly interesting, given that right before this was said RS talked of nationalism. Perhaps RS should’ve linked these two to come to the conclusion that equality is not reached on the personal level, but on the national level. RS does say that a united sense of community could be achieved in a small communist nation or society, one that could be run by the people themselves, this belief is helpful in discussion but not the prompt. In saying that Stalinist Russia was the most equal society that ever existed, RS makes a bold point, but one that is hard to counter, though it may not be of much substance besides it’s inherency.
    To sum this all up, while the prompt is clumsy, you had better point out that it is so and justify before you ignore it. My own position and response to t he prompt was a negation, though perhaps not as detailed as possible under other circumstances due to the nature of the prompt. Equality is a very risky thing for a society, especially the united states, and a policy of enforcing equality would likely have more negative effects than beneficial ones, all things considered and my own opinion included. So no, life in the united states would not be perfect (or better) if everyone were equal.
    That prompt sucked. Hard. (If anyone read all this and followed it, it was 3 pages single spaced MS word, be proud.)

  6. Merai Dandouch says:

    Question of the year! Will communism ever work in America? In my inspiring events of WHist/Geo its seems impossible in the U.S because equality is hard to achieve when theirs millions of ethnicities and religions besides America is known for it’s “American Dream” and money + power but I believe it can work in a small confined society. With no nationalism, a fear of change and a big mix of the population; communism will make a hard goal for America. There’s no dedication to it at this moment but in time of need I think the lower + middle class will over rule the higher class.
    First of all, there’s not that much nationalism, we don’t see it that quite often and people always want more here. For example, the higher class should have confidence that their money is going to the government or the nation for good uses but instead they realize that paying more than the middle or lower class isn’t fair (this shows that there’s no nationalism in the U.S.). If theirs no confidence in where your putting your money then how will communism ever work in America? We demand more each year, hoping that someday we will make it. Some people earn it, some are just born with it but if they stopped paying as much then where will all that extra money go? This is why our economy is so unbalanced, with communism I think it will help out everybody.

    Communism is overly expressed in equality, yes its about balance but not physically. Equality is being confident in yourself and others around you, that deep inside others won’t look down on you. We were made differently for a reason, or else unique wouldn’t be a word, like Plato said talent determines each person’s proper role in society so isn’t enough to make you happy that your living your dream job with at least a good enough wage (being successful doesn’t mean having a whole load of cash) it’s about doing what you love, to help society and help yourself) People see it as “if this guy has 3/4 of a bread than I should have 3/4 of a bread or else he’s showing hierarchy” communism can only be taken seriously internally or else we end up chopping off everybody’s head off. Everybody is equal in their way, no body is beautiful or smarter than someone, they are more attractive and intelligent in their own way. So with that said can we even say theirs a standard living for everyone? Does America even know what standard living is, does anybody? In order to do that, you have to throw away all religion and manners and replace it with new ones that will have to be accustomed to. Communism isn’t a diverse universe, it’s just a form of government like democracy expect with the change of money and classes. In a way communism can work if America can throw away their feelings towards different races and their money to help their society but since this isn’t the case, its impossible.
    Another reason why it won’t work is because America is scared of change, this is very true to those who don’t like revolutions or revolts. America has learned well from other changes and are accustomed to the way they are living. I think most people view communism like the short video we watched in English class, I think that shows how scared we are for that kind of change, maybe its not that were scared of change but of never being able to go back.
    In other words, communism can be achieved just not in a big society like America. I believe the best way would be on an island, deserted from every other country and media. It will always lie beyond Americas reach, but in other hands it yet maybe a miracle, still we do not know what goes on in this world and what will happen in the future but change can sometimes be a good thing or a bad thing, it all depends on the people and how they take it.

    • Merai Dandouch says:

      ( sorry forgot to add a reference, should go in the 4th paragraph) Ryan said that “it isn’t humanly possible to reach true equality” but it is humanly to change, don’t we need change because as our human extinct we can’t stick with the same thing forever. So wouldn’t changing to communism be a good thing (for the equality of others). But of course if your not having any problems right now, what good will change do for you? This is what I mean when I say communism is hard to achieve in America because we don’t think about the society, we think whats best for ourselves.

  7. Hannah Reyes says:

    America would not be any better if we tried to create a perfectly equal society all it would end in is a dictator. Just like in Russia and China when trying to achieve this as well. Perfect equality is out of humanities reach although those who thought of this idea meant well it is all wishful thinking that cannot be achieved ever on earth.
    Equality is unattainable in human society you can try to make a person the same in every way or society equal in every way but you can’t. Everyone has a unique ability or talent that makes them different. Although you can have a society equal but different which in they help each other but have different jobs and pay due to how demanding and how difficult the job is. In my opinion equality is out of humanities reach. As well you will always have people within a society to want more power or money or just something to make them feel superior.
    You cannot have a society perfectly equal it is impossible especially for the large population of America. Even if you were to try how would you really know that everyone is equal? You would have to have someone check and if you have this your creating an inequal society by giving people power over others. In an equal society who can be given power to make decisions. A large population like the united state cannot achieve perfect equality it would have to have someone one or a group of people to make decisions (like a republic or representative democracy) or else the United States would crumble into chaos and be no more.

    Although perfect equality may possibly work for a small population and even then it could be wishful thinking. Even in a small society there will be threats to equality such as people not being treated the same. Or even someone wanting to rule or dominate the society. No matter how small the population you cannot have perfect equality do to human insecurities and desire to be superior.

    In short perfect equality is not attainable in both large and small societies. Due to human desires of power, wealth, and the idea of being superior to others society cannot have perfect equality. And the failures of the past prove my statement for example when Russia and China when these two countries wanted to achieve perfect equality but both failed in doing so and got a dictator.

  8. Sarah Scheinert says:

    When it comes to equality being perfect, would making everyone equal really create a perfect society in our world today? When we talk about equality, we mean no one is stronger than the other person, there is no leader over powering the people, no one is smarter than another person, and everything that is distributed to the people from the government is always the same. Another word for this is called communism, but would it be possible to change our democratic country to a communist country, and have it be perfect all at the same time? Just like in our very own constitution, we state that all men are created equal, but that doesn’t nessecarily mean we want a communism society. I definetly disagree because there is no way we would be able to adjust to a communist society because it is human nature to compete with others, but there are both beneficial and detrimental points when it comes to if equality would make the United states perfect.

    There are many good things that could come out of an equal society here in the U.S. First, no one would have to compete for who is better at something than someone else, and everyone is equal and people won’t judge other people by what they have. Just like in high school where everyone has to brag about the clothes they wear, or how much money they have got, instead everything is distributed equally among the people. This means, people would recieve the same amount of rations for food, they would recieve the same wages, and anything else would be given out equally. Although, if we dig deeper, would it be possible to create a REAL equal society here in the U.S?

    One of the main points when it comes to true equality or communism, is that there is no higher power ruling over the people, and if we still had a government, it wouldn’t really be an equal society. Also when it comes to the nature of humans, we have a desire to compete with other people who have less than what we have. Just like in the jungle with animals, they compete with other animals about territory, food, and etc. Honestly though, I think it is more of an animal instinct than a human instinct that truely shows through people when it comes to competition. Also, what would we have to do to create a true equal society. Just like in the movie “2081”, everyone was supposedly equal in knowledge and in strength. When they were watching the ballet in the movie, all the dancers had to wear handicaps, and if you were considered more inteligent, they would send shock waves through your brain almost to “dumb down” the person. Although their society wasn’t truely equal because they were still being run by a higher power.

    All these ideas really has to do with The Allagory of the Cave where the prisoners are chained up against the wall and they were only seeing shadows on the walls, just like the people in the movie, they were the prisoners and the people who were controling them was the Handicap General. They were trying to control the people, and the ballet scene from the movie where the son of the main character had escaped custody, came out telling them about how poorly they treated him. He is almost like that one prisoner who manages to escape from the cave to find out what life is really like.

    All in all, would equality make the United States perfect? I believe we wouldn’t even be able to maintain an equal society because of people desires to compete with one another. Also because we are run by a government, we really aren’t an equal society. We were not brought up that way which practically makes it impossible. When it comes to an equal society, we wouldn’t know where to truely begin.

  9. Ben Anderson says:

    Equality for all is an unreachable task in my oppinion. To be completley equal, you would have to have the same looks, brains, and social status. Obvioulsy this is not a capable task. Even if, in some way that was aquired, it is still human nature to be better than one and other. Equality also means that there is no one ruler, which is also known as Communism. As learned in History, Communism is not possible to achieve. Therefore, neither is equality.

    In every attempt, like Ryan had said, Communism had failed misserably. Communism is not a reachable society. Many countries had tried Communism but everyone had failed. The closest country to Communism would be Russia, because 99% of the society was poor. But, in Communist Russia, it was not a full communist society. Stalin was the ruler over Russia, making him more important than everyone else.

    Even if this “perfect equal society” was achieved, how would humans deal with it? If you think everyone would be happy with it, and everyone would be contempt with being equal to their peers, then you’re wrong. It is human nature to succeed more than you’re peer. In today’s society, you show dominace buy dressing nice, driving nice cars, and owning huge houses. Can you imagine living in the exact same house as you’re neighbor? or having the same car? No one can really imagine it when they think about it in depth.

    (absent for video;only 2 body paragraphs.)

    As you can see, being completly equal is unacheivable. No one person could live with being the exact same as one and other. You may think you could, but once you look at it in depth you realize that it is truly impossible.

  10. Talia Aharon-Ezer says:

    Life in the United States can never be perfect. In the Declaration of Independence, it states, “All men are created equal.” If you take a look at society today, that phrase will vanish from your mind. People and races are created equal; it is not like it was back then when the blacks and whites were sepperated. Its just that some humans have more privlesges and advantages over others. For example, there are many celebrities today with fancy cars and houses while there are homeless people sleeping on a park bench outside with nothing but a newspaper as a blanket.

    Currently, a conflict that is taking place on Wall Street, has arisen. People are argueing how unfair it is that celebrities and rich people are earning the amount of money that they are earning, so they want them to be taxed more. These people are jealous of the fact that those people are getting more money so they want to bring them down. The United States would not be able to maintain even the idea of an equal society such as communism because, there are tons of people that want to be on top and have more power. I think for many people that is our goal in life or our natural instinct. If we had a system such as communism in America, everyone would go crazy. There would be many arguements and fights over everything. No one would be able to keep a stable and sharing enviroment because, many people dont like sharing or being the same class as others.

    I watched a movie in English class about how if people thought that other people had more advantages over them such as being a better athlete or more beautiful, they would bring them down such as make their bodies weaker so theyc ant run, or put masks on their face, They would also put on headgear to the more “smarter” people. In my opinion no one is smarter, some people just know more things, and those people were jealous of that. Its not fair to bring down those people, they were born that way and tried their best in life and practiced to be where they were then. We can never be equal because, everybody is different.

    Like Merai said, communism will never work in America. There are so many different people adn we all want different things. It is hard to have everyone cooperate and achieve that goal. I think our form of capitalism works for the U.S. Just as long as people dont complain about the richer people being rich; such as the Wall Street protest. Its not like they were born that way but they worked hard to be where they are at such as, doctors and lawyers and singers. Most of those people deserve it.

    Would equality make the United Stes perfect? I dont think it would. Everyone is different and we just cant achieve absolute perfect equality. Life is what you make it. There is always going to be the people that are mad at the richer people, and thats not going to solve anything but hating your own life because its not like their’s. If conflicts dont arise more from people being jealous, then i think that our society is okay at where it is at, but we will never be able to create a communist society.

  11. Carolina Canosa says:

    Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights and opportunities. Karl Marx’s theory of communism has had a huge influence in the past, present and even the future. Many believe that communism will eventually take over the world because the poor want to be equal with the rich. Unfortunately not everyone can or should be equal in every way shape or form because humans were never meant to live like that. I believe that in some cases people should all be considered equal but in other cases it’s a little more complex. Equality would be a problem in financial matters and competition would get in the way because naturally humans always want more. However everyone should be equal when they are participating in government.

    Equality would not benefit the United States because of financial matters. In Occupy Wall Street Americans are protesting that companies are not paying their share of taxes. If we were to be equal then we would have to all pay the same amount of taxes but unfortunately this would cause a lot of problems with the rich. Their argument is that we live in a capitalist society which means the people who make more money should be the ones to keep it. The rich also argue that the money they make goes back into the system and they can hire more people to work for them. So in other words, the United States was never designed to be a socialist type of society.

    Competition is the activity or condition of competing. Believe or not, competition happens in everyday life between humans. From who has the highest GPA or who is the all around best athlete, competition amongst humans is still going strong. If the United States were to become equal how would we fulfill that urge to compete? Kylee made a good point in saying that someone who is smarter or more beautiful than someone else is something that we can’t control. We ultimately can’t control that because those qualities are what make up a person’s true self. If the government were to achieve equality and control who is smarter or more beautiful than it would be like a dictatorship.

    Democracy is a system of government in which the whole population has a say in the decisions of the country. Although we are considered a democracy, are we really practicing the principles of a democracy? Democracy is supposed to be that everyone has equal rights unfortunately there are still some issues in sometimes maintaining these equal rights. For example in our Socratic in English we talked about whether or not war is a choice. I remember one student saying that the government influences our choice by using propaganda. So in conclusion war isn’t a choice because the government is influencing our decision through the media.

    So in conclusion I can see the benefits of both sides of the argument. I believe that everyone should have the equal rights and equal opportunities. Unfortunately when it comes down to financial matters like in Occupy Wall Street, there are many problems revolving around the subject of becoming equal. Overall competition among humans will most likely get in the way of our society achieving equality.

  12. Nick Keefover says:

    Equality, the state in which 2 or more things are the same in every aspect. Some people say this is a state that is possible to achieve. Some say it is impossible. While nothing is necessarily impossible, the idea of equality seems highly unlikely. Not all people can act the same, not all people can look the same, and not all people can feel the same. Equality in the United States would be even more unlikely, and not everybody would be happy with being equal. All the rich people would feel like it’s unfair that everybody is suddenly equal, and demand their capital back. Where as the poor people would be cheering and celebrating at their new, equal rank in society. Equality in the U.S. would NOT be perfect, and it would not be achievable.

    First off, equality is not something that can be achieved, at least not on a long term basis. Equality can be achieved in small scale, short term conditions, but it wouldn’t work in society for long. Everybody would have to work the same amount of hours, earn the same amount of pay, and get the same amount of rest and relaxation. But a lot of people wouldn’t be willing to work as hard as other people, and would decide to slack off and still earn as much money as the hard workers. The hard workers would then be irritated and demand they get more pay, or the slackers get fired. This would disturb the equality people thought they had, and it would no longer exist.

    Then you have the people who are already well off, they have everything they need in life and more. Then suddenly, all the lower class people have their money and they can’t do anything about it. Sure, it’d sound good to anybody who is not doing well in life, but the people who already earn a good living, the rich, the celebrities, they would all be angry with the fact they now have to share all their wealth with the country. So people would not be very content with the way the country is run, and there would be chaos. Equality is a very difficult thing to achieve, and the way most people are today, they wouldn’t be willing to give up what they already have so that everybody could lead a joyful existence.

    If equality were able to be achieved, it’d be similar to the way equality was shown in “2081”, where the strong had to wear heavy handicaps to weaken them, the intelligent had ear pieces to keep them from thinking, and people considered too good looking had to wear masks. Everybody would be too stupid and too weak to do anything. They may think they’re happy living this life, but then again they won’t be able to tell much of what’s going on. So still, equality wouldn’t be perfect for everybody.

    Overall, equality is pretty much unachievable. Achievable only for a short period of time, in a small group. Large group over a long period of time, not going to happen. The rich would be upset, the lazy wouldn’t do what they should, and nobody would be truly happy.

  13. Madison Schmitt says:

    When you talk about equality and everyone being equal has similarities. Would equality create a perfect society today in the United States? Communism is another word for equality. Equality means that everyone makes and earns the same amount of money, everyone has the same athletic ability and we have all the same academic capabilities. Would a communistic society work today in the U.S? Its part of our nature to compete with each other and not be the same as anyone else.

    I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to being in a society of equality in the U.S. One, we wouldn’t have to compete with each other in school, sports or even jobs. Or we wouldn’t have to be judged on what we looked like such as what clothes we wore or how we did our hair. Everyone would receive the same amount of money, clothes and food. I believe some people work harder than other at jobs or school or we shouldn’t all get the same grade or money because that wouldn’t be fair.

    In the movie “2081” they were watching the ballet which in the ballet everyone was trying to be equal such as they wore weights so they would have the same amount of strength they dancers also wore helmets on there head which would send shock waves through there brains when they were to think and so they would have the same intelligence has others. Also in this movie as Kylee referred to the dancers had to wear masks to cover up their beauty, which isn’t right.

    Kylee was pointing out that everyone has grown up with different financial backgrounds as well. I believe it would be hard and unfair to have a world of equality. Not everyone can look and act the same. As I was saying earlier it is hard for some people that may work a lot harder than others to receive the same amount of money. Another issue would be is someone was just born wealthy from there relatives and others have to work hard to have got the same amount. Kiana pointed out if everyone had the same intelligence then would need school to become a dentist or something like that. It would also be hard to all having to pay the same amount of taxes when not everyone if doing the same jobs. Also if we were doing an equality world not everyone would be able to have the same jobs or not everyone can afford the same amount of schooling and some try and work harder then others in school.

    In a perfect society equality wouldn’t work. Teachers and dentist or doctors don’t get paid the same and not everyone receives the same amount of schooling and food. In our society people have the wish to compete with each other on to many things. Our society isn’t perfect couldn’t be possible to have equality.

  14. Janelle Calderon says:

    I strongly believe that in the United States it would be difficult to have equality be brought into the nation, let alone make it a “perfect” nation. Everything being perfect and equal would just be like a Utopia, which is not realistic, or making someone with a high education set equal to someone without an education, or even working hard to get a “dream job,” to equal someone who works a not so great job. Equality has lost its own definition when being brought to social or political terms, and nothing will ever be perfect.

    Perfection will never be reached in any nation. It has too many obstacles to pass through and not only that but it would seriously damage each and every person who tries to take it. It would change the way people were to think or even act. Imagine being tied down because your thoughts or ideas or even strengths were not the same as everyone else’s, as in the video 2081 shows. The not so progressive lifestyle and being trapped with almost no identity for being set equal to everyone else. Not only loosing your identity but also having to keep the most unique talents under wraps because it would not be fair to others who may not be able to do the same. Not being able to show your strength or even the little features as to being beautiful would have to be hidden for equality to work. Having to hide your strength because it is bad to be shown to those who are weak. Sure equality would be nice if everyone were a superhuman, but we are not. We are regular human beings who instead of acting duplicates should be seen as individuals apart for any other person.

    In other nations trying to become an equal nation so to speak a communist nation has made it difficult to obtain. In Russia it was hard to keep communism because of the lack of support and the way Stalin dictated the USSR. It ultimately made the Russian Revolution devastating. Communism is suppose to have everyone equal, not have a dictator step in and take full control of a nation. In China the beginning of the communistic era was very crucial and kind of demanding of the citizens. It held many drastic situations, as the production of steel was not working out so great for them. The famine both China and Russia went through was horrific and brought sadness to peoples faces. It brings conflict between people and neighboring nations.

    The united states could not undergo a perfect nation, because using perfect as a world wide term is kind of difficult knowing that this is similar to a Utopia. Utopia’s have not been necessarily reached, or have succeeded as an ideal political or social system. As stated earlier in Jeff Longo’s essay, it would be hard to fulfill perfection because of the “American Dream”. The “American Dream,” makes a picture of working hard to be at the place you are now. If we were all equal would we all possess what the “American Dream,” portrays? Most likely not, since being able to control your own luck is better than just being treated like everyone else. But then again, “The American Dream”, is having a perfect family, a perfect job, and a perfect household. But the idea of having perfection being set equal to reality is much more vastly difficult to obtain. We see all these perfections that are desired by our souls, but could we ever reach them is the better question. Everyone wanting perfection in one nation is surely what everyone wants, but can we achieve it? No, because someone else’s perfections are what we set into our mind, we all want what we cannot have, and that goes the same for a nation. We want our nation to be politically, socially, economically beneficial for all. But it is easier said then done to accomplish it.

    All in all, I do not think perfection or even equality could be fully reached in the United States. Its too unmanageable to reach in a nation that is so absolutely diverse. It would be a huge change to everything politically, socially, and probably economically. Too reach perfection we must all be perfect ourselves, and perfection is something that cannot be achieved in the human race.

  15. Lauren Osborne says:

    The United States was founded upon a an idea that all mean would be equal. While that may not be the case, though most people have the same rights. Sadly that would be the only way we can get close to a “equal society”. Human beings have a nature to be better then one another, like most animals do. The idea does seem great, everyone having fair pay, everyone with perfect lives by the standard it is set. Sadly the world will never be like this, no matter how hard we try. Perfect equality is unreachable. No matter how much technology gets created there is no way for a equal society to be created. There will always be a government, some how. It is impossible to get a perfect society, no matter how hard the human race tried.

    To gain a perfect society everything would need to restart, only having one piece of paper saying “This is how it will go”. Though then it will end in a “Lord of the Flies”, everyone will go against each other trying to be the best. It would be a great disadvantage if everyone was equal, or killing each other. Who would make the new items, make food, entertain. Life would become a boring day-to-day game. Nothing would change or get accomplished.

    In the movie 2081 it shows how they would most likely handle it in modern time. Forcing people to becoming equal by means of torture in a way. The smart wear buzzers in there ears so they cannot think. The athletic had to wear weights on there shoulders. And the well spoken gained a stutter. Making a perfect society would be torture to get started now.

    While a perfect society is not reachable. It isn’t all bad. If there was a perfect society in the United States, there would be no fighting with Religion, Sexuality, or just Money in general. Everyone would have a cookie cutter personality and beliefs, because that is the only way anyone could be equal. They couldn’t have a good or bad personality but one “absolute standard”. Everyone would need to dress the same, so there isn’t people getting jealous of clothing or possessions, every house would look the same inside and out and every family would have the same amount.

    It is inevitable to see that a perfect society is impossible to reach, most all ideas would end in corruption, dictatorship or failure. The hope for this idea is reasonable but not in time, and most likely forever. It would never happen.

  16. Luke Rosales says:

    When the word “equality” is mentioned, it can be taken many different ways, but is always impossible to achieve. While it is easy to put the needs of a society on the back burner and only think of personal gain, it is even easier to perceive what one would call equality. Most citizens would like equal pay and taxes, while others want equal job opportunities. But the most common would be the desire to be treated equally by the government. All these types of equality, as simple as they sound, hide a way more intense climb to achieve what’s sought after in the long run, and for that reason, are humanly impossible.

    To pinpoint one example, change and equality no doubt have a positive image when these words are put into thought. They bring visions of peace, happiness, and natural rights. But, it’s not hard for a person’s mind to become shrouded with the idea of personal benefit. If someone worked just as hard as one person, then they deserve the same pay, right? Correct. But, the reality is that not one person works at the same rate of another person. Everyone is different, that is what makes a person who they are. In that sense, as harsh as it may seem, some people are bound to work harder than others; that’s just nature. So as you can see, a paycheck is obviously going to differ from person to person, and some people are going to work harder than others, but the people who put in more effort shouldn’t be harassed by the slackers who aren’t taking advantage of their ability to bring in cash. In the outcome, the only thing that is equal is the opportunity they have to put in effort and make money.

    Speaking of equal opportunities, another factor in the struggle for equality is the demand for equal job opportunities. While citizens with jobs are independent of the choices they make to earn money, not everyone earns the same career level, and in a furious result, want to be earning the same positions as other well paying jobs, or want to be promoted like their co-worker, etc. This again brings up the issue that no one is exactly the same. Therefore, not everyone is going to be getting the same promotions or the same raise as everyone else. This concept is easily understandable, yet so many people refuse to accept it, and, until then, are going to continue to pester employers until their demands have been met, which is most likely never going to happen until they learn to take responsibility.

    The last branch of equality would be government equality. Majority of citizens feel that it is necessary for the government to treat everyone with the same degree of formal punishment. This is one of the only forms of equality that is achievable, but still a tough challenge. To this day, unfortunately, there are committed acts of injustice, either by the police department or the government itself. These acts include racial profiling, stereotyping, excessive use of force, and maltreatment. Clearly this makes obvious why people have been proven to use force when they demand equality for all citizens. In all honesty, I completely agree with them and feel that everyone is created equal and therefore should be treated equal, and if that hopefully someday happens, I have a feeling that a new level of peace can be met. But until then, this remains a constant struggle in today’s society, and is seeming to become more and more distant from our grasp as a nation.

    As you can see, equality comes in many different forms, but has one ultimate end result in the process of trying to achieve it. A person’s mind can become blinded by the will to have so called equality, and what they truly want ends up becoming power over everyone else. They want equal pay and taxes, but it grows into something ugly and can become an addiction to power, having the ability to take a turn for the worst. On the other hand, people are constantly and consistently demanding equal job opportunities. While it seems like a beneficial idea, it is simply not possible merely because humans are naturally different from one another; some clearly work harder than others. That is a fact that cannot be changed. One last struggle is the fight to be treated equally by the government. Due to constant injustices committed by state authority, large groups of citizens protest natural born rights. All of these issues work as a barrier to the gates of total equality. It’s as if some people have become so aggressive that they have lost sight of what they are fighting for, and until then, total equality is humanly impossible.

  17. Leah Sisemore says:

    People are selfish. No matter how well they may already be treated, it’s almost never enough, and that is why people can never truly feel equal to one another. Three reasons for this are that there would be no real form of government if everyone was truly equal, human nature to envy and the desire to be better, and over thinking what amounts of equality we should have.

    if we somehow managed to create a society where people felt somewhat equal, it would be pretty crazy. There are many problems with this idea though, and one of them is that there could not be a true form of government, and without some kind of government, people crumble. Today in the United States, we have a president. In a “completely equal” society, a president or any hierarchy would be considered too high above everyone else. During the socratic in English class, someone brought up the point that a government would not be needed in communism, because people would instead work together and help each other. That sounds great, but I believe that it is too way too much to ask for, considering human nature.

    It is human nature to envy others for what they have. Today in the US, people have a lot of rights compared to other people around the world. Still, we tend to look around and find things that we don’t yet have, and to want them. In the clip from 2081, the older man’s wife stated that she would hate it if her husband kept his “mind zapper” off, because he would then be smarter than her dull self. It would take a lot of work to completely equalize people in their own characteristics, and well, truly in anything. If we somehow did get to this point, we would have given up so much that life could not possibly be very enjoyable.

    In my opinion, people tend to, in a way, over- exaggerate equality. Especially in the United States, everybody believes that they have a right to do this and a right to do that. Frankly, sometimes it’s just plain out annoying. It’s a great thing to be equal in many ways but I think that communism takes it too far. Many people work hard to get where they are in life, and sometimes that’s just how it has to be. Instead of worrying about how we are compared to other people, it would be so much better if we could see that everyone is loved and has the right to control their own life, and be satisfied with that. I agree completely with how Tyler B said, “Equality is a very risky thing for a society, especially the United States, and a policy of enforcing equality would likely have more negative effects than beneficial ones.”

    Ultimately, I disagree, the people of the United States will never feel completely equal to one another. It’s simply not possible in this world.

  18. Esperanza Barajas says:

    Equality is when everyone and everything is treated the same with all the respect. Equality is when everyone gets the same amount of everything. For example Money, paychecks, jobs, and food. Everyone getting the same paycheck, no matter what job you have and the education you have you will still get the same amount of paycheck no matter if you’re working harder than the person without education. We know that teachers don’t get paid the same as a doctor, but maybe they could have the same education. It not fair to the people that worked hard to get education and the people that didn’t get education have the same amount of paycheck as the people with education.

    Equality would not benefit in the United States because of the financial matters to the US. Currently a conflict that is taking place on Wall Street it’s been arisen. People are arguing about how unfair celebrities are rich and earning the amount of money that they are earning, they want to taxed them more. The people that are in Wall Street are jealous because they want to tax the rich people and celebrities more because they amount of money they are getting and the people are fighting for that. I think that the United States won’t be able to maintain this equal society like communism because there are tons of people that are powerful and they want to be in the top. For many of us our goal is to become rich and celebrities but would you like to be taxed more. I think if we had such thing as communism in America people will go crazy because we will need to pay a lot of money for taxes. There could also be fights and also arguments and could lead into a war because of communism.

    I think competition happens in an everyday life between humans. For example students with grades and around good athlete there are fighting for the win. I think if the United States were to become equal we could maybe lead to a war. Someone who is smarter and beautiful is something we can’t control it because they were born with it and we can’t do anything about it. I think if the government was to say that he or she wants equality and to control who is the smartest and beautiful than that would be dictatorship.

    Like Merai said, communism will never work in America. There are so many people that don’t want to do the same thing they want to do different things. For something people it’s hard for them to accomplish their goal and there are some that will. I think that our form of capitalism workers for the US as long as people don’t argue or complain about how richer people being to be rich such as Wall Street protest they have. For example celebrity’s doctors they are rich and they weren’t born like that they worked really had to become one most of the people who are celebrities and doctors deserve it because they work hard to win the money and to have fans.

    In conclusion, I can see the benefits of the different sides of the arguments they had. I believe that everyone should have the equal rights and should be treated the same, but I think the person who have education should be paid more than the people that don’t. When this comes down to financial matters like in occupy Wall Street, there are many problem with protest about that rich people should be taxed more.

  19. Josh Fabiszak says:

    The united states as of now has equal rights for everyone. And so far they have not done so bad. I definitely think it could be much worse. We have a democracy in the United States and which means equal rights for everyone. Well yes some people will always be higher because of their job or their culture.” Is equality somehow possible in this world today? or is it a dream drifting in the wind. ” Here in the United States we are for the most part are equal. Democracy as I’ve been taught in school seems to be the closest thing to equality. And as a nation we definitely are not at all equal. We have a president that I would say is higher than the average citizen.

    Having equality here today does not seem like reality to me. It seems as if it would make things a lot easier. But like come on? Same rights for everyone? That seems a little too much for the United States in this century. I don’t think that it is insane. I just think human’s are naturally competitive and think equality would never really be achieved.

    When I think of equality, I think about how when your father or mother give’s each one of my sibling’s an equal amount of money to spend at the store. And I think about how that never works out. Some of my siblings spend more money than others and some spend much less than others. This is exactly how it is going to be in the united states. If everyone was equal it would never be achieved, this would create people to outrage and go crazy because they would never want to be like the average “Joe”.

    As Madison has stated ” That nobody could live in equality because doctors and teachers and normal jobs do not get paid the same. Are society is not perfect and couldn’t be possible for equality.” This statement by Madison I would have to agree with. I agree that equality could never be achieved in the United States of America. It would simply be impossible.

    In simply society today people cannot agree on a cup of coffee. We as people always are trying to be the very best ever sense we were at a young age. We strive to be the very best. Like when I was a kid my grandpa used to tell me to be the very best I can be. America could never be equal. It is simply impossible.

  20. Cristian Alamillo says:

    Making everyone equal in any nation would be an impossible goal because no matter what there will always be people who work harder than others and there will always be people who work less hard than others, and making everyone work the same amount wouldn’t work because some people require more money, people who need to care for children, people who have disabilities people who have illnesses etc. People would be outraged if they were told they couldn’t work hard to get ahead. They would be angered if they couldn’t use their talents to get well paying jobs.

    If everyone was equal then that would mean that a government wouldn’t exist, and if a government doesn’t exist then there is no way to run a nation. There would be no laws, no way to make decisions and no functioning over all. This would be complete anarchy and chaos. It simply wouldn’t work.

    There needs to be authority figures to enforce laws and keep citizens safe, there needs to be government officials to make decisions and run the country, and these people have power that normal citizens don’t have. That is not equality, but that is what makes a stable and successful country. So, if everyone was equal there would be no stability and no success for a country.

    What would happen if a country that consisted of equal citizens were attacked by another country? The equal citizens wouldn’t stand a chance. If they were equal then there would be no army that has soldiers who have guns and are trained to fight; that wouldn’t be equality. They would have an advantage over normal citizens. If a country had citizens who were equal, they would not be capable of defending themselves if they had to.

    So all in all, if the government tried to make everyone equal they would fail miserably because it is human nature to compete and be better than others and because people need a sense of stability and laws that keep them safe. Also a country needs rulers that are better educated than most citizens because they will most likely make the right decisions and run the country properly.

  21. Harnoor Bains says:

    The United States of America is a democracy. Democracy meaning, every citizen or non-citizen has the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This country has been running in a democratic phase since the 19th century. If all of a sudden, this country demanded everyone to be equal in every way, to make this country prosper in the future, that would enrage everyone, and I could guarantee most of the U.S. population. No one wants to be equal; people strive to be better than one another. If everyone were judged as equal in every way, than there would be no point in working harder than one another. If I as an individual would be judged as equal to my sibling in the future, there would no point in trying to work harder than he or she. It is human nature to try and out due one another, kind of like how it is human nature to be violent. This topic definitely relates to the idea of communism. Communism is a theory that is derived from Karl Marx. Communism is basically a theory in which every man or woman is paid based on his or her capabilities and urgencies.
    There is simply no way to make the citizens of this country coexist one another as equal. For example, suppose everyone were equal in our modern society, who would run this country. If Barack Obama just said no one’s running this country anymore, since were all equal. We are all going to make the decisions of this country together from now on. Do you think this country would even last a day? No!!! More than 25% of the population probably won’t even know what the hell people are discussing, and people would have disagreements and why would one ask, because everyone is considered equal and if people were considered equal no one would even care about going to school, and if people didn’t go to school, that would increase the percentage of illiterate people in the United States leading to other countries easily being able to demolish the U.S. As you can see, equality simply leads from one problem to another.
    When equality is discussed there are just problems, after problems, after problems. For example, “2081”, a movie about how people were forced to dumb themselves down, because one wasn’t as smart as another, and how people were forced to wear masks, because one was more attractive than another, and how people couldn’t be more athletic than one another. This obviously led to a revolt. The character in the movie that was a boy genius and was quite an athletic fellow, had been imprisoned, because he rejected the idea of equality and as a punishment was forced to wear the heaviest physical handicaps and one of the most annoying mental handicaps that had been forced onto any citizen that had rejected the idea of equality. In the movie this character that went by the name of Harrison Bergeron refused to be equal because he didn’t want to hide his talents. He wanted to achieve the impossible. He wanted to do something that no one had done before him.
    What is the chance of people actually agreeing on the idea of equality, no one wants to be equal. Everyone wants to be better than each other. An example of why equality would fail is “Mao Zedong.” Mao Zedong was a powerful leader of the Communist party that believed in equality, but failed to spread the idea of Communism in China and the rest of the world. Mao Zedong encouraged the youth to believe in Communism, but his idea eventually ended up in a brutal disaster. The youth revolted against their parents, teachers and siblings, which led to the death of many. Even though he did fail in the attempt of spreading Communism an idea based on equality, he still had overcome his failures with successes. Mao Zedong succeeded in bringing back China as a major world power. He brought China back to its glory by defeating the barbaric war lords, who were part of the reason why China was in a time of recession, but eventually recovered from the damage done.
    As a conclusion, like Tyler Bransfield said equality is by far the worst idea to make life perfect in the United States of America. The reasons why equality is just not possible in the U.S. is because there are obviously more detriments than benefits to spread equality within the U.S. People in the U.S. are one of the most competitive human beings in the U.S., because the U.S. is the land of opportunities and as a conclusion people just want to be the best in what they do. From being an athlete, to being a doctor, lawyer, etc. If there was such a thing as equality there would be no such thing as competition. Competition is what brings the best out of an individual.

  22. Andrew Green says:

    Living without a personal mindset of your own is not a good way to live. If everyone in the United States was equal in all senses of living, the U.S.A. would be even further away from perfection then it is right now. In a society whose citizens are all equals in every sense, race and culture would not be possible, all unique qualities and abilities of its citizens’ would be lost, and people would be brain-washed. These reasons are why it would not be better to have a society where all are equals.

    Picture this, You are running through the streets of a town and all you see are people who believe the same things and have no recollection of their heritage. This is what it would be like if everyone was equal in all ways. While not being judged on your race is a good thing, not being able to celebrate your culture is not, doing that is no different then being told what religion to be. Celebrating the way you want to is your own choice, and in a completely equal society that would not be possible.

    Another reason that a completely equal society would not work is that all unique qualities of a person would be lost. If you were smart, you would be lobotomized, or something to make you less smart. Beautiful people would wear masks ( or have surgery/ have faces smashed, slashed, burned, ect. ) to make them less appealing to others. As stated earlier by Jeff Longo, “The people might as well be zombies,”. And if the citizens were all zombies, you would have to put a bullet between their eyes, the another for safe measures, ( Rule #2- The Double Tap, watch Zombieland ). And the last sentence is not to be taken seriously until the zombie apocalypse, except the double tap.
    Lastly, the citizens would be brainwashed ( Zombies!!!). This is seen in 2081, as everyone thinks that the handy-caps are good for their society. A more in depth view on this is with the wife, she is so out of it / brainwashed, that she does not even know what is happening. It is almost like she is a robot programmed to say specific things and do different things at certain times on clockwork/ by command. If that is what it is like to be in a completely equal society it is not that great then.

    Living without thought is a horrible thing. This is shown by the facts that culture, identity, and thought would be taken away just to be equal. Doing that would lessen humanitarian lifestyles, and worsen society. That is way complete equality is not possible to happen ever, and can not be allowed to happen.

  23. Justin Alvarado says:

    Equality in my view is that all have the right to live; people believe it to be about rights, money, or power. No, it’s the ability to live. Take away government, money, class levels, your left with people living life, how doesn’t matter, fact remains that they’re living their life. That equality to me, the right to live. People can have the highest or lowest intelligence, be the fastest or slowest athlete, doesn’t matter, same for position in government, how much money you obtain each year. The same statement remains, they are equal because they’re humans and are alive beings. Though this prompt asks “Life in the United States would be perfect if everyone were equal”, I honestly can’t say yes or no to this. I mean define equal in this usage. It could be talking about appearance, money, abilities, thoughts, even religion. So I say I qualify.
    If you reword the prompt with similes you can say that “people living within the U.S. would live better if they were the same”. Now just how are they same? That’s my question. I can’t fully agree nor disagree without knowing just what specifics of this is, people could be the same on how they dress, uniforms, hair length, hair color, language they speak. Then again as humans we want to be individual so we won’t be the same as the rest. So then they become not equal by they way they think, their choices in career, faiths. Same for genetics: height, eye color, skin color.
    Now I do agree on some things where life would be better in the U.S. if everyone were equal. Equal rations to all mean no starvation. Equal pay or even no pay at all would end debts between countries and families in debt no longer have to struggle each day to feed their children and can just live a little easier. Equal power or say in government means no one can say riot against their government because well, they chose, they made their government.
    Now there are many places where I just can’t agree with this, as humans we want to be individuals and be different, so we choose not to be equal as our others. We, for the most part, make sure we’re not equal by our thoughts. We consciously chose to be not as equal by the way we think; our level of intelligence, humans can never be equal in intelligence. If we did we probably would still think the earth was flat and everything revolved around us. If everyone in 2081 the son would never had been arrested, escaped and planned his own death. He would have stayed in a cell and stayed as dumb as the rest of them. Same with abilities, the son couldn’t escape if he was as athletic as me, and I’m no bodybuilder. So here is where I can’t life would be better if everyone was equal.
    In all I could fight for either side, I’m not saying one side is stronger or more correct than the other but both are true. On one hand you have the people that agree and think in a utilitarianism view, all for the greater good or the end justifies the means. The other hand you have the disagree saying no due to each individuals view, and see it as people are better off being unequal. So I stand as qualify on this matter.

  24. Ian Beamer says:

    Equality is what people have wanted in a government for years. In the movie The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent/Two-Face says, “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s fair!” Equality is fair, everyone is the same, and everyone is equally strong and equally smart. When a child goes through a temper tantrum and shouts, “It’s not fair!” he/she is suggesting that they deserve equality. Though that may not be right for them, but it is a way of thinking. Equality has to be earned and accepted, but even then, there is still a higher power. Equality is something that can only exist as a thought as long as humans continue to live in a “survival of the fittest” society.

    2081, a movie specifically about what equality is, shows what lengths have to be made to make equality. But even then, there are still higher powers in the society, ones who maintain equality. George Bergeron is forced to wear a handicap radio. His son was thrown in jail for taking off his handicaps (which were the strongest of any other citizen), but he escaped. He burst into a theater and executed a plan that showed what the government really does to keep the above average under control. The government is higher in society than anyone else, which makes the government unequal.

    Here is a scenario that I presented in class: There is a society of about 100-200 people. Every person works in a factory that makes Snapple bottle caps. Each one makes a certain amount of caps every day, righting down a fact on each cap sent to them by an outside society (more than likely with the same system). If one person is too smart, too strong, too stupid, or to weak to make a cap, then they would be sent to a society that would “help” them. If they were born with a birth defect that prevented them from making anything, then they would be shipped off or killed. Every person has 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure, and 8 hours of sleep each day. Every person would live and work in a separate room, to keep them from knowing about the rest of the world. This would be a near impossible society, as people would grow curious, smart, or strong and try to escape.

    Tyler makes a good point: “Politically, total equality is anarchy, and economic equality cannot occur without a government as nature will revert business to primitive capitalism and destroy equality, meaning that equality in economics requires and unequal power distribution, i.e. a state of govern ship by the privileged or chosen…” Anarchy would put a true “survival of the fittest” routine into play. Economic equality would require higher people, thus ruining the equality.

    Equality is a dream that will never come true. There will always be a higher person, and the people will always have curiosity. The government will never have total control, and we will only go to anarchy in a true crisis.

  25. Jenny Castillo says:

    I believe that life in the United States will never achieve perfection, even though the Declaration of Independence states “All men are created equal”, equality will never be achieved. People are created equally, but truly some people are born with advantages over others. There is racism everywhere, people being compared to others by the color of their skin, how poor or rich they are. For example, doctors work all day and save peoples lives but never get the same amount of money as artists that sing a couple of songs and get over twice the amount that a doctor gets per month.
    During English class we watched a movie clip on equality, in that movie clip they showed how on the beautiful and strong ballerina dancers they put masks on their faces to cover their beauty so people would not envy them, they also put weights on them so they wouldn’t be as strong and would not be able to dance as beautifully. The intelligent people would get head gear put on them so that every time they stated to think a loud disturbing sound would interrupt them. I believe that no one should be interrupted from their qualities. No one is smarter than other people, I believe that the people called “smarter” just stand out because they are always showing their smartness. Beautiful people should not have to wear masks because everyone is beautiful in their own special way; it is just that human nature makes people think that other people are prettier than themselves. Athletes and strong people should not have to be wearing weights because people get jealous that they aren’t as good. We will never be equal because everyone is born equal but with different qualities.
    I believe that what Merai and Talia said, communism will never work in America, is totally true. Nobody thinks and feels the same, everyone wants and feels different things, and it would be very hard to get everyone to feel the same way. How will they get everyone to support their goal, not everyone will be right there to support the new ideas. I believe that the US government, capitalism, works perfectly fine for us. The only way that capitalism can go wrong is that if people start complaining about the richer people, which I believe happens every day at least 3 times. Most of those people that are now rich did not just inherit that money; most of them work for it like doctors, lawyers. If anything the people that don’t work as much for the money but have tons are the artist. But mainly most people work hard and deserve it.
    A current conflict that has become is the protest on Wall Street. The people at the Wall Street protest are arguing about how unfair it is that all celebrities and many rich people are earning the amount of money that they are earning, the people want them to be taxed more. The people in the protest, you can say are kind of jealous because they don’t gain the same amount of money as other are. But no matter what bringing someone down will not solve any problems. Putting people down just makes them want to become better and that won’t solve anything. Like Talia said, The United States would not be able to maintain even the idea of an equal society such as communism because, there are tons of people that want to be on top and have more power. Communism would never work here because the search for power is always occurring, and without the power some people will just go crazy. Most people will not be able to keep a calm society because they don’t like to share things, so their society will never be equal to them.
    The true question right now is “Would making everyone look and sound “equal” make the United States perfect?” Everyone is different and we just can’t achieve absolute perfection, so no I don’t think it would achieve that perfection that is being looked for. “I remember being awed by it – the uniqueness and nicety of style – and I suspect I was a bit jealous because we were more or less of the same generation” by
    George Plimpton, and I think that is the biggest problem, that no matter how unique everyone is we get jealous of other people’s uniqueness. Ever time my mom sees me getting jealous about something she always tells me “There is always going to be someone in the world that is better than you and someone that is lower than you, but just remember no matter what jealousy is never the answer”. So I repeat once again no matter how much people become “equal” in the US, the United States will never be perfect.

  26. Matias Lopez says:

    Equality is a hard goal to accomplish. Human nature makes us strive to beat one another. But equally talented at everything is not possible. Their is always someone who is going to take advantage of others and so their is always need for a leader to take charge. The Russian and Chinese revolutions were deceived by the Ideas of communism. Total equality is an Idea that will remain an Idea.Humans will always strive to compete and be better than one another.

    Working and getting paid the same as another that might not do much is a really stupid Idea. I think some people are just slackers and do not give everything in what they are doing. People who are hard workers would not like getting paid the same if someone else is rarely showing a sign of effort. Making everyone the same would still not make everyone the same, because their would still have to be a leader who would need to control the people and equalities. I agree with diego when he said , “ Total equality is never going to succeed because their is always someone who is going to fight and overcome others”. In the video of 2081 their was a man who was fighting to be free of government rule, and be free to use his talents. Diego knew before the video what was going to happen because of human competition.

    Many people would waste their money and some would save. If this were to happen would everyone be equal? The people who saved would be more financially secure and the people who didn’t would not be able to afford all the extras that the one that saved have. That would mean everyone would not be living the same, thus making everyone not equal.

    If everyone is the same, who will be in charge of all the financial needs. If their are police are they above the rest of the people. So would we be really equal. If their is total equality nobody would be a ble to rule anybody else, so their would be total anarchy. Everyone would do what they wanted and some would overachieve other. Making everyone not equal.

    Total equality will never be achieved due to problems with the people and government. Communism will most likely never take over a government and will stay a myth.

  27. James Carling says:

    In past revolutions, the main goals have been to achieve equality.Has nayone ever achieved equality though? All these promises of equality, but no country has ever achieved it. If no country has achieved equality then why promise it? I do not believe america would be better if everyone was equal. this will be described with the peoples view, 2018. and Dee Lucas’ Blog.
    During revolutions, the leaders of them promise equality. Why? they think it can be achieved but can it? i think that the just say it to make the people happy. Equality, in terms of human beings, has always been a thoery, like one has ever been able to achieve either one, the closest group to achieving equality were the native american tribes. Apart from the general (or chief) everyone else is equal. when people hear equality they are willing to do anything in order to achieve it, but they never do.
    in english class, we watched a video called 2018. in the movie everyone had a “handicap” in order to make everyone equal. No beauty, no brains, and no ordinary life. this is why it would be bad if everyone is equal. just being ourselves in a society where everyone has the same rights is true equality. it doesnt matter about looks or smarts because those things are who we are. so in order to be equal, something on the outside must equally affect us all. if we had handicaps, life would change drasticalluy like it did in 2018.
    A very good friend of mine by the name of Dee Lucas was assigned a blog in his class. In his blog he finds connections between the characters in Animal Farm and Revolutionary Dictators. i especially like how in his opening sentence he states “Communism would spread like a brush fire in the ideal world.” It describes that in a world where communism and equality would actually work. people would be all over the idea of communism and it would be the worlds government.
    Just being ourselves in a society where everyone has the same rights is true equality. it doesnt matter about looks or smarts because those things are who we are. so in order to be equal, something on the outside must equally affect us all.

  28. Will R. says:

    Life in the united states would change dramatically for the worse if we had a system of complete equality and America would fall apart, fast. People today say that they want equality financially and such, but what they do not realize is that a lot of people would not handle equality well, there is always a person or a group of people who want to have more power and wealth then other people. There would always be one person who would have more power then other people anyways, just like in Russian communism. But there would be some hope to have a system of equality that would not cause total chaos. when thinking about total equality you would have to consider financial differences, mental differences, and physical differences. Equality would not end up working in America.

    If you wanted to have equality anywhere in the world, money is a huge issue. When i saw that the prompt asked about equality in America I laughed,because it would not work one bit especially in the financial section. Since America is a country that is very much influenced by capitalism, people would always strive to have more money then other people and be proud to be rich. You may be able to install laws that would forcefully make the corporation owners spread their wealth, but they would always have the mindset that they want to earn more and have power over other people. It also seems that would never happen because those people in office and who run for office are those rich people, why would they want to give up their wealth so there could be equality in the united states. It could also be helpful to the slackers. If people are working hard and there is equality for all, what about the people who don’t want to work, will they get a free ride life where they will still receive money, because EVERYONE is equal right? Money will always equate to inequality especially in the united states.
    There is also the mental capability of the people. In the short film 2081, there is handicaps for the people that can think and do better then others so they issue handicaps like headphones that wont allow people to think straight that are smart. With this the people who are smart are not reaching their full potential in society. This does not relate to if it was in America but if there were these handicaps through out the world, there would be no great inventions or thinker because if everybody was equal in thought and mental capacity then there would be no thinker and philosophers and inventors such as Einstein and Thomas Edison, everybody would simply be average and nobody would be able to have their own thought. The mentality of the people could also effect how the attitude of the people is. It would definitely not work if nobody wanted it, which a lot of people would not want it so they would do whatever they could to break free from this equality and it would start to spread and then it would revert back to the capitalistic form of society that we live in today. It would never work unless the ideals of the people completely changed in favor of it.

    Along with the financial and mental equality not working the physical factor would make it crumble fast. In today’s society if you are fit and stronger than other people, you tend to be praised and looked up to because you are stronger,in order to have everyone be the same physically, again like in 2081 there would have to be a handicap general. But having a handicap general is an obscured idea, and even then the handicap general would break that equality. In order for the handicap general to be equal, s/he would have to handicap him/her self and i am sure that person would not want to do that. With people being more physically capable than other people, equality would be shut down.

    I agree with Tyler about the prompt being obscured. Equality would never work or be perfect EVER unless everybody suddenly changed their mind about being better then everybody else and no longer cared. But as long as there are dictators in the world and money driven governments with power hungry political leader, equality will Never work anywhere in the world. China failed, Russia failed, and America would certainly not do any better. Equality would never work in America.

  29. Damien Masterson says:

    I think,for sure, equality will definitely make it worse. In the ice cream party today in World History, Mrs. Houlahan said that this is kind of like equality because everybody gets 2 scoops of ice cream. But it’s not because those scoops of ice cream are not going to be the same exact size every time so even in an “equal society” there is still going to be people that got more ice cream than the person next to them. That starts to create arguments like, “Hey, were supposed to be equal but he got more ice cream than me” so that’s not going to help anything.

  30. Jennifer Castillo says:

    I believe that life in the United States will never achieve perfection, even though the Declaration of Independence states “All men are created equal”, equality will never be achieved. People are created equally, but truly some people are born with advantages over others. There is racism everywhere, people being compared to others by the color of their skin, how poor or rich they are. For example, doctors work all day and save peoples lives but never get the same amount of money as artists that sing a couple of songs and get over twice the amount that a doctor gets per month.

    During English class we watched a movie clip on equality, in that movie clip they showed how on the beautiful and strong ballerina dancers they put masks on their faces to cover their beauty so people would not envy them, they also put weights on them so they wouldn’t be as strong and would not be able to dance as beautifully. The intelligent people would get head gear put on them so that every time they stated to think a loud disturbing sound would interrupt them. I believe that no one should be interrupted from their qualities. No one is smarter than other people, I believe that the people called “smarter” just stand out because they are always showing their smartness. Beautiful people should not have to wear masks because everyone is beautiful in their own special way; it is just that human nature makes people think that other people are prettier than themselves. Athletes and strong people should not have to be wearing weights because people get jealous that they aren’t as good. We will never be equal because everyone is born equal but with different qualities.

    I believe that what Merai and Talia said, communism will never work in America, is totally true. Nobody thinks and feels the same, everyone wants and feels different things, and it would be very hard to get everyone to feel the same way. How will they get everyone to support their goal, not everyone will be right there to support the new ideas. I believe that the US government, capitalism, works perfectly fine for us. The only way that capitalism can go wrong is that if people start complaining about the richer people, which I believe happens every day at least 3 times. Most of those people that are now rich did not just inherit that money; most of them work for it like doctors, lawyers. If anything the people that don’t work as much for the money but have tons are the artist. But mainly most people work hard and deserve it.

    A current conflict that has become is the protest on Wall Street. The people at the Wall Street protest are arguing about how unfair it is that all celebrities and many rich people are earning the amount of money that they are earning, the people want them to be taxed more. The people in the protest, you can say are kind of jealous because they don’t gain the same amount of money as other are. But no matter what bringing someone down will not solve any problems. Putting people down just makes them want to become better and that won’t solve anything. Like Talia said, The United States would not be able to maintain even the idea of an equal society such as communism because, there are tons of people that want to be on top and have more power. Communism would never work here because the search for power is always occurring, and without the power some people will just go crazy. Most people will not be able to keep a calm society because they don’t like to share things, so their society will never be equal to them.

    The true question right now is “Would making everyone look and sound “equal” make the United States perfect?” Everyone is different and we just can’t achieve absolute perfection, so no I don’t think it would achieve that perfection that is being looked for. “I remember being awed by it – the uniqueness and nicety of style – and I suspect I was a bit jealous because we were more or less of the same generation” by
    George Plimpton, and I think that is the biggest problem, that no matter how unique everyone is we get jealous of other people’s uniqueness. Ever time my mom sees me getting jealous about something she always tells me “There is always going to be someone in the world that is better than you and someone that is lower than you, but just remember no matter what jealousy is never the answer”. So I repeat once again no matter how much people become “equal” in the US, the United States will never be perfect.

  31. Anna Weil says:

    If you were to look up “equal” in the dictionary, you would find: a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality. Wouldn’t most people want to be the same status and quality? When you first think about it, yes it seems like a wonderful idea. The truth is, communism would only ever work in theory. There are too many flaws for it to be efficient. I personally don’t believe that life in the United States would be perfect if everyone were equal. Communism wouldn’t work in any society except for a perfect one, and that could never happen because humans aren’t perfect, and never will be. The reasons for my outlook are that greed, competition, and natural gifts are just a few of the many factors that eliminate any hope that communism would have in the United States.

    The first reason why communism wouldn’t work in the United States is greed. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have or to want more than we need. In a society where we would all get the same amount of money and food, how can humans be expected to not want more? I’m sure some people would go to extreme measures to satisfy their selfish desires. It’s for that reason, that communism would never work.

    Another reason why communism wouldn’t be effective in the United States is competition. In a communist society, students would get the same grades no matter how smart they were or how hard they studied. All workers would get the same paycheck no matter what the job was or how hard they worked at it. Most people would lose motivation because no matter how awful you did at a job, you would still get paid the same amount. A doctor would get the same pay as a janitor; so therefore, no one would want to be a doctor.

    One more reason why communism wouldn’t work in the United States is that some people have natural gifts, such as beauty or intelligence, which makes them higher in status and quality than the average human. This is shown in the short movie “2081” where a man wears a device that interrupts him when he goes into deep thought. Ballerinas also wear masks because they’re prettier than the average person. I personally consider this inhumane and it would have to be done if all humans had to be equal.

    All in all, these are just a few reasons why life in the United States would not be perfect if we all were equal.

  32. Ian McMillan says:

    The word equality can be perceived in many different lights. You can look at it as being equal in the eyes of government, equal in the eyes of your generation, or just what you think is equal. However, mass equality is a much harder thing to achieve. Many citizens think that government should focus on this, or maybe government should put their money in that, but in the end, the idea of equality is irrational, equality can be taken out of context, and not all people would enjoy being the same as others.
    The idea of “equality” is irrational. A communist government wouldn’t work, but not because having power is “human nature”. A communist government, or even a true democracy, is inefficient. They are inefficient because all decision making should be based in one place, it shouldn’t be all around everywhere. For example, the U.S.A. is called a democracy, but technically it isn’t a true democracy. The United States of America have three branches of government, and the president is the face of the people. There is a voting system, but we don’t know everything that is happening in our country, and we don’t all sit down at a meeting of millions of people and discuss war tactics or who to make treaties with. We don’t do this because it is very inefficient, and it isn’t efficient because it doesn’t get things done fast enough. I do not believe that it is Human Nature to want power, but I do believe that it is an instinct of all living creatures on earth to be competitive. I believe that humans started alone, and then realized that there is power in numbers, so they found people they liked and joined with them. Then they realized that having a leader is beneficial for morale and so decisions are easily made. But why would creatures want to be competitive? Well, it’s because every living organism wants to live as long as they can, and as efficiently as they can.
    Philosophers sometimes say that everyone in a government should be equal, but those government ideas are not based on literal equality, and when most people say equality, they don’t think of everything being exactly equal. It was brought up in class that the real idea of equality wasn’t to be equal, but the idea was to be fair. The difference between fairness and equality is that fairness is the idea that different people should get what they need to fit their unique physical and mental abilities, while equality is everyone gets the same exact thing. As an example, the French were not okay that the rich people were born into having riches, because that was unfair. It was also unfair that the third estate never had a say. But if the rich people worked to be rich, and every estate effected a decision, that would be considered fair, but not equal. Equal means that everyone has the same money, same looks, same intelligence, and same food, just like in the short movie 2081.
    Even though many poor people want rights, no one ever thinks much about the rich people who worked to be rich. The whole reason they became rich was because they wanted to live luxuriously, they didn’t want to live like an average person. And some people aren’t rich with money, some people are amazing athletes, and some people are melodious musicians. To take away all diversity from everyone and make everyone exactly the same would be the reasoning of a madman, because humans are known for working in groups with other humans, but if everyone is the same then having a group of people is completely useless. The reason that humans were able to survive was because they lived in groups, they fought in groups, and they reasoned in groups.
    According to the above information, it is obvious that all in all the idea of equality is irrational, equality is not what people think it is, and diversity is a must have when it comes to humans and their effectiveness to survive. There is no true ideal government, but that doesn’t matter.

  33. Allysa Rockholt says:

    I think equality is a lost goal in the United States, because there are so many things that make us different from everyone else whether it is their family background, where they came from, how much money they have, or how smart or beautiful they are. These things keep the US from equality because if someone does have more money than someone else they don’t want to share what they worked for or what they were born into.Equality will not work for the following reasons.

    Equality will not work because with the whole money thing, people that have more money than others tend to be more greedy. They are not going to want to share with the less fortunate because they either worked for what they have or they got it handed to them. Also if people want to be equal they have to be willing to share with others and have the same things as them. If people all had the same house there would still be people that aren’t being treated equally because they would be in different parts of the city and some locations are nicer than others.

    Also with the intelligence, you cant decide how intelligent someone is they are born with it. How would you limit someones intelligence? You obviously cant because either way they still have the power to be that smart. That is just something you cant take away from someone. You can tell them to stop being so smart or try to limit their thoughts, but its not going to work.

    Lastly, the beauty someone is born with is theirs to keep not for someone to take away from them. Yeah you can make them wear a mask but you don’t know what they are doing behind closed doors, taking off their mask showing their true self. You can not control people and who they are.

    Those are my reasons why I think equality wont work. We were all made differently for a reason, not so we can all get the same treatment because some people won’t work as hard as others just because they know they are going to get treated the same either way. Equality will not work.

  34. Angel Garcia says:

    Equality is when all people are the same. The word different would not exist between people. But equality cant exist as a government, which would be communism. But can communism work in United States? Can United States be perfect with everyone being equal? In my opinion United States cannot be a perfect society with everyone being the same. The reason why it would work is because many people these days hate other people, being the same in working wise will not work either and because their would be strict rulings on peoples personality or appearence.

    Everyone being equal in the United States wouldn’t work because some people hate other people. For example a rich, stuck up girl may be the most popular girl in school and may be bragging to a less fortunate person about how rich she is and how much her parents make and give her, but when everyone is equal she will become traumatized that she needs to be popular but she knows everyone is the same. It just doesn’t work. People are not going to be able to live with being the same and tensions may grow,

    Another reason why everyone being equal will not work is because in the working view, it wont be fair. A doctor and a waiter cannot make the same wage, it would not be fair for a doctor to have been in school for a long time and making the same as a waiter which would just need a basic education. It wouldn’t be fair. Their would be no point in going to school if you can make the same amount of money as a scientist without going to school. It could never work.

    One last reason why being the same could not work is because their would be strict rulings. In the clip beautiful people had to cover their face so they wont make other people feel different. Their would be many strict rules. Also the device smart people had on them so they wont make not smart people feel different.

    In conclusion, United States would not work if everyone was the same because some people hate each other today when we dont have to be the same, because work wise it wouldn’t be fair, and strict rulings on people being different. This essay shows how it wouldn’t work. It is just impossible.

  35. Slade LeBlanc says:

    There are a lot of things wrong with America, but i think that equality is the least of our worries. The great thing about America is that it is a melting pot, everyone has a chance to have the American dream. Life in the United Stated would defiantly not be perfect if everyone was equal. I am going to address having an equal voice in government, if equality means that everyone has the same athleticism and intelligence, and if equality is a even a reachable goal.

    I believe that a voice in government should always be an option if a person chooses to vote, meaning that the people living in the area should always choose who runs the country or state. It would be great if government was not needed, as in a communist party where theoretically there is no leader, one student said “Communism is not a reachable society” I think that on a large scale this is true. Though as long as our governments are under the rule of a higher power, I think that the people should choose that leader.

    I do not think that equality means that everyone has to be the same intelligence, strength, speed, or has to be physically or mentally equal. This is not a reachable goal unless you physically and mentally handicap people as in 2081. Which is probably another unreachable goal because the people of a country would never except these outrageous laws. Overall equality has nothing to do with these aspects of the people, but how everyone feels respected in a society.

    Is equality a reachable goal? I believe that in time equality will be reached. That racism and sexism will fade with time. Eventually the world will have true equality without these things existing without low self-esteem.

    I conclude that for America to be perfect it will take a lot more than for every person to be equal. Though when we find the perfect system of government a form of true equality will exist. It only awaits to be found…

  36. Ana Bello says:

    Empires, Societies, and civilizations have all strived for some form of perfection within government and representation. The fault found within all these pursuits is that perfection can never be achieved. On the totem pole of governments democracy essentially best creates equality for all and includes the opinions of the masses. But this sadly is no longer a reality in the United States. The roaring disapproval of the 99% masses has been seen through protests and a desperate want for change. Current income disparities are similar to those during the Great Depression and right now it wouldn’t surprise me if many Americans wanted any form of equality even if it came in the form of a dictator regulating the economy. I am not fond of the word perfect but looking at this holistically I do agree that life in the United States would be perfect is everyone was equal. This can be shown through the current issues in the United States, past countries practicing equality, and human nature to want to be valued equally.

    Right now in the United States we supposedly have the best form of government democracy; everyone is happy, everyone has rights, and votes for representation. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is, democracy is far from perfect, I don’t believe any government implemented would make everyone happy. But when the majority of American’s are struggling financially, fighting for jobs which many are being outsourced, and not being given equal political voice to those in the top 1% income bracket then there definitely needs to be a change. Communism and equality for all is judged too harshly and is said to be a fools dream that it can never be achieved. I believe however the same can be said for a democracy.

    Equality for all perhaps is most unfavorable because of the past countries that practiced it. China and Russia both ended with dictatorships but is that really such a bad thing? A philosopher I agree quite a bit with is Thomas Hobbes that all humans are naturally wicked, we are have the potential to be corrupt with power. So maybe having one corrupt leader that at least is trying to equalize the country instead of a group of wealthy bankers taking bailouts and deciding your vote would overall be better for society.

    Just like in a Capitalist society humans have the natural tendency to want to be better, greater, and more successful in life. I agree with this concept a lot which may seem like I’m contradicting my entire argument here, but when competition arises to an extreme and people struggling just to make ends meat then Capitalism has been pushed too far. The movie 2081 shows the danger of government involvement to make everyone equal which is of course not the road we should take and would create an absolute imperfect life in the U.S. There will of course be as many of my classmates say those who have poor work ethic or do not have an superb talents and having everything equal will make everyone upset. But one common idea that think everyone would approve of is being valued in society. Sure working harder than another and getting paid the same may be a little tough but not anything comparable to being completely disconnected from the electoral processes in your country just because you don’t make millions a year.

    A democracy is suppose to be for and by the people and when the majority of the people are not being included then I no longer see a functioning government in place. We might as well make everything equal, achieve some concept of perfection, alleviate class tensions while doing so and call ourselves the Communist of the United States of America. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism all have their faults. But when practiced correctly all can be a great form of government. I agree with Ryan that on a small scale a sense of a united community and Communist nation could be achievable. No government is going to always be fair and make the entire country happy, but a definite sense of equality is necessary right now when we have people divided by yearly incomes instead of united as Americans focusing on more important issues.

    A clear consensus of what I have read from past blogs is how everyone thinks equality is great but unrealistic. The same can be said in my opinion that democracy is unrealistic. Humans being greedy and self interested will happen in any type of society. But having more equality lessens the chance of that and would create the most possible form of a perfect life in the United States. I believe our country is already headed in the direction of abolishing all forms of class, and at least if we call things how they are and assert the fact that our government doesn’t differentiate much from that of China’s and that we are now a democracy in name only. So in conclusion to sum up this incredibly wordy extremist opinion I believe that having more equality in the United States would create on scale more perfect lives for the majority.

  37. Paris Trollope says:

    People say “Everyone should be treated equal”, we’ve been taught this since we were young. That if we treat everyone equally we will eventually achieve a perfect nation. Although in theory, this sounds flawless, it can never be reached. We all love the idea of treating everyone equally, but it’s just impossible due to human nature. Humans will always have that feeling of wanting to be better than everyone else. An example being models- they’re being paid to be better than everyone else, physically. And that men get paid 30 cents more than women. You can’t force a millionaire that they’re no better than a homeless man.

    A few days ago our english class watched a video “2081” where it shows what our society would look like if America had true equality. The “beautiful” people were forced to wear masks so the normal people wouldn’t feel less if they looked at them. The ballerinas were weighted so they wouldn’t intimidate others with their graceful dancing. Intelligent citizens wore a device that produced a sharp pitched sound whenever they thought, because they were “too smart”. When you force people into equality, it hides what made them, them. It covers what made them unique and different from everyone else. You’re basically just molding everyone into clones of the average human. No one is able to show their full potential.

    If everyone in America was equal, no government would be established, because that would make them higher than the citizens. This would result in chaos, people would run amuck. Because no one would be able to control and stabilize the society. People could do whatever they please, which would be nice for some, but others, would be commiting crimes without hesitation. And no one can stop them.

    Say we were a truely equal society, that would mean everyone would have to be equal, financially. A homeless man with nothing suddenly earns as much as a man that saves lives on the daily- a doctor. The homeless man would be stokked out of his mind, but if you were the doctor, you wouldn’t want your earnings to be compared to someone that doesn’t even have a home. Going to 6 years of school only to be “equal” to him? In my opinion, the doctor busted his buns IN school to get where he was.The homeless man, was a college drop out who doesn’t care about suceeding in life. I think that’s fair. Why should the guy that doesn’t care get as much money as they guy who spent his life studying all night to become someone who saves lives?

    Should people be truely equal? Can it ever be possible to achieve true equality even if we wanted to? No. It’s just not in our nature nor is it fair to the citizens around us. It hides people’s true talents, will cause chaos without the government, and it isn’t fair financially. Besides, no one, no country, nothing’s perfect. We shouldn’t or can’t force everyone into thinking they’re equal. it’s just never going to happen.

  38. Cameron Ellis says:

    Equality, what does it mean? Well, it simply means everyone is equal, EVERYONE. Everyone has the same opportunies same everything. Equality is that no matter what everyone is the same except for how they look and so on. If everyone in the U.S. is equal then they should all get the same amount of pay (no 1%, just 100%) but, if someone has a much harder job such as a bomb defuser would be an extremely difficult job. suppose another job is a video game tester a bomb defuser would defuse one bomb in an hour (I think?) a video game tester would work about eight hours. I don’t think we could have communism in the U.S. My three main points will be does equality mean everyone pays the same taxes, does equality mean everybody has the same voice in gov’t, and does equality mean everybody deserves the same opportunites?

    Does equality mean that everyone pays the same taxes? Think about the occupy campaign going on , if everybody paid the same taxes it would level the playing field. Nobody would feel better or worse. If everybody pays the same amount of taxes everybody should get the same pay. If people get the same pay then certain jobs have to have more or less hours depending on the difficulty. During class we talked about how certain jobs should have more or less hours. People should have to pay the same amount of taxes.

    Does equality mean everyone has the same voice in gov’t? Yes, if someone doesn’t then they aren’t equal. People should all have the same voice in gov’t so that if someone vetos a major bill but, it doesn’t pass then it might be able to get passed. If everyone is equal that means children should have a political voice too. Cristain said that if everyone is equal there wouldn’t be a gov’t so nobody would need a politcal voice. I believe that if we can have a gov’t but everyone is equal that we should all have an equal political vote.

    Does equality mean that everyone has the same opportunities? Yes but, some people should not be able to be nuclear engineers. If somone is not fit for the right job but, the do it anyway they will be less effecient, and they wont be able to do their job well. If someone is fit to do their job they will do it fine. In 2081 everyone had an equal opportunity like the guy who stuttered in the news or how the lady wasn’t very bright but, was married to the really smart guy. Not, all people are cut out for certain jobs but would do them anyway. This would not work.

    Communism in the U.S. would fail miserably. Too many people would take advantage of the system. People would start to lose out. This would just not work and hasn’t worked yet, every communist gov’t has a group of leaders or a dictator. The End.

  39. Thais Hamilton says:

    Equality is something I don’t understand unless I put it in my own words. I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most talented girl but I believe that my teachers taught me well enough to explain equality in more than one way.

    Equality is undefined. People can view it as different ways like…all jobs should have the same pay. All children should learn everything at the same pace and time. Everyone should eat things that no one is allergic to. Only taking simple transportation, with good manners to all those who past them by. Only one langue is spoken and no one is ugly or pretty because everyone wears the same clothes and masks. Performances are not of better quality. Nor is a worker better than the rest. All music is the same a long with a person’s thinking. As no man lands on the moon, or a magical dancer floats across the stage, and Shakespeare is never known. My mother was never a strong woman for she’ll have to be like every other mother in this extreme equal society. Just like every baby born would not have name with a special reason behind it. No on is stronger, or faster in a race, and then the Olympics is never made. A voice bless by God is never use for singing. Winners are everyone and one self is lost. You would act like a simple being just like I. War will not for there will be no victor and individuality doesn’t exist! And in this society everyone is equal. Doesn’t it sound great?

    If equality was base on respect the world would be much different. You have to respect the fact that all those around you are a human being. Ugly, beautiful, smart, innocent, stupid, mentally disable, physically disable, wrong, right, white as can be, black as can be, to speak in many toughs, to speak in one, shy, outgoing, and everything else that one can think of. No matter the place or time to respect that one is alive and not to be mess with or hated for unknown reasons. Equal in having health, food, and shelter when needed. So that no one is on the streets. Letting different forms of expression come to life. Having acceptance to all things that a person does and will do. This form of equality is an issue that won’t easily come.

    If I became a dictator this is what I’ll do…no one is aloud to cheat or harm another person. Everyone will have food and shelter with the chance of getting a job. Live stock will not be feed hormones and other junk. Health plans like weight watchers will be around. 97.5% of trash on the TV would be off the air and things actually wroth watching will be there. Dangerous drugs would disappear along with the snuggies. New cars and trains that will help the environment along with no body killing my trees! Everyone gets to work to their best ability and have mutual respect for one another. And new cures will be found for cancer and all those other hard medical diseases to spell. Even though I’m Christian I won’t force others to be so. Fashion, music, dancing, singing, writing, programming, science, mathematics, being logical or lazy for all I care make the tastiest cookie for all I care! Just be yourself under my dictator rule as long as no one’s life is on the line. Make a name for yourself and invite me to tea. But don’t fight me with killing machines, flesh and blood, aliens or robots, and NO nuclear bombs! Let’s talk about or play a game of cards for in my world that type of fighting is a waste of time. So if I toke over the world all those who I concord I ask respect one another and be yourself.

    So really that’s what I think equality is if you agree than cool if you don’t I respect that. For in a world that everything is the same equality for is a more boring than a blank piece of paper. At lest with the paper something fun can be created, but extreme equality is an eternal pattern that is 1..2..3..4..1..2..3..4 and so on. Maybe one day far, far, far away respect equality will be in all societies across the world just like heaven is waiting in the distance. Equality this loose idea that we all have.

  40. Jacob Brown says:

    In our world today equality in the sense that everyone is exactly the same is impossible, but if you change your definition of what equality is slightly then it becomes an easily accomplished goal. Using the discussion that took place in Mrs. Kindred’s class on January 31, another student’s ideas, and the movie 2081, I can easily show how equality can easily be achieved as long as it is not given a physically impossible definition.
    During our class discussion it was decided that equality meant that no one was allowed to be physically or mentally better than anyone else. We agreed that even if this type of equality were possible the people living in a society like that would never be happy, for it is human nature is to want to excel and advance in life. Nobody in this entire world is the same, we were all born unique and that should make us proud, not jealous. If equality was thought of as everyone having their own chance to improve their lives depending on how hard they are willing to work than it could be achieved and would create a community where almost everyone is happy.
    One of my fellow students, Cristian Alamillo, made a good point when he said, “There needs to be authority figures to enforce laws and keep citizens safe.” In order to achieve complete equality everyone would have to have the same amount of power. If you gave everyone equal power at the beginning there would be thousands of people who would take advantage of the lack of authorities to stop them from committing crimes.
    The movie 2081 portrayed the way that equality would seem more like oppression. If this kind of equality was ever achieved then any of the powerful people would be extremely angry that they lost everything they had worked for. This type of equality can never really be achieved but if you try and form a society under the fact that equality is when everyone has the same opportunities to make their lives the best it can be. This was the basic idea behind our country when it was first established and today you can almost say that this goal has been reached.
    In conclusion, it is impossible to create physical and intellectual equality but if you use the correct definition of the word than it can be reached with a little hard work. This is the only way to create an absolutely perfect society.

  41. Em Sharp says:

    When you begin to think about it, “equality” itself is very hard to define. In theory, if everyone in the United States were truly “equal,” then yes – I believe that means we would all receive the same opportunities, get paid the same wages, pay the same taxes, and have an equal voice in our government, and I think maybe those things could be possible; however, I disagree with the idea that total equality in the United States would guarantee the same standard of living, athleticism and intelligence, as I find those just humanly impossible. As humans, we’re all born with the drive to be better than others – smarter, prettier, faster, and stronger, and I believe that this instinct to be our best isn’t a bad thing, but rather a natural instinct that cannot be oppressed. In addition, I think we all want to have some form of power, even if meager, and this would play a huge role in the government – after all, how could we all be totally equal if there was a government who still had power and control over us? I also think it comes down to human nature as a whole. There’s no way we could all have the same intelligence, athleticism or skill level, with or without the use of handicaps. Unfortunately, I think human nature itself makes total equality unattainable and therefore, I think it is impossible that total equality in the United States would make life perfect – simply because I do not think total equality is achievable.

    I’m not denying that total equality sounds great: everyone gets paid the same, treated the same, and has the same opportunities to succeed. But that itself poses a problem – theoretically, we would all have the same opportunities, but at the same time, we’d all get paid the same. Where would be the motivation to succeed? Like I said before, humans naturally want to excel and be better than others, and we all have a natural instinct to be our best. This is simply competition, and I believe that this natural characteristic isn’t always a bad thing. Having total equality would take away all the competition in our society, which some would see as a good thing, but I really disagree. Instead of encouraging people to strive and fight to succeed and accomplish their goals, they’d simply live with what they had given to them.

    In addition, this isn’t just about the people. The every-day citizen would be equal, but what about the government? Of course we would still need a government, but the very fact that we’d have one would take away the whole concept of being truly equal. Just like in 2081, the regular citizens were all equal, with the beautiful wearing masks and the strong wearing weights. However, the only people who were free of handicaps were those working for the government – the strong and smart men who were allowed to keep their strengths and talents, in order to persecute those who posed a threat to their so-called “equal” society.

    Overall, I think human nature as a whole is the main reason that total equality is unachievable. Some people are going to be prettier than others, just like some people are going to be stronger or smarter than others. That’s something we can’t change, even with weights or masks, and if you think about it, those didn’t truly make people equal in 2081 – it just made them appear equal. Under those masks, the ballerinas were still beautiful, and once you took the weights and shackles off Harrison, he was just as strong as ever. You cannot truly change people to make everybody equal; the mere fact that we’re humans makes that impossible.

    Over 200 years ago, thousands of men died just so we could have an attempt at a free and equal society. Seeing 2081 is honestly just scary – it’s freighting to think that one day, people would dare to attempt that, but what’s even more terrifying is to think that it could ever be accomplished. Regardless, I still believe that total equality in the United States of America is an impossible vision and an unachievable goal. Like Kylee said, we have a democracy, and I agree that our democracy is probably as close as we’ll ever come to having total equality – however, I think that’s just fine. America isn’t perfect; to say that we have a lot of problems is probably an understatement. But we still have so much, a lot more than many other countries have – I’m proud and lucky to live in this nation where my gender, religion and race don’t determine where I stand in society or what I can make of myself. I know others will disagree with me but personally, I know I’m extremely lucky to live in a country where I have the same opportunities as anybody else. Of course, I’ll have to fight to reach the goals and aspirations I have, but I think that’s the whole American dream; you’re not going to get everything handed to you, but you have a chance to step up, work hard and make a life for yourself – whether it’s a simple life or an incredible one is up to us.

  42. Rachel Tovar says:

    I strongly disagree that it would be a perfect life in the United States if everyone was equal. Why? Well because as we saw in the movie 2081 not all of us would be happy with this new life. And not only that but it would also keep us from living the life we want to live, from achieving the goals we wish or wished to achieve.

    Some people are more efficient in business than others and get paid pretty well. If we were to have a society where everything had to if be equal or the same that would mean that everyone would get the same amount of salary. I guess it really wouldn’t matter if they got a higher salary than usual. But it would if it they got a lower salary than usual. Some work harder than others and still don’t get paid enough. Now imagine if their payment deceased.

    And what about people that need health care? What about the people that have children in need of medical attention? If they have a low salary, how are they to pay for it? I like what Jeff said, “If they receive the same pay, then one person would be better off than the other.”

    Another thing about communism is that there will always have to be a leader. With a leader, there really wouldn’t be communism, nothing, nobody would be equal. Although without one everything would just be crazy! But also, the people wouldn’t really like it because everybody wants power, right? Also, like a few people have been saying already, isn’t that why people like America because of the whole idea of the American dream where you get to control your own destiny?

    Total equality, I think, will never be able to be achieved because of consequences that might come up with society, with the people and the government. Communism will just not be the greatest idea for America.

  43. Aiyana Martinez says:

    To me i believe nothing would be “perfect” in the United States if everyone was equal. When i think of everyone being equal , i think of what we would call at Foothill Tech , The nerds would have no say in any classes because in the video we watched in english, a man kept getting these weird echo sounds in his ear, so once he thought of something on his own , the echo sound would go off, so it would distract him and not make him continue to think. The nerds would have no say , so that everyone else wouldnt feel bad for themselves for not knowing the answer. Bascially i disagree that everything would be “perfect” if everyone was equal. The reason why is people getting no say, Communism, & Human nature.

    The first reason would be getting people getting no say. For Example if someone in your class knows a question that the teacher has asked but another student doesnt, they wouldnt be able to say anything, because if they did they would be making others feel horrible that they dont know the answer, so they would make everyone go down to the kid that doesnt know the answer, level to where everyone would feel equal.

    Another answer is Communism. Communism has never been successfull in any generation. Like Ben & Ryan said , the closest communism has come to is in Russia, when only 99% of society was poor. If everyone in the United States was poor , than most likely equality would work. But we all know that wont happen.

    My Final reason why i disagree to everyone not being equal is plain out human nature. We grow up with parents Treating their kids the way they want by being the leader and making sure their kids know to follow their parents way and not disobey them. By the time we are 18 , we know the way our parents treated us the way we grew up, thats how we would need to treat them . We Grow up with someone in our life being a leader, no matter who it is there is a leader.

    As I said before i disagree that the United States would be perfect if everyone was equal. Even if everyone was treated equal, there is at least some what of a percentage of the United States that some people would want to lead in some way with their opinions and ideas. No matter what they will always be someone higher than us, but we can only try our best to reach our goal of being higher than some people. I nay have not gotten the point of this blog, but this is what i think.

  44. Tom Kindred says:

    Even though the idea of an equal society would sound perfect, many details would prevent it from working properly. I disagree that America would be better if everyone were equal. I can see how people would think leveling the playing field would be a good idea and make the world a more content place. However if everyone were equal society would never advance, people would start to resent the idea and sooner or later anarchy would devolop.

    In the short film 2081 people with more intellect than others were shocked every couple of minuetes to prevent them from haveing any clear thoughts. If scientist and other intellectuals had these hadicapes no one would would be able to create new ideas or find cures f6r disease.

    In a society were everyone is equal some people may start to resent the idea, for example if you work really hard and struggle to keep up and someone else is barely doing anything and still getting the same pay and benifits your going to want to rethink the idea of a equal society.

    After people start to rethink the idea of equality and see the down falls of the supposedly perfect society people will start to rebel just like the son did in the the movie 2081.

    So equality in america would enebitibly fail horribly, if everyone was slowed down and had their intelligence lowered to become equal with everyone else society would never advance, their would be atleast one person who would fight back and try to take controll, and after awhile people would turn to anarchy.

  45. Christian Martinez says:

    Equality is the meaning of every one being the same and equal. How can society come together to make equality work in a government.? Well I for one don’t agree that equality can be the best way to make everyone equal. Every person is different in there own way, some people are really smart and gifted while others are not and have a real tuff time getting the materials. People should not have the same lives, living conditions, and job pay because every person puts a certain amount of work into what they do.

    If equality was to take over then that means every single person would have the same life. By having the same life means that everyone has to do the same things everyone else does and nobody can get special treatment of some sort or get favored by someone. That means that all the people have to live in the same type of house and get the same appliances, food and cloths that way nobody has better appliances then anybody else otherwise that wouldn’t be called equality. Think about it would you want to have everything that everyone else has, i don’t think so. In the movie 2018 people that were athletic had to wear weights so they cant be stronger and people that were smart got shocked in the head every time they started thinking. That wouldn’t be fair for the talented and smart people to give it all up just because they have to be equal.

    If everyone had the same living conditions that wouldn’t be fair because if you were a rich person living in a really big mansion you would have to give that all up because the poor wouldn’t think that equal for you living in a nice big house and them living in a small or on the streets. Say one family was born with power and lots of money and they were treated like royalty and had servants and butlers do all the work for them. Wouldn’t that be the life, you worked really hard to get all that money and power and all of a sudden the government said everyone has to be equal and have the same living conditions, so that means no one can have a better looking house wouldn’t that really suck.!

    In todays world there are lots of different types of people, there are people who work really hard and get paid lots of money its not funny how much money they get in just one year. Then there is average people who get paid average pay and make good money but not that much that they can spend like crazy. Lastly we have the people who don’t give a care in the world and give up on life and don’t have a job and are barely getting by or don’t have any money. So with equality every one of those persons would get the same pay amount and it wouldn’t matter the job you had. So there wouldn’t be any rich people or poor people in that society. Like in Angel Garcia’s blog he states that a doctor and a waiter cannot make the same amount of money and that wouldn’t be fair to the doctor who went to school and sent years and years studying to become a doctor.

    At the end these are my statements for why equality would not work in a society. First because not everyone would have the same life and living conditions and pay check. I personally don’t think that this idea would not work because not every single person is the same in the world and people make different money and life choices.

  46. Alejandro Robles says:

    Here in the United States, we are a Democracy. A Democracy that consists with three branches, each one sharing the same power, and where the constitution states that everyone is born equal. But what exactly is equality? This statement can be expressed by the break downs of nature, sporty, and communism.
    I think we all know that everyone is not born the same. Some people are born rich and some poor, that’s called Capitalism. Capitalism for the most part, is not fair for some people, especially with this recession. The wealthy people obviously have more things in life like a huge house, a trip to Hawaii and things like that. A poor person has to work to maintain a fairly decent amount of money. This isn’t fair at all. Although the constitution states that everyone is created equally it does not say that people have to work harder than others to improve their lifestyles. This wouldn’t be called equality at all, this would be called nature. Nature, in which people compete with one another to live in today’s society. Now, it is natural to have different positions through jobs but if we were all equal we would all have the same boring job which the other positions won’t be filled by. In 2081 everyone is equal, equal is good for a while but after a while it gets boring because it doesn’t let the world know the gifts that you have to offer.
    A real life example that I would conclude is the athletic type of person. I’m in Track/Field and I have noticed people’s performances. Some people are excellent at running, jumping, or throwing while others have to work at it. This would also describe the difference in people. Disabled people would not think that life is fair for them and that they are equal but that still does not mean that they cannot be equal.
    Murai talked about Communist and making America better. I agree with this because America is equal but it still wants competition making people corrupt and unequal. If there was a way to overthrow Capitalism, America would be equal in their own way. American jobs would be overthrown too. Jobs for the disabled would becreated and the other people would get mad and say theyre unequal and they would just keep on throwing words to each other and equality will never come through.
    I think that equality will never happen because there will be too much conflict to regard about, like religion, ethnicity, and peoples behavior. All in all, people can just live how they are living, either rising up or staying the same because equality for all will never happen.

  47. Equality means equivalent chances for all; the same rights, the same rules & laws with the same consequences, and also the same expectations. Through my years of public schooling I have often heard statements made by students, directed towards teachers about their “rights” or “freedoms” being violated. How can one make claims to these rights without being fully educated of the reality of the liberties belonging to both parties?
    In the Video Clip 2081, “equality” is shown through a system of handicapping each person’s strengths. I found this process to be destructive to ANY functioning society. Each individual possesses distinct talents and abilities in order to strengthen others within their society or communities. By handicapping the capabilities of multiple people within a society, the society is essentially set up for failure. When each member in a social order consists of the same qualities or capacities, there is no opportunity left for improvement. Naturally humans are born with a competitive drive. This competitive push allows for there to be advancements in the world, all throughout history. The example of equality in 2081 diminishes all motivation for self-improvement as well as improvements within a community. Communism destroys the motivation that keeps people working.
    Equality is more than a feasible goal; it just needs to be viewed with a changed perspective. It is clearly evident that in modern day America many citizens focus on the existence of their privileges rather than the objectives that can be pursued and achieved with the ones in which they have already been granted. In addition these people feel an entitlement to much more than they have worked for or even deserve. Media(sometimes social) in modern days can serve as a form of propaganda. The view of the public is often blurred by untruths shown in media which results in a great number of people, who like my classmates, find it acceptable to be uninformed of the world around them but also criticize this unknown domain. Although we cannot force others to change their perspectives we can influence them with positive attitudes and a precedence of greatness. Many times in Mrs. Houlahan’s class we have discussed “Mob Mentality”. Through strong leaders and respectable, morale, figures and role models, a community can be positively influenced. This is true for both microcosms and large civilizations.
    In order for equality to be an effective key in a social order it must be implemented properly. After being granted equality each member of society must take advantage of the rights they have been given by using their personal skills to increase the greatness of those around them. Many argue that the world consists of individuals born with their own handicap; I would retaliate to their arguments by saying that there are also many individuals born with the ability and desire to aid the handicaps of others. These circumstances provide more prospects of individual achievement and happiness.
    Overall, equality can be successfully achieved in a non-communistic society and also without diminishing the talents or rights of others. Naturally, equality cannot exist when being defined on a personal level of skills.

  48. Dominique Callegari says:

    Equality is a tricky subject to tackle and a concept that seems ever so slightly out of comprehension. The definition of equality could be that everyone has the same opportunities, or it could be that everyone has the exact same life. While it seems nice for everyone to have the same amount of success, the same amount of respect, and the same amount of happiness it just can’t happen. We can’t all have the same lavish house, and the same paycheck, and the same loving family. Equality isn’t impossible, it’s just not achievable in the sense that we want it to be. We can’t have ideal equality because of humanly greed, not everyone is pleased in the same way, and the only equality obtainable is a lot more twisted than desired.

    Now, you may think that if everyone were rich, lived in the lap of luxury, and had everything that wanted the world would be a better place right? Not necessarily, because no matter how good life is people will always want more. You hear it all the time, people complaining that “the food here isn’t as tasty as it could be”, “this iPhone isn’t as handy as it could be”, or “this video game isn’t as fun as it could be”. No matter what it is people always want more. Despite the fact that in other countries they don’t have near as cozy a lifestyle as we do, people still aren’t quite satisfied with what they have. If we gave people the best life imaginable it still wouldn’t be enough. Sooner or later people would start spitting complaints like “my mansion isn’t as spacious as it could be”, “my tower of money isn’t as high as it could be”, “my exotic pet isn’t as foreign as it could be”. It doesn’t matter how great you have because it will never be enough, life could always be just a little bit better and as long as it’s possible to have something better people will strive until they satisfy that need. Even in class we debated on whether or not industrialism and the longing to grow and be more efficient than other nations has set the possibility of equality back or not.

    Not everyone can be pleased in the same way. If we had everyone living the same way not everyone would be happy and this would end up in some sort if revolution or another. Like in the short movie we saw, the man lived his life like everyone else but he was always bitter, the monotony of his mundane life didn’t make him as happy as other people. His son even attempted a sort of suicide bombing in order to show the world how disgusted he was with the way he was treated for being to extraordinary. If everyone were the same no one would be unique and those who must hold back and are never able to act on their talents will feel oppressed and may have a need to overthrow society. Like Ryan, said, equality on a small scale may be achievable. With less people to satisfy the likely hood of a perfect society is fathomable. But as he also stated, equality can’t be achieved on a large scale, like a whole nation because there are just too many to please.

    The only way to truly achieve equality in a sense that everyone has the same life is if everyone were oppressed. If everyone were living in such poor conditions they’d be in such a low state that life couldn’t possibly be any worse. Let’s say hypothetically that people are living so horribly and are so broken that the idea of a better life unfeasible. The idea is unimaginable that no one would even bother to try and improve life. It seems that this is the only way people could be equal. Everyone is the same in that no one would dare lift their heads and fight back. No one is better than someone else because any talents or extraordinary attributes someone may posses will never be discovered. So broken these people that you don’t even have a chance to develop a true personality.

    In short, equality is a strange concept. It sounds so great and so easy to accomplish but when you get right down to it the definition is incoherent and foggy and actually putting together a plan to achieve it is far too difficult if not impossible. There is too much greed, too many people to please, and the only type of equality that won’t fail is dark and grim (and inhuman).

  49. Jackie Quezada says:

    I disagree that Life in the United States would be perfect if everyone were equal. America has tried for centuries to live up to the quote “All men are created equal”. But in reality what is equality? Some are born naturally intelligent while others are born with special needs. Others born into money while others into poverty. No matter how much we try to make “Equality” come true, everyone is different. That is the beauty of being a human, accept it.
    In English class we watched a video that I thought was fairly strange. In the video, the government set out a law that was meant for everyone to have equality. A married couple was at their house and the husband was sitting on the couch watching television casually and he had chains on his chest and earphones on his ears that buzzed every time he had a certain thought. On the other hand, his wife had no chains, no earphones, she was completely normal. Because in this case her husband had to be brought down to her level to indicate equality as the government requested. The married couple had a son that was taken away from them by the government because of copyright infringement. He was considered a criminal, and every time his Dad had a flashback of the moment when he was getting taken away, his earphones would buzz and snap him out of the flashback. Is this what equality signifies?
    To what level would America sink to reach “Equality”? We are all born different and asking someone to change just to make someone else feel good about themselves is too much to ask from anyone. We are born into different categories, different races, and different families. That is something that NO ONE can change. Since we cannot change that then that does not signify “Equality”.
    Equality would also mean for everyone to get paid equally. A doctor would get paid the same amount as someone who works at a fast food restaurant. Someone that worked so hard, that went to university for about 10 years or more getting paid the same amount as someone that probably barely even finished high school. That is not equality, that is unfairness. Equality will never exist with humans, whether we like it or not.
    Equality has been something America has always tried to achieve. But in reality, equality is something that cannot be reached. Every human is independent and makes choices and decisions to get where they want to be. Everyone should have a choice of where they want to be in life and not change just because a government law of equality.

  50. Miztli Tinajero says:

    Equality is the quality of being fair and impartial: “equity of treatment”. I strongly disagree that America can ever be equal because being equal would have to mean that a person would have the same exact style of life, appearance, job, etc. I believe that to become an equal society it would take years and years of work and yet when they “think” they are equal they would still not be because in reality everyone is different and that’s what makes everyone unique. To be all equal we would need to have all the same stuff and get paid all the same money. Some people may think it would be a GREAT idea but actually they are dreaming. I am sure people would get out of their horrible habits of competition but it would not last. No one is the same and no one can ever become the same no matter how much they would try. Equality is a lost goal; as Allysa Rockholt states in her introduction paragraph. Equality would not work for many reasons but mainly because it would not be fair, it would make people lazier, and it is just a dream that will never become reality.

    Those who have worked so hard to become a doctor, nurse, or lawyer and spent tons of thousands of dollars to get a bachelor degree and masters degrees have to earn the same amount of money as a factory worker or fast food cashier? That would not be fair at all. That would not make anyone want to get a higher education because everyone would be equal. A doctor that saves life’s and helps sick people feel better would not have motivation in their job because their paychecks are the same as an everyday worker. Some people are just smarter then others and we have to expect that. Some people have more talents then others and we are just a horrible generation that is jealous of what we cannot have. That is why the world id how it is. Communism would be a horrible form of government. The person that is a harder worker should be rewarded with many benefits and that is how life works.

    People would get lazier and dumber because everyone would get the same money and they would not be able to express they wonderful talents god reward them with. There would be no motivation and the brighter people would not try their best in what they are good at because they would be all equal. There would be no more discovers. As shown in 2081, all the smarter people would wear machines to have equal thoughts as every other human. It would make the world a prison. Human nature goes completely against equality. I try to be original and unique to stand out and if I had to learn how to be the same as everyone I would not like that at all. We try so hard to become a better person and if we were all equal it would make everyone and everything so boring. There would be no topics in a conversation because everyone and everything would be the same.

    Equality is nothing but a dream that will never work in my opinion. People have so many different traits, some people are super nice, some people are the next Bill Gates, or some people are super selfish and self centered. In 2081, the people that show up in the movie look so bored and the man was always tired because of the gear he had to wear to make sure he had equal thoughts and talents as every other human. Competition will always be in our everyday life and we just have to deal with it because we cannot change. No matter how much a person can try to be equal to one another they will never achieve it and we need to realize that we are all different and that is what makes each and every one of us special.

    In conclusion, I strongly disagree with an equal society. It would not be fair for the talented and smart people to give up all their talents and smartness just to be equal to one another. Communism would just make society dumb and they will never think out side the box. We would not have any more inventions nor topics to talk about. People that work so hard to be successful should be rewarded and no matter how much people are jealous of one another, they will just have to live with it.

  51. Joey Knapp says:

    Life in the U.S would remain exactly how it is in this current moment because as fine as it sounds, equality can never be reached by the human race. Human beings, as a whole, have inner desire to oppose something they don’t like. Whether it’s a belief or a force, humans can never live as equal due to the fact that greed or anger will rise in a civilization where society is trying to survive. All throughout history, we have sought equality many times, but every attempt has failed. The ancient Greeks and Romans tried it. Modern civilizations have tried it. Countries that had significant revolutions like Russia, China, and France tried it, but in their cases bloody conflict led to ultimately another dictator at rule. Here in America, we have hoped for equality but have ended up with two major factions holding up society: Democrats and Republicans.

    In the short movie 2081, a perfect society is portrayed in the year 2081. However, this “perfect society” is being forced upon the people because everyone is wearing handicaps, which are metal objects worn around the body to prevent athletes from advancing above less fit people and the more intelligent to not think such complicated thoughts so they can think as the less intelligent do. Even so, equality is again shredded to pieces as a fugitive who’s an athlete stands up for his beliefs and takes off the handicaps. I’m not sure if he dies or not because we didn’t finish it. Nonetheless, the message being said here is that equality is unreachable by humans even when going to such low standards as to force it on all of man-kind.

    Our class discussion was based on creating a set of laws for a society. Most of the laws had to do with no killing, rape or stealing. Laws in a society are useless because even though its a basis to keep people in check, natural human instinct will click in and somewhere chaos will rise and people will oppose these laws. In our world today, we frequently hear about or see people stealing, murdering, raping and breaking many other laws. By breaking these laws, the individuals are causing inequality because a greater force is stopping them and throwing them into the hands of the “law”.

    A lawless society also could not be the answer to true equality. What you would have is disorder with a bunch of people/groups trying to become the leader figure. Conflict would arise from this and classes would be formed, thus destroying the foundations of equality once again. In both scenarios, equality is never seized and the inequality that has haunted us since human life began thrives.

    In conclusion, the idea of a perfect society clouds our judgement as human beings. Our inner animals come out and that’s when people start to try be the one in power. Opposition to this force is applied and the animal is released from this to clash with the animal in power. Humans have been fighting a ever lasting fight to create the perfect society, but the many attempts that were put into play ended up failing miserably and here we are today still having visions and trying to put true equality into action.

  52. Tanner Woodward says:

    Since the United States of America is a democracy, every legal citizen has a choice. Their choice is basically how they want to live under their ruler. In a democracy, people vote for their leader. In a realistic society, a democracy is the closest thing to equality one can obtain. For some individuals, equality is a realistic government idea. For example, communist leaders tell their people that equality is the best form of government for their society. But there is one thing that the people under their “equal leader” do not understand. That is choice.
    In a completely equal society citizens lack choice. They lack choice due to the fact that being equal means that everyone operates the same way. This means everyone is at the same pace. One worthy benefit that could result in an equal society is being financially equal. Being financially equal is a respectable benefit because when everyone is at the same financial pace, everyone wins. Another upright benefit would be the extermination of social classes. This means that there would be no poor people or rich people, and just one equal class.
    Although there can be many beneficial effects, there are more problems than there are benefits. Certain people are born naturally with birth defects. These people are referred to as “handicaps.” In an equal society what does a leader do with handicaps? He would have to do something with them. That is where an immense gap is formed in an equal society. Handicaps would have to be equal with the average. This would result in major disadvantages in careers.

    A handicapped person with no hands cannot perform surgery. But say that person wants to become a surgeon. A person with cerebral policy cannot be a professional basketball player. These are all examples on how a perfectly equal society and professions could not mesh with one another. Also when there is a leader, that leader has more power than others. So everyone in a society would not be equal because there is one ruler who holds total power. Power would be the most major issue in an equal society because the ruler would eventually become power hungry and would cause the society to fall.
    As a result, an equal society would not make financial nor would it make sense for anybody to actually be “equal” because everyone is born differently. In reality, if there were to be an equal society, then it would go pear-shaped due to the dramatic struggles human beings undergo in modern day.

  53. Joseph Danker says:

    The United States, along with many other country’s, have a law stating everyone is equal. The question is, how equal are we really? Yes, everyone has the same basic rights,(mostly) and everyone has opportunities to become anything they want to, with a little bit of hard work, but how hard they have to work to get these oppertunity’s is different for everyone. Some people get a little boost towards these oppertunity’s but everyone is equal to a certain degree.
    People are not equal in the way that some people are born smarter, faster, stronger, while some people are born less intelligent ,slower, and weaker. This is impossible to change. Also, these random skill sets help create diversity, and if everyone was born the same way then there would be nothing to strive for and achieve. Everyone has at least one thing that they can do well and they have to figure out what that one thing is instead of trying to be as good at the things that they naturally are not as gifted at.
    True equality is impossible to achieve, but if equality was really achieved then I am pretty sure no one would like that anyways. You need people to be different for community’s to make progress and get things accomplished. Our current set of equality is the most equality that can be achieved, and i think it is the perfect amount.

  54. andrew marostica says:

    It would be impossible to make everyone equal in the U.S.A. because Americans love competition. We are always competing against one another for better things. We compete to see who can get more money and better items for our families. To make everyone equal that would mean that everyone would have to have the same strength and be just as smart as everyone else. Also if everyone were equal then there would be no government.
    To make everyone equal we would have to get rid of the government as Cristian said “If everyone was equal then that would mean that a government wouldn’t exist and if a government doesn’t exist then there is no way to run a nation. There would be no laws, no way to make decisions and no functioning over all. This would be complete anarchy and chaos. It simply wouldn’t work” and he is right if there is no government then we would all be on our own and we would never get anything done right and with no laws I don’t think anyone would feel safe anymore. There would just be a major crime spree with no order.
    It would be impossible to make everyone equal because we are always competing with one another to see who is better. We always compete to see who can get more money that is one of the reasons we fight for jobs/promotions so that we can get more money. Don’t get me wrong here we do need money in our lives so that we can provide food and shelter for our families but we don’t just use our money for that we also use it to get items such as fancy cars, fancy house’s and fancy items (computers, gaming systems, iPods, ETC.). Most of those items we don’t need. We do need a house but we don’t need a fancy one just one that our families can live. We do need cars but not fancy ones like sports cars and cars that have everything possible added to them we really only need one that we can get around in. It is possible to survive without a computer but in this day and age it is really hard but we don’t need to have gaming systems and iPods those are just items we can go and brag to our friends about.
    Another reason why it would be impossible to make everyone equal is that it would involve making everyone the same basically. In 2081 they did just that, they made everyone equal to one another. They did this by making some people wear what they called handicaps. These handicaps made it so that people would not be able to some things that they used to be able to do. One of the characters in the movie was a smart man who married a not so smart woman. By doing this they made the man wear a device that would interrupt his thinking process so that would lose his train of thought. They also made his son wear a handicap cause he was to athletic (I’m not sure how his handicap worked). I don’t think that many people would enjoy having to live with there life handicapped.
    If we tried to make everyone in America equal it would fail because it is impossible to make everyone completely equal.

  55. Ethan Johnson says:

    Life in the United States would be perfect if every one were equal. I neither agree nor disagree with this statement. Three reasons why I neither agree nor disagree are; the United States is already equal in the fact that all people have an equal chance at what they are striving for, numerous people are physically and mentally incapable of surviving with out a stable leader to rely on, and with equality among every one there would be no one to enforce any law on any one. Every one has a chance at getting what they want in life, but if they do not work why should they get it. Some people are natural leaders and others are natural followers. Without some one to lean on chaos could break loose. And how could there be equality if there is an official forcing someone to pay taxes when the official is at the same level as the tax payer.

    The United States is known to many countries as a country of equality. What they think is every one has the same rights, which is true. All Americans have and equal number of rights. No one has less rights and abilities than someone else. The only difference is how these people use their rights. Some people strive to become millionaires while others are content to live in ditches and standing on curbs begging for money. And who complains about inequality? The ones who do not strive for anything. In the movie 2081 the smart and strong people who would have originally succeeded in life have been brought down to make every one equal physically. But all they are doing is giving the strong an opportunity to become stronger. They are there for creating an even bigger inequality. The best solution is to do nothing are to make your personal self better instead of bringing down the others.

    The reason kings, presidents and dictators have come to power is because numerous people need a leader that they can rely on. As Jacob quoted Cristian “There needs to be authority figures to enforce laws and keep citizens safe.” That is what these people are thinking. They feel that they cannot rely on some one of equal stature but can rely on an authoritative figure. Which leads into the next topic.

    How can a country appoint some one to be a higher official if in their code of laws is a line that resembles “all people are equal no one shall be higher than another.” That would just cause major conflicts in towns where taxes would need to be collected. A country needs money to pay off debts, but how can they do that if they can’t collect money from their citizens? If there was no officials or authoritative figures absolutely nothing would happen as said in out class discussion “why would any one want to work if they are getting the same amount as every one else.” That is what was going through all of our minds during the discussion. Which is especially correct if some people won’t even work and would rather live in the dirt.

    The United states is as close to equality as possible because everyone has equal rights, and if there where no leader chaos would break out because people would feel vulnerable and unstable and with a code of physical equality nothing would get finished or even started because no one wants to work harder to get the same pay as someone doing nothing.

  56. Dawn Luscombe says:

    What is equality? Equality is indefinable. Life in the US would not be perfect if everyone were equal simply because it’s impossible to reach real, true equality. Equality would be everyone earning the same paycheck, paying the same taxes, and having an equal voice in government; however not everyone can be equally athletic and intelligent.

    In the perfect US everybody would equally do their part for the country. They all would be earning equal paychecks because they all would be treated equally important. The same would go for taxes as well; everyone would contribute the same amount. Realistically, that could have a chance at success.

    To have all the people equal, each person would have to have an equal voice in the government. There would be no one in control, a higher power or any one person making the decisions. Everyone would equally work together as a whole. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Too bad there will always be those power hungry people that like to take control.

    To become perfectly equal everyone would have to develop the same intelligence and athleticism. In an equal society, everyone would have an equal chance to become both of those but whoever achieved that would be punished like the people of 2081. This is one of the factors limiting the US from becoming perfectly equal. It isn’t right to punish someone who had the same opportunities and used them to their advantage to better themselves. If you’re athletic or intelligent, that’s the way you are, everyone would have the same chance at becoming it.

    Total equality isn’t a realistic goal for our country. It has and always will lie beyond our reach. Religion, government and just human nature will continue to conflict with equality.

  57. Equality is impossible to achieve, despite the simplicity of the question. People have the innate need to place someone better than them into power. Several things cause this natural separation of people into social classes; the most prominent is human nature. These cracks in the bell of government lead to the catastrophic failure of the ploy of equality. No matter how much equality has been promoted and claimed, it has always ended in greed corrupting the upper class.
    Human nature has led to the downfall of mass society. As people are designed only to live in small clans with survival as the only priority, a perfect society cannot exist with a large number of people. Instead, people have historically been arranged into small clusters instead of large republics with technology. These small clusters are small enough to self-govern using a direct democracy. The use of a direct democracy is the only way to guarantee equality under the law and equal say in opinions. However, this is not what prevents the formation of social classes. In the small clan system, either the wisest or oldest is in charge. In the United States, the richest or most publicized is in power. Regardless of ability or legal assurance, it is considerably unlikely that even a lower-classman perfect for being President will ever achieve that position. The publicity provided by the deep pockets of presidential candidates that pays the slanted media prevents opposition. Money is why equality is impossible. ‘Work-credits’ can be transferred and accumulated easily, and publicity can provide one person with several hundred million while ignored people are oppressed by the upper class. This has been true for hundreds of years: medieval serfdom in the 1300s, with the French Revolution in 1789, and the United States’ Occupy movement. All lower-classmen were oppressed by the upper classes, but took different actions. Medieval serfdom was abolished and replaced with peasantry; the French Revolution was dictated by radicals, and the Occupy movement is still making progress as of this writing. When the radicals take power, simulating equality becomes a high priority. This is done through a system of claiming equality under the law, providing women’s rights by lowering men, and stripping citizens of any rights that might allow them to speak against the current system. On the contrary, the small clans have nothing to speak against, as structured government does not need to exist. Only when people are classified by wealth is when problems arise.
    Equality is often twisted to mean that all people are equal in all aspects. As Tyler Bransfield says, no decisions can be made if a completely equal system exists. If people are absolutely equal, influence is impossible. As shown in the short film 2081, a totalitarian government rules. Equality has to be destroyed completely to allow a totalitarian government to form. Government would have to betray its people to suppress all opposition by pushing the revolutionaries to the bottom of the social pyramid; the prisoners of the equality ploy. As shown by Soviet gulags, anyone who speaks against the revolution will be severely punished. However, this idea was perfectly illustrated by Robespierre in his Justification of the Use of Terror. The French Revolution, Russian Revolution, and the in-progress Chinese Revolution have all used organized terror to let the people believe they are equal. However, equality is impossible, no matter how it is attempted. Greed corrupts all.

    When it comes to forms of government, none work. In a communist society, people are exactly equal, and diversity is abolished. Money does not exist because it would provide inequality. However, human nature interferes. People have the innate need to keep what they earn, or greed. Greed brings down the best in people, which is why pure communism fails. Dictatorial communism develops as a result of greed, and all governments using this system have either failed or are about to. Greed corrupts, which also eliminates monarchy. Militarism causes war, and not all wars are won. This eliminates militarism and militaristic dictatorships. In representative democracy, the greed embedded in human nature combined with the free market’s ability to make one rich provides the perfect storm for misrepresentation in favor of the upper class. Therefore, representation’s vulnerabilities cause it to eliminate itself. While a socialist system provides living necessities of the people, the system is frequently abused and it collapses under its own debt. Greece can be held as a very good example; people expected too much from the government and saw no need to work if the government nurtured for its people. In a capitalist world, work is the unit of success. Free capitalism fails due to greed and oppression, and leads to either a democracy or communist society. Both end in eventual collapse, and a dictatorship results. When that fails, socialism may result, which fails into capitalism or communism. The Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́чески (Soviet Union) shows this cycle. When the socialist system was corrupted into a communistic dictatorship, the Cold War began. After the war ends the communistic dictatorship, a capitalist system emerged. The cycle will end up repeating itself until the planet separates into smaller, self-managed systems, assuming this even happens. If a new world order or global government results, several problems arise. Nationalism will shred the land allocations into many, culturally-united states. Also, power corrupts, and one group shall not rule all of the people. This leaves direct democracy, which has been historically unstable. It requires that people vote on every issue, every court case (assuming crime exists in such an open society), and every public matter. The exchange rate of information has limited direct democracy to about a few hundred people, but the advent of telecommunication, databases, and open-source vote-counting software allows for an extremely large (~1015) number of people to cast a vote, given multiple-choice-style replies. However, it is very difficult to actually implement the system. A mass volunteer working force to manufacture and maintain the decision equipment required to allow government to function. Also, voting can only be done if all systems work. Massive amounts of redundancy, and hence labor, would be required to maintain a redundant voting system. The fact that a volunteer force is required to maintain equality is why a direct democracy fails. No other structured government form has been used in large-scale systems.
    Because no government supports equality and diversity supports separation into social classes, equality is impossible. Outside of the small, ‘unenlightened’ clans that see no need for structured government, equality has never been achieved for more than a few years. Equality does not mean that people should be exact clones of each other; it only means that they share equal power when it comes to representation or competition. Even though America has provided “equality under the law”, the upper class has invaded the court systems, and oppression continues. No matter how simple it seems, equality is impossible.

  58. Kevin says:

    Some people consider living to be venturing into the unknown, not taking any precautions. In other words, living life to the fullest. Other, more numerical based people, might say that living is only the process in which a biological mass of atoms is created that will function properly for 60 to 80 years until disease or other natural forces cause the atoms to cease working. Still others believe that the humans don’t actually exist, and that we are just the figment of a higher being’s imagination. All of these people who have voiced their opinion on such matters have become famous or infamous based on the kind of society that they lived in. But what about the people who aren’t famous. They go about their lives always believing that there is someone out in the world who is somehow better than them. I agree that life in the United States of America would be perfect if everyone were equal, and I will go a step further to say that in order to achieve a society like this, we would need an exact replica of the society described in Brave New World, save for the native american reservations, or savage camps.

    To start, let me just say that even though I think equality would make everything perfect, it could never be achieved in a society where people have grown up knowing of or having power. If ever there were a people that considered everyone in their society to be equal, it probably would have been due to the generation that first started this system being able to put aside their personal prejudices and hatred against other people and being able to accept everyone for who they were. This is nearly impossible since humans will start to develop deep senses of who and what they like and don’t like from a very early age. Maybe, and I am being very optimistic here, if this kind of system were to be implemented at Foothill, it might work because we are generally open-minded to new ideas in a learning environment. But in an actual society, it would be near impossible.

    Secondly, I fully agree with the prompt. Life in the United States of America would be perfect if everyone were equal. Not only would people feel more inclined to voice their opinion, but crime wouldn’t exist in the slightest way, prices for everything would be ridiculously low, and most important of all, I think, would be that everyone would live in the same living conditions, so their would be no jealousy and greed stirring inside our hearts and minds. I already explained why this wouldn’t work, but if, in a perfect parallel universe where there was no distinguishing between each other, then yes, life would be perfect.

    Lastly, in order to have a society that is completely equal, the system needs to be as advanced and as secure as the one in Brave New World. Now, some of the ideas in this book are probably controversial to some degree, but the overall gist of what I’m trying to say is that everyone was equal because in reality, they were genetically engineered to be the same. Obviously this is a major obstruction for today’s world since we don’t have the science required to clone humans from an embryo, or at least we don’t have the people who are willing to do what no one has done before. But that is is the underlying cause for the lack of change in the United States. There isn’t a great enough number of people willing to change because no one else will. And when I say it like that it sounds very silly, but it’s true.

    What this all means is that if the people of the United States were willing to change and teach the newer generations of humans to view each other as equal, and we had the proper technology to implement our intentions, and there was a great enough number of people to do it with, then total equality would in fact make life perfect. Even though this will probably never happen(well, maybe at Foothill), we can hope that in the future, we can see past our own petty differences, and realize that we are in fact equal in most every way possible.

  59. Jordan Markley says:

    The true meaning of equality is incredibly unrealistic. The idea of a totally equalized society would mean every thing would just be “black and Gray”. This would just mean There would be no differences in anyone or anything .Close to what Kiana Blossum said, Every human being would have to have the same job, same exact house, cars, clothes, hobbies.And If you think about it, we would all have to have the same colored skin. The list could go on for Thousands of pages. When the world was created and when God created and designed everything, if you consider that is was Gods goal to have Everything be equal, it would simply end up failing. The minds of humans would sooner or later figure out ways to Be different, and do things differently. Then when other people saw that one person was being different, then they would want to be different. Soon the whole world would end up being just how it is today.

    Sure, if you where to go up to someone and ask them if they Think a society with complete equality would be better then the way our society is today, a majority would say off the top of their heads, “yes”. But if you had them sit down and talk about it, I think they would end up thinking the same way I am. The world we live in today is no where near to perfect, But the variety of jobs, education, opportunities for success is unbelievable. In total honesty there is no reason what so ever that all the people in society can be employed in some way, shape or form. The opportunities are endless. Sure some people may get lucky and get the luxury to have a simply easy going life. For the people who claim to be Poor, or less fortunate, all do respect if they truly wanted to as successful as some other people they would do it!

    If their was an imaginary world that somehow did have full equality, The idea of currency or the system of money would simply not work. Say if everyone where to get the same amount of money per week. Basically just like the simulation in history class. But if society was truly equal wouldn’t every one have to spend their money on the same things and who would they buy their goods from? It wouldn’t be fair that only some people sold food and good. Every one would have to sell it. If everyone where to sell the same things, they wouldn’t buy it from other people when they produce it themselves, so again this is impossible

    In the physical factor, as weird as it seems in an equal society there couldn’t be Two different sexes. How would it be fair that one person was a boy and one was a girl? The two aren’t equal. Basically their would be one sex that somehow would have to reproduce. Life and creation of the people would be like robots. Almost like all of us where made from a factory. If we where not aloud to be different, what exactly would be the point of life? Their would be no point. Just another simple example of equality being a joke.

    To sum things up This idea or to some individuals “a dream”, is simply Bull Crap. Employment would not be able to exist. The money system would have no way to function. The main reason why we where put on this earth, to reproduce, would not be fair therefore would not be able to happen. In my mind there is no other way to live life without Jobs, Money, and re creation. If someone else has other examples or theories to prove this wrong, it would be great to see. Until then Equality remains to be Unrealistic.

  60. Janine Raduechel says:

    Equally: a word taken very lightly in today’s society. What does it mean to be truly equal? My vision of equality is everyone in the world looking, acting, and thinking the same. We are all given the same opportunities, same liberties, same pay, same everything. But is this truly an ideal society? We may be alive, but that doesn’t mean we are living. How can a society where originality, personal exploration and achievement mean nothing, be worth living? I believe that the U.S would be far from perfect, if everything and everyone was equal. The unfairness of equality, the change of hard work to laziness causing a collapse in society, and the question of does equality mean perfection, are the problems that come with the question, would the U.S be perfect of all was equal.
    Equality sounds like a wonderful thing that should be sought after for many people. “We just want to be treated equally” has been said so many times over the past century. However, equality is not the definition of fair. In the movie 2081, it showed us how life could be if the government tried to force equality on America. People who were stronger were weighed down, people who were more beautiful were made to hide their faces, and those who had great ability, were forced down in order to remain “equal”. This in no way is fair, to have those with special abilities, abilities t make them who they are, have that taken away from them. This to me is like taking away someones name, it’s their identity. This is in no way “fair”, it is in fact the opposite, it is an injustice. This of course could be very easily turned into anger and hate towards the government. After all, hate is far from perfection.
    If by some miracle, and the world suddenly became completely equal, what would happen? If all was equal, why would anyone need to work hard? We would be getting the same pay, same privileges, same everything. So why the need to work hard? Humans after all are all a bit lazy and selfish. But laziness like most things can grow and grow and grow. In class, we discussed how this could happen. This would be like a domino effect- a complete Wall-E moment. Or, it could cause others in society to make up the extra work, causing yet again, unfairness and also inequality. Like Merai said, it could be possible in a small secluded society, but in a place like America where there is so much variety of people, it could never be naturally possible.
    Does equality mean perfection? Many believe it does, but I believe if we take a deeper look, we will discover differently. Humans by nature are all born original. We have different fingerprints, hair color, eyes, nose, ears, faces, ext. No one in this world is the same, and we are all made for different reasons. Some people are born smarter, more athletic, prettier, or harder workers. So if everyone was forced to be the same, it would take away so many amazing things in this world and or society that we believe to be wonderful and maybe even perfect already. Perfection isn’t human nature, and it probably never will be, but that doesn’t mean each of us doesn’t have a little bit of perfection somewhere deep inside. Originality, accomplishment, and variety are some of the things that make it worth living with all the imperfections in the world. So does equality mean perfection? Absolutely not. Equality is just a term used by people who really want to be better themselves, and in the society we live in, we are all given the EQUAL chance to work hard and earn it. Equality isn’t perfection, it is settling for what everyone else has.
    In a word, no. Life would not be perfect if everyone is equal. Equality itself has some major faults, which is not “perfection”. Luckily for those in America, we are given the chance to be equal if we so choose, or we can rise above equality, and be something even better. Something that almost ever human really wants to be. Something that is worth the work that can change our future, unlike if all was equal. It is the chance to be Extraordinary.

  61. Jacob Lantiegne says:

    The same lives for for everyone in the U.S. Many people would say that this would be a good idea for everyone to be. They may have a lot of opinions as to why that maybe true but to me it is not. there are way to many different jobs, salaries, and lives that you would have to change in order to make everyone in equal in the way they live.
    If you wanted to make everyone equal that means that everyone’s jobs would have to be equal as well. As important as it is to have a mall cop on duty to make sure that people stay under control it is not as dangerous as it would be for a cop having to catch killers and put other peoples lives before theirs. Even with a cop putting them selves in dangerous situations it is not as equal to a Marian going out to other countries to fight and die for the safety of their own country. With all these different jobs there are things that make them special but with some jobs it is just not the same as another they are all different in their own way.
    Another issue you would face is the payment to the people working. As great as it would be as a mail man to have the same salary as a doctor it is just not practical. With a mail man you give people their mail to read but with a doctor you are there to save lives. If a doctor got the same amount of pay as a mail man there would be no point for him to work as hard witch means a lot of lives could be lost because of the lack of motivation. When doctors are working they are working and waiting for that big paycheck to come in so that they can buy the things they want but if you make it to where they just get payed the same as everyone ells they are probably going to quick and get a job a lot less stressful.
    Even peoples lives would have to be changed. It is human nature for people to want to do better then others and when you make it to where everyone is the same no one is going to advance in their community because they will always just be on the same level as everyone ells. People need that accomplishment to make it to where they will want to do more and further them selves to the point where they pass everyone ells. It is just they way we are made so that people will always try to better them selves thus moving society to higher levels everyday.
    Although people say that having everyone equal will be better i just think no. There are just to many things that would have to be changed that most people would not like, and it would make it to where no one would care as much to want to advance because they will always be on the same level as everyone ells. All this is why I say that it is not a good idea to have everyone equal.

  62. Susy Vazquez says:

    America wouldn’t be any better if we tried to create a perfectly equal society. In my opinion, everything would just become worse. Being equal in some cases is good; but making the whole nation become equal wouldn’t be that great of an idea. Equality would probably work better for a small group like maybe during school activities, but not for all of America. Even if you were to try how would you really know that everyone is equal? Making someone dumber just to make you feel better about yourself isn’t being equal.

    The United States would never be able to live with pure equality, especially not with this society where they always make you want to look like the perfect figure; or people in magazines. People in society always want people to be jealous of them. No matter what people will try to be more superior than others; either by having more power or beauty or strength or anything.

    Equality is something that’s nearly impossible for anybody to live in. how can everybody be the same in beauty by just wearing masks if you’re too pretty? That just doesn’t even make sense?! Even in the Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal” isn’t that true either. Some people are born into money, which is like having more power than others because most people in this era aren’t born into money. Competition is something humans achieve to do every single day. Without competition neither of us would be who we are today.

    I think if the United States were to become equal we would lead to everyday war. This wouldn’t work at all for our nation; especially since we have competition happen every single day in the U.S.

  63. Clayton Heaton says:

    Equality it seems like such a nice idea in life, but face it equality will never work. Equality can mean many different things, but it is the thought of everyone being the same. However this is simply an unreachable goal how can every single person in the world be the same it just doesn’t work out. In the past they have tried similar ideas such as communism this is the practice of everyone getting the same amount of money. This ended in complete failure, just as equality would in the world.
    The idea of equality will never successfully be put to use because, everyone is different some people work harder at things than others. Some people are more talented than others. I also feel that what Ryan said is true that it isn’t humanly possible to reach equality. People are greedy, and people are lazy why should those people be treated equal to hard working talented people. In 2081 it seemed to me that in order to achieve equality they couldn’t upgrade the less talented people or the lazy people. They had to bring down greatness and make the average people feel better about themselves. This gives off a very disappointing feeling.
    Now think about this if there are no more super smart, beautiful, or athletic people what will the human race discover or achieve for the future…nothing because everyone’s the same. Let’s face it average people don’t walk on the moon average people don’t discover electricity. If everyone is the same there would be no entertainment, no discoveries, no personalities, nothing. Communism has never been achieved ever throughout history. The thought of equality is just a wider version of communism what makes people think that it will work.
    Basically neither equality nor communism will ever work in society, because we need diversity as a race to survive. We need intelligence we need all different kinds of people. The thought of crippling above and beyond people is sickening. Equality is a nice thought in some cases but will never be successful there will always be social classes as well as diversity of people.

  64. Brittney Petersen says:

    The definition of equality is: the state of being equal. To be in a state of equality means everyone is exactly the same. Everyone dresses the same, everyone looks the same, and everyone works the same amount of hours, and everyone is treated the same. Yet in a society like ours, how could we achieve true equality if we have been bred to believe that we can always be something better, we can be better than our parents, or our friends, our acquaintances, and everyone else we may encounter in our lives, we can always be better than something we already are. In a society that is truly equal we would not be able to even try to become something better than what everyone else is. Personally I believe that in our society, it would not be “perfect” if everyone was equal. It would mean that we could never reach our true potential, which is what we all strive to do from young ages. An equal society would be detrimental in this age because, it would mean that people with special gifts, or people who excel in life more than what society believes is normal, would be down-graded to a normal human being. It would also be detrimental because for the humans who could not keep up with society’s perfect person, they would be forced to better themselves, or would face horrible consequences, another reason why it would be detrimental is because society would not allow humans to explore their natural talents, they would keep humans closed off from the rest of the world, like in The Allegory of the Cave.
    In a true equal society if one person is smarter, or is more athletic, or is a better artist, than what society believes everyone should be, then they would be forced to hide away their natural talents and conform to the normal person society created. In the short film, 2081, every person who excelled in some way than what society wanted, was basically chained up and put in what they called, handicaps, which held them back from reaching their full potential. These handicaps would stun the person that wore them if they thought about something that society did not want them to think about. A person is brought up believing they can always better themselves, so if society put these chains on people to hold them back from who they really are they are not allowing them to do what is in their nature, better themselves.
    A perfectly equal society would not allow for people to be born out of the ordinary, they would not allow outcasts, or any type of people with deformities. Since the society controls the people and tells them how they are supposed to dress, to look, to think, and basically to live, how could they have room for the people who cannot conform to these ideas. During my English class we discussed how people who are handicap or unable to fend for themselves would be killed in a society based on true equality. How is killing innocent people equal? It is not. Those people should be treated equal considering they live in an “equal” society. Who decides that someone is unfit to live in a perfectly equal society? No one should have the power to end someone else’s life. By killing off the sick, or the ill, or the handicap, makes the whole idea of an equal society obsolete.
    In “The Allegory of the Cave” we are shown how humans are blinded by the government by not allowing us to see what is beyond what they believe is acceptable for us to know. In Kylee Sweet’s essay she states, “What about when no one is watching and you are behind closed doors? How do people know if it is still equal?” In a perfectly equal society how would the government be able to monitor what you are doing and saying behind the protection of your home. I believe Kylee makes a strong point because it makes us think about how the government would force true equality on people if they will always have a safe haven to go, their home. In America our minds are constantly being flooded with different opportunities to better ourselves. We see this in magazines, newspapers, television, the internet, everywhere we look there is a way to change the person you are into the person you always wanted to be. A perfectly equal society would never be achieved in America today because humans have a natural instinct to want to become better all the time.
    In conclusion, I personally do not believe that life in America would be perfect if everyone was equal because true equality could never be obtained because humans are naturally bred to become better all the time. From grades, to social skills, to wardrobe, to looks, humans always want to be better. We see this everyday in society, like plastic surgery to look better, there are even jobs to help people become more sociable. Society could never be equal because we are each our own person, we each have different DNA, no one is exactly the same. Some people may believe a perfectly equal society could benefit them personally, yet it would not benefit the country as a whole. A perfectly equal society is unattainable simply because of human nature.

  65. Kristina C. Garcia says:

    Life in the United States would not be perfect even if everyone was equal. Equal as in everything being the same or exact. Equality is also being fair and treating all the same. Total or true equality is impossible. It would always be an amazing idea but highly impossible to reach. Any thought of equality whether it would be physically, mentally, or financially it could never be possible.
    It is impossible to make everybody physically equal. In 2081 the movie, they had weights to make it seem like everybody was equal. By putting on weights that is already making them un-equal because they have to wear the weights while others do not. If someone was born without an arm also makes them unequal. Although we can give them a prosthetic they still won’t be equal to whoever the model person is. Everybody is made different to change this world in their own special way.
    Not only are people physically different but they are also mentally different. Equality is impossible here because we don’t have control of genetically creating the same brain. In other words if we are born with something different with our brain were stuck that way. It’s not fair (or equal) for a person who is different have to be altered it wasn’t their fault they were not the same. No matter how hard somebody tries to be equal and/or fair having to alter someone to be the same as somebody else is being unequal.
    Sadly financial wise could not be identical either without being unfair to certain. Agreeing with Kiana Blossom that equality is just a dream and will never be part of reality. Depending how much everybody is paid that would mean the the rich people could not afford to pay for all their “rich people” stuff and that wouldn’t be level as other. It would be beneficial to all those without jobs to receive an income. Above all that will prevent people from reaching their true potential because if they could work any job with the same pay we could possibly lose higher educated people job position.
    Over all true equality could never be possible. We have tried, Russians tried, and the Chinese but never really reached this dream of true equality. There will always be flaw in everyone and everything. The only thing that is common to everybody is that everyone is different. We are also all humans made to do what we do best and that is live.
    (Sorry for the late post if I had know I was going out for dinner and was going to be getting home at 9 I would have finished sooner)

  66. Makaylah Morrison says:

    As wonderful as it seems, equality, is impossible to reach. Way too many things get in the way of reaching this dream that so many wish would become a reality. Equality can be viewed in a few ways, financial equality, equality within the government, and athletic/ academic equality. It does not matter how you look at each form of equality, it does not seem humanly possible.

    Many things make being financially equal impossible. One is taxes. Everyone has to pay them, yet they effect each person differently. It seems, the more income you recieve, the less tax you have to pay. This is unfair for those who do not have a high income. A second is work ethic. Depending on your job, you may work harder or more efficiently than someone who bags groceries for a living. Like a doctor for instance. Many years of medical school are required for this career. A doctor has a higher income than a grocier. A third is competition. It is human nature to compete. Competition is a way to push yourself to do better and to strive to do your best. These are only a few things that go along with financial equality. Taxes, work ethic, and competition make it impossible for everyone to be financially equal.

    In the United States, we have a democratic government. A democracy, is basicly when the people vote for what they feel should be changed and the government takes those votes into consideration and makes changes based on what would make the country a better place to live. This form of government is as close to equality as we can get. The only thing closer would be a communist government which is highly unreasonable. A communist government is impossible because that would mean there would be no one leader or government to enforce laws on the the people, no one person is stronger than another, and no one person is smarter than another person. It is impossible to reach this idea of a “perfect” self -rule government because it has so many flaws. First, with no rules, how are people sopossed to know what is right or wrong? how are they sopossed to act? Second, Like in “2081”, everyone would have the same strenghts and weaknesses. Some people would have to wear weights so they could not be stronger than another person. The people had to be handicapped so that everyone was equal, and no one felt inferior to anyone else. Third, There would be no need to succeed because it would not be aloud. This is why communism is an unrealistic form of government in which humans could not survive. Democrancy is the closest, most possible form of government in which the people are almost equal.

    What would happen if everyone had the exact same athletic and academic capabilities? What if everyone was the same? For example, a weight lifter would not be aloud to be stronger than a balarina. A track runner could not be aloud to run faster than a cheerleader. Each person would have the same athletic capabilities. Everyone would get the exact seame education so everyone had the same knowledge about the same topics. No one would be able to be more educated than another. They would all have the same academic capabilities.

    If everyone was equal 100%, in every which way , it would be as if no one really existed. No one would stand out. Everyone would have the same personalities, tallents, rules, pay checks, etc. There would be no individuals because everyone would be exactly the same. So, thinking about all of this , i feel like equality is not something that would make life in the United States perfect. I agree with Ben when he said “No one person could live with being the exact same as one another”. Life would get boring and competition would get in the way.

  67. Camille Werner says:

    True equality doesn’t mean the same for everybody it means absolute fairness. But absolute fairness is an ideal worth striving for as a guiding principal but have to realize it can never be reached. In simple systems such as mathematics it’s easy to define the conditions of equality, but when it comes to infinitely more complex system of socio political life of a community of humans defining the conditions of equality becomes problematic. We see how an oversimplification of a kind described in 2081 leads to ridiculous situations. In our class discussion we explored that complexity and in Ben’s blog we note that true equality is probably not attainable but I argue that it should not be abandoned.
    Is it fair that people that are smarter are dumbed down? As shown in 2081 the concept of equality was everyone should function at the same level of IQ. My position is that using the measure of IQ is misguided, and the true measure should be the percentage of potential so if the intelligent is performing at 95% percent of his potential and a less intelligent person is performing at 95% of his potential that is true equality and fairness.
    People think equality means everyone getting the same pay check, everyone getting the same living situation, everyone getting the same of everything and in reality there is such a wide spectrum of people and some people have different needs than others. For example in class we talked about how a family of five is going to need a bigger house and more food than a family of three would. Fair is not equal. Life in the US would not be anywhere near perfect if everyone was equal. Perfection is impossible; nowhere in nature does perfection exist.
    I agree with Ben’s statement of “Equality for all is an unreachable task in my opinion” but I believe that just because the ideal of true equality is impossible to achieve there’s no doubt that we should strive for it. Because when you strive to reach the impossible it gives us the best chance at reaching the full potential of being the best we can be.

  68. Carly Camarillo says:

    Is there such a thing as equality? I disagree when saying life in the United States would be perfect if everyone was equal. I don’t believe equality can ever be achieved at all, so therefore i don’t think we could ever be perfect. Equality is when everyone is treated equally, given the same amount of pay, no one is higher than the other, no one is prettier than the other, or no one can be smarter than the other. I don’t believe this can be achieved because with equality, who is going to say what the right amount of money is or what each person gets. Whoever this person is would not be equal to everyone because they are the ones making the decisions so they are higher than everyone else. If equality were to happen in the United States because everyone who already had money would have to give it up, I believe those people rightfully earned that money and it belongs to them. With equality we are pretty much giving people who don’t work and lazy people, free money. With equality there would be no self-motivation to do better in life. Equality can be thought of, but I believe it can never be achieved.
    Also as we saw in the movie clip of 2081, there is always going to be people who will not obey the laws and not believe in equality and fight for what they believe in as much as they can. Not everyone in the United States would agree to wearing chains on them or having their mind controlled of what they thought. In the movie clip there was that girl who was in charge of everything, how would that be equal? She didn’t get any chains on her for thinking, she was probably smarter than a lot of people and she didn’t have her mind controlled. That’s just one of the hundreds of ways equality could never work.
    Like Harnoor Bains said in his response to this blog was that it is human nature to strive to be better than another, with equality there is no competition and no motivation to be better. Nothing would get done because everyone knows at the end of the day they are getting the same pay as someone who works their butt off. I totally agree with him when he says its human nature. You’re always going to want to be prettier than someone, smarter than someone, richer than someone or higher than someone.
    In our class discussion we talked about what we would do with handicapped or people that weren’t capable to obey the laws of equality. I think they would give them a machine just like people who are smart, but instead of decreasing there smartness I would increase their intelligence. Like on the movie clip of 2081 they had the guy with the stutter be the news caster, with his machines he was perfectly fine talking.
    To conclude this response to the question “Life in the United States would be perfect if everyone were equal. Agree, disagree, or qualify”, I would definitely say no, that I strongly disagree. I think when Karl Marx thought of this idea, he didn’t think of the consequences of it. In his eyes he only saw positive coming out of everyone being equal. Although there are many positive things in equality, the negatives are just to overpowering of the positives.

  69. Christian Chavez says:

    All men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality. Equality is the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability. Equality sounds great when everyone gets the same amount of money, but in this generation, many humans in our society believe in inequality. For example the higher class, they make great income and most of the time they are selfish and use their money for their own positive gain. On the other hand, many are the opposite of being self-center and use their own money and give it to charities and etc. Equality is a very difficult way to live, it is pretty much a dream, but this is reality, many people being self-centered and also most people lack the feeling of giving than receiving. Three ways that this won’t work are some humans thinking they are more worthy than others, some people are more educated than others, and if everyone is equal, then how are laws going to be enforced.
    As equality increases, so does the number of people struggling for predominance. Many people are born naturally with power and others truly believe they are more important that any human being. Like King Louis XIV, he believe that he is more important that all of the peasants living in France. It’s not only France that has people self-centered and selfish. Lucky for us, there aren’t many selfish high class people, for example, Bill Gates is one of the most giving people, he doesn’t use his own money for himself, he thinks about others before himself. But people like Osama Bin Laden used his money for terrorist attacks and to build himself a secured shelter. Many people use their own money for their own positive gain than to give to others. All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die is probably what most people think.
    This country has many people that are naturally smarter than others. These people excel in many things which start with school. There are the people who know everything and the other half, are there just to pass school. Many of those kids grow up to work at well paid job as the others, are trying to make a living from working at McDonalds or something. Many of those people will be greatly happy to receive money, but then again, the rich will disagree. If the idea of communist where people get paid the same amount of money was to be passed, many people will be angry and not give up their money. Many smart people work hard for their money, many people either are born with money or they need to work for it. Also, many work hard and labor jobs to get the amount of money on their pay check.
    According to Kylie, Democracy is a great way to run the United States. People getting to have the freedom that other countries don’t have, and you are able to vote for the new laws, next president, and etc. Democracy is the way many different societies should run because everyone pretty much is equal, they all get one vote to each category. If everyone was to be equal in the United States, how would laws be enforced, many people will argue that the law enforcement has more rights, but many will forget that they are there to protect the citizens. The US seems like it is a dream where everyone has the right to vote and etc, and it is, but the president, the governor, the senate, the house, and etc, all are high than many citizens, it might not seem fair, but truly, we need them to be there. If they aren’t there, then who will be making the choices for the US, then we might become anarchy, then all of our freedom is all gone.
    What if our lives in the US were like the people in 2081. That will be horrible to many intelligent people, they will need to wear shock collars so they can’t really think. Also, if you were more active than others, you will need to carry heavy weights with you to make you less active. If everyone needed to be exactly the same, like thinking the same, acting the same and etc, everyone will become crazy like in the movie, the guy took off the weights and danced in front of everyone. Should Equality be encouraged in the US, I am qualifying with it.

  70. Ella Rae Svete says:

    On the definition for equality is: “the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.” This is saying that one person deserves the same rights as the next person. Is that the case in America today? Absolutely not. This is similar to the discussion in class we had in class about communism being a functioning form of government. In a big fantasy world, maybe it would work with no flaws. However, in the world we live in today it would not work. Our society is too advanced and people stand in the way of making it possible. Everyone being equal would not make America perfect. There would be flaws with the government, money, and of course social classes.

    These days, equality does not seem possible. There are so many fights over the government about Wall Street and taxes. If the government was equal, there would hardly be any decisions made. If decisions aren’t made, then where would the United States be? No where. There would be no change and nothing would be going on. There wouldn’t be someone to execute laws and restrictions if everyone were equal. To an extent, that may work. But at some point important decisions would have to be made.

    Another reason equality/ communism doesn’t seem attainable is because of money. People are obsessed with money. Money means power. You can even tell by someone walking on the street, if they look clean cut and proper you probably think “Oh they seem wealthy. They must have a good job. That means they must be powerful.” Movie stars and actresses wouldn’t get the same attention as they do now because they would be like everyone else, just another average person. I think there needs to be some diversity. People with money and people without money, it is important to keep markets going and people and businesses to get places. Communism seems like it would be nice. We would all have the same amount of money, but there is a difference between a lawyer and a McDonald’s worker. They both may work their butt’s off on site but to work your way up tp become a lawyer and to work at McDonalds.. there is quite a difference there, but hey someone has to do it. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Social classes are a main issue. If there were no social classes there would be no drama or spice! Diversity is good for society. If we were all the same I wouldn’t be as excited to meet to people or travel different places. It would be the same old same old. If no one traveled anywhere, there wouldn’t be any tourists meaning cities like Ventura would have to income. We are all equal though so I guess it wouldn’t matter that much..

    I think that when you hear someone say that everyone should be equal, it sounds amazing and reachable. Though when you break it down and look at the big picture, it just isn’t realistic. Someone can sit on their butt all day and get paid for that! Nothing would get done. I don’t think that it would be fair for everyone. Someone from the lowest of lows might think opposite though. I agree with Ryan when he said “it isn’t humanly possible to reach true equality” I completely agree. You would have to basically brainwash everyone or wipe out a whole population to get them to think that everyone is equal. Even school campuses you can tell what people think they are all that and what people think they aren’t and don’t want to be seen. It’s sad, but it’s high school.

  71. Ryan Landeros says:

    Life in the United states could possibly be great with equality if only that were ever possible. People always and always have had a mentality where either there’s a need to be better than other people and keep up with the people who seem to either, have more popularity, more money, more beauty, or whatever other category is appropriate. Governments have already tried things like communism and they haven’t worked out in the end. We now have democracy in the US where everyone is supposed to have an equal say into what goes on in the country and seems to be barely up to the requirements of being almost equal and “functioning”. The biggest problems with trying to achieve “equality” is deciding what it truly means and if its even realistic to try to reach, and deciding what decisions need to be made in order to try to achieve it.

    Now a crucial point to this whole topic of “equality” is what even is equality? Equality can be explained as the establishment of everyone’s rights being the same as any others. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with finances because if everyone had the same incomes, taxes, debts and every thing financial the same, the economy could not function. The value of money would be nonexistent with those terms. Equality can defined in many different ways. In 2081, equality was painted to be a sick world where those who had more to offer were handicapped and restrained from the true and great potential. The ballets were always the same because they thought that if they showed something truly inspiring it would make those who couldn’t dance and express themselves like that jealous. The government even held them all back much like in 1984, where they censored bits of their activeness is the control of how free people were in this society of “equality”.

    “Equality” would take such a precise balance of, well everything that it is impossible in any way. People are frankly just not made to live together without things like competition, conflict, jealousy and just general unpleasantness with each other. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many people that i know personally that are just people that are nice to everyone and don’t fight with others. There are people however who no matter what they’re composure can sometimes become jealous of people like that simply because they wish they could be as friendly and popular as the other person. People in our society of course have favorites and people just naturally have there own “groups” of people they enjoy and associate with. Sometimes even within groups there is conflict for the tiniest of reason. People are honestly just made so uniquely which is both the greatest thing about people and the thing that can cause competition or whatever conflict between people. It is in our DNA to try to be better off or better than the next person which also drives the motivation for new discoveries and ideas.

    In order to achieve equality if it was even possible, the changes would be very drastic. People would have to all of sudden just get used to liking each other for one. Sadly, peace isn’t found all to often in our world, yet. There are already many people who are the nicest people ever and can get along with anyone but not everyone is used to it. Like in the socratics we have had in class, there is an obvious amount of disagreements with people over whatever idea was being discussed. In this example however we were in an environment where everyone’s ideas were allowed to be spoken. This allowed for an equality of freedom of speech/idea.To achieve equality, people would have to let go of petty disagreements. dislikes and so on all to coexist with each other. The government would have to change to such a drastic level that like Leah said would simply not function and the whole society and its people would crumble.

    I absolutely disagree, especially since something like this is entirely impossible in a world like ours. There is too much unfriendlyness, competition, and just nasty not niceness.

  72. Andrea Fuller says:

    Equality , some want it some don’t. Most don’t even know what equality is. In my opinion, equality is such a tetor-tottering subject that only super humans and robots can accomplish the high standards of equality. so would the US be “perfect” if everyone was equal? I qualify . WHATT!? You ask? Wasn’t I just saying only robots can successfully accomplish a government that is based on equality!? Well yes but there are some benifital outcomes. Such as PEACE(: c’mon if everyone was equal to the next person and the next person and the next.. Would there be fights, arguments, competition, hunger, and homless? No! Everyone would live the same. No one would have more of something than another. Now the bad part? The fact that everyone would be the same! Have the same thoughts, the same speed , the same paycheck , and the same life! Now merai might dissagree with me. Merai says in her blog that she belives that a communist government can succeed in a small community type place. Ummm no. I dissagree . Merai, unless that “community is made out of steel robots then forget it. No one is going to move when another moves. Think when the other thinks. And agree with everyone . Take 2082 for example. They had huge metal boxes attached to them to creat this “equal” society . Is it equal for them to be like that? Like they ate dogs and the boxes are
    There leashes ? Hmmm, seems pretty unfair to me.
    To conclude this rant I Qualify on the subject but I do lean twards the disagreeing factor more.

  73. Anastasia (Ana) Barnaby says:

    I dont think life in America would be perfect if everyone was equal to one another. To start everyone knows the old saying of nobody or nothings perfect. In history we have seen me people try to ahcieve that equality, but it leads to communism, then eventually becomes a dictatorship. In the USA we have a democracy. This allows us to have equal rights come in on that, but if we are all trully equal that means were a clone of one another. We would have the same body strength, looks hair length eye color, blood type etc.

    This brings me to when in English class when we did the activity I had overheard Dominque C. say ” So you mean we should just get rid of all the people who dont look the same. Then keep the people who look similar then breed and breed until everyone looks exactly the same?” Is this true equallity? Does every single person have to look exactly the same inorder to be equal. Would America have to say that everyone hair has to be this length or everyone has to be this tall? Even when we do this ttheir is still a dictator tellling us what we have to do. What is the oint of saying everyones unique, if we all want equality? Does equality necissrly mean whar Dominque said, or is it Democracy, Communism, or what is in 2081?

    In 2081, you see that everyone has these weights over theit shoulders because they have to have the same body strength. What good do those really do? Its just holding back the human being from thier best abilities. Like the son in the video he had completly taken it off and stood against them. Why did he do that? He might have done it to show that no matter what you do everyone man women child or adult we will never be perfectly equal. The weights on every single human was like weights that are holding down a human from being themselves.

    When Connor M. had brought up the idea oof having all the smae exaact I.Q. in class, first thing that came to my mind was that, its just not humanlly possible. Even if you shock the smarter like in 2081, the smart are still going to be vvery smartt. If you think about it, this entire topic is about equality, everyone recieving same punishment same laws but how is that possible if we treat peopel the way we do in 2081? Are we being equal if the smart gets shocks to the brain but the aveerage dont? Are we being equal if the stronger wear heaavier weightst then the weak? Are we being equal if certain people are doing one sprt better than the other? In 2081 are they really truly reaching the idea of equality of all?

    Whether you are from China or America, no matter what they are those people striving for more equality or communism like govermetn. The truth is will we actually be able to acomplish that if everyone is unique? In the movie 2081, just because it seemd to be like veryone is equal, truly indeed not everyyone is equal because some get shocks to the brains and others have have heavier weighhts on thier shoulders.

  74. Tony Solano says:

    Equality is achievable in some small cases, but if the whole united states tried to become all equal and it wouldn’t able to become equal. In my opinion if the whole United States tried to be equal it would be impossible because their is always one that tries really hard and the one that doesn’t try at all. So that means if that one person does not try like the other person does they should receive the same stuff. So that means work wise it wouldn’t work because one tries harder then the other person and should noticed for his hard work.

    An example is from 2081 all the smart people were to smart and had to be dumbed down for they could be the same like everyone else. That is not the way is should be, it should be a microphone to spread their ideas for every one else can learn. Not a horrible sound to kill their ideas and to be dumb and more dumb.

    Another example would be like Angel said in his blog. It wouldn’t be fair if a waiter and a doctor made the same amount of money. The doctor had to spend time and money to go to school and then spend the rest of his career to do a very hard job. And the waiter didn’t even have to go to school to get the job. And for them to get paid equally, that would be unfair.

    In my final opinion equality in the United States would fail. If it would be put to a test it would collapse quickly. And i also think it would be right because some people work harder then others and to be rewarded the same as a lazy person it wouldn’t be right.

  75. Valeria Franco says:

    What will happen if the United States had communism? It’s hard to comprehend that communism will work in this century. But maybe it could create stability in some parts of the irregularity that we live today. For me, the definition of equality is the quality of being the same, a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally BALANCED. Communism seems to fit in this definition, however communism means the same, and no change will be possible. It might see easy to archive this type of society, all nations under the same education, the same class level, and the same rights. Is really communism that realistic, could it be possible? Americans calls a free nation when the only thing they do for the country is to vote, so a leader could govern and be above everyone else. By common sense, communism will never work at any country in the world, neither the United States where millions of people speak different languages, and have a different set of minds. As Kaylee Sweet says, “democracy is the closest thing that will ever be considered equility.” The only thing they have in common is that they vote, and the people above everyone else have other privileges with the power you have given to them. If the north continent, wants everyone equal they should just clone one person and be the only race in North America. Instead of creating a more equal advance society, we will have a equal disable society. Or only one gender, equal, the same, now if we go this far of equality, then communisn does not sounds very enthusiastic, that’s how I don’t fully agree with communisn, the fact that people might take it too seriously and very personal. Communism should be consider in politics and humans rights. Nothing personal or private. If we want to have communism in our country, the most important tasks to archive are language, religion, and preferences, so everyone will be considered equal.
    Around the world there are thousands of languages recognized and hundreds more not so well known. As people emigrate to the United States they bring their language with them and what happens is that this language becomes part of the country. Now if the United States had communism, then everyone would speak let’s say turkish, no matter what, everyone should speak turkish so they can have only one language, so there could be no more bilingual speakers and cannot be pay more than everyone else, or can be more valuable than anyone else. Of course there will be alot of issues, everyone will be disapointing that this language is more valuable than their native language. Americans will not be happy to see that English will have to be forgotten, it will not be fair, because for the United States English is the official language in the world, this supremacy is what makes the Americans and any other race different from the rest of the world. Also chinese speakers will be sad for not choosing their language as the official language eventhough they are the country who produces almost all electronics, and such. To begin with communism, all races need to decide which language should be the official one. For obvious reasons, there will never agree to have only one language. Because human’s instict of rivalry and direct that exist, is our weakness that we humans have.
    Religion is a big part of our lives, that makes us different from other people. If communisn were a reality in the United States, would have only one religion, let’s say Orthodox. This religion will be the only religion of the United States, now this could change the way of living of every American and non-american, because it can change the way they eat, the routine of every day, their personality, their cloths, their rituals, traditions, and even their culture. This could cause a civil war between each religions, no one will give up their religion just to satisfy a country. This is one cause were I disagree about, not about communism but about the people they might take it too personal or very exigent. This is were I think communism should only be apply in politics and laws, because even if want to change people to make better decisions for their own good, we just can’t control their lives or their ideas.
    In the United States preferences to people with disabilities are strict and very important. This demostrates that people that have any disability have the same rights and privileges so they can be equal to everyone else. This could also demostrates that people with a disability cannot work as hard as anyone else, because they can’t, and are pay the same amount, they don’t have to struggle as hard as one can. This for communism is not fair and just to do nothing and be pay the same as a worker does. Children are an example, just because they are minor does not mean that they cannot work, or senior they can work too. This can forms controversy depending whether you agree or disagree. For United States this is wrong, they don’t have the capacity to work so young or to work so old, they can do an exeption. In the other hand, there is nothing wrong with that, working at a short age, it’s better so they can start learning how to work and be responsible. I believe that is good for children to learn how to work and know how to gain money know the effort and apreciate everything they got, but in an age where the chidren starts to reason and can take it seriously. For seniors it could be dangerous for them and more if they have any phisical problem where they can mess up something or die on a accident. We have to reason when and how they should do the job.
    As Ryan Seemiller says “…we will never have a perfect equal nation.” Because what will happen is that everyone will think for them selves or for their own nation than to one another. Everyone has a different purpose to help themselves, some will have that “natural desire” as Seemiller said to help the community, but others wouldn’t even care for their neighbor. I some what agree with 2081, that everyone will have some limitations, but I also disagree that people who do not have any, that will be unfair, other people are carrying heavy weights or machines for the rest of their lives and others don’t, that’s not communism. Definitely noone will be able to adapt to this form of living, no matter the regulations they apply or settle any physical or emotional limits, this society will never reach their goal. Its like the revolutionary cycles they go through change, then unity, then disunity & conflict, then oppresion, and then again they will end up with a leader. The cycle will be going in circles, is like a clock until it reaches twelve, it will return back to one. The problem is not this type of society, is the people who can take this into the extreme and mess up with this brilliant idea of equality, and only thinking it is an impossible, as Thomas Hobbes said “all humans are naturally wicked”, not the fact that we mentaly dum, but abitious, controller and obsession of power. The only way that I can see communisn in the United States is starting to love each other accept everyone as they are, no discrimination to one another, no racism, and no envy to each other, until this happens, communism will remain only a theory.

  76. David Astorga says:

    David Astorga
    Period 1 & 6
    Mrs. Kindred and Mrs. Houlahan

    The United States of America was founded on the principles of Equality, and that everyone was created equal; therefore shouldn’t that mean that NO ONE would get special privileges, but sadly in America that is not that case. If you were to take a drive through, or a walk through Ventura, you would immediately notice that the citizens are not equal. Now how would you come to the conclusion that people aren’t equal? Well you could simply tell by just looking at how people dress, the cars they drive, or the houses the live in. People will NEVER be equal, because of the fact that it is Human Nature to compete, and some people just excel in certain aspects of live; therefore making more of an advantage than others. If people in The U.S were “Equal”, it would not be a perfect wonderful utopian society where everyone got along with each other, got paid the same amount, and have equal rights would never work, because simply of just one thing: Greed.
    Now; will the United States or even the world ever become equal? Has there ever been equality in the world? In my opinion there has been and there still is some form of equality. Just like Ryan Seemiller pointed out that “Russian communism was probably one of the most equal societies that ever existed, because 99% of the population was in poverty truly”, which is true. For example: People that live in Africa are extremely poor, and there is not really one person in Africa who is poorer than another individual. Also, if everyone in the United States were to be “Equal”, and get paid the same amount of money would ultimately crash our economy, because of the fact that we are in an Economic Struggle in the United States. If we were to get paid the same amount as everyone it would not allow us to bring in any extra money to help the recession. Also, if the citizens of the U.S were to get paid the same that would mean that everyone would have to pay the same amount of taxes which both the Rich, Middle Class, and the Lower Class would all be royally peeved at that idea/action.
    People could not be equal in ANY PART in the world, because of the fact that there ALWAYS has to be a leader to start movements, making decisions, and to make sure everything stays in order, and so it does not fall in to pieces and go corrupt. The only way the U.S would semi-actually be able to make each other equal would be to to copy the movie we watched in “2081”, but if they United States, or any other country in the world were to “Mimic” what they did in the Movie 2081, they would have to create a society that would almost be similar to a dictatorship, because they start to limit peoples abilities to do certain things. For Example: in “2081” they put this Headphone-like device on people the government deemed “Too Smart”, or they would make people they deemed “Too Pretty” wear masks.
    If people in the United States were to become fully equal, we would have to adopt “Communism” as our type of government, but Communism would NEVER work. People in the United States and the world are all pretty much competitive and greedy, but that is just in Human Nature, but if we all became equal, that means we would not be able to have an Official Leader. In the past; countries have tried to make all their people to be equal, but it has not worked out. Such as in China when they tried to all become equal, but the miserably failed a trying to be equal, because Chairman Mao was their Leader which means they could not be equal since someone was directly giving them orders.
    America: Would it be better if we were all equal? Of course it would, but that would NEVER happen, because of the fact that many Americans would not be okay with being paid the same amount of money. It would simply not work out, because of the fact that Humans are Competitive, and they can be greedy. So, until Humans start acting like robots, I don’t EVER seeing the United States of American treating EVERYONE as equals.

  77. Kristen Kanatzar says:

    Equality, in my view, is when everyone, no matter what gender, race, skin color, ability level, or anything else that factors into modern society, is equal with the same rights, the same opportunities, and the same respect from other people. It is dreamed about and has been the “prize” in a number of revolutions throughout history. However, when people fight for equality, they very rarely acquire it. As people throughout history have seen that equality doesn’t quite work, they try and fix it so it does, causing more chaos. If America were to try and achieve equality, I would say we would fail at achieving it. Human nature, individuals’ abilities, and class structure cause constant tension, creating stress among all of America.
    Human nature always comes through when it comes to, well, everything! Humans are just naturally greedy and naturally brag to show off what they have and to prove they’re better. If America tried to succeed in using equality, human nature would eventually come through and ruin everything. People would start wanting “what they deserve” because they’re “better.” People would start standing out saying they aren’t heard enough or respected enough by everyone else. Someone would get together a protest party to boycott the authorities and demand what they want and not what’s at the interest of the country. As Dominique said, ” no matter how good life is people will always want more.” Human nature destroys attempted societies because of all the want and greed and superiority that people want, causing equality to fail.
    An individual’s abilities are only limited to what they are born being able to do. If a child is born with a disease, they aren’t going to be able to do the things a healthy baby will be able to do when they both grow up. They may be able to do the same activity type, but not the same level of intensity. Take for example a child born with a life altering disease and a child born completely healthy and good. If they both want to try out for, let’s say basketball, they’ll both be able to dribble a ball and run up the court, but the likelihood of the special needs child making the team is very slim where as the healthy child has a higher chance of making the team. Coaches don’t use equality in picking a team because they just want a great team that will keep winning and getting awards. It goes back to human nature and the fact that humans just want and want for themselves.
    Another reason for equality failure is class structure and the fact that there actually is class structure. Just the title itself, “Class Structure”, translates into, “Inequality Here!” If there truly was equality, there would be no class structures or social differences because of wealth. There would be one level for everyone to earn the same thing and have the same opportunities in life. There would be no rich or poor, just equal. That thought, however, is exactly that, a thought. It would be almost impossible to make everything perfectly equal with social classes because of each individual’s personalities and abilities. No one is made exactly the same, so there’s no way that we could have everyone act the same. It would be physically and emotionally impossible. People just don’t work like that.
    As you go more and more in depth with the idea of equality, you start to realize it’s just a vicious cycle of never ending impossibilities. Social classes show why people can’t work the same way and have the same amount of money because of disabilities, which cause people to judge those with the disabilities, and the judging leads to people thinking they’re better than others and that leads to bragging which leads to other things which then leads to more things! So many factors explain why equality for America, and the rest of the world, would never work. To many different reasons as to why things have to stay how they are now.

  78. Austin Ochoa says:

    Who would Barack Obama be if he had had no dreams, or nothing to aspire to; nothing to gain. He would definitely not be the President of the United States, nor would he be a Harvard graduate, and former constitutional law professor. What would anyone be if they were given equal pay and equal responsibilities? In my opinion they would be nothing, with no driving force behind them why would they bother to even show up for a job in which no matter how hard they worked they were not compensated. How would a nation with no leadership structure survive? Would it even be able to label itself a country?

    In 1848 Karl Marx published his communist manifesto; a document which outlined the fundamentals of communism, and over 150 years later there is not one true communist state left on the planet. What happened? Marx’s idea was revolutionary and the man was no doubt brilliant, but he left out a key variable, humanity. Fast forward to 1917; a man named Vladimir Lenin arrives in the Eastern European country of Russia to head a communist revolution against the long-ruling royal family. For nearly 90 years after this Russia was a country where CHEKA, and later the KGB ruled with an iron fist. Was this equality? No. Human nature is to put the needs of the single person before the needs of the entire group. How could a totally “equal” society even prevent this from happening without giving someone power?

    Another issue with the idea of equality of all, how can a society keep people in check and equal without a system of checks and balances? If a so called “equal” society had a power structure then it would not be equal. Russia for example gave false hope for freedom. That the power would rest in the people and that the people ruled. In fact one man ruled. Not only did these “communist dictatorships” (OXYMORON!!!) defy the communist manifesto, but these rulers often made drastically irrational decisions. Excuse me Stalin I do believe that taking the land from the landowners, killing them, and subsequently gifting it to yourself is in no way shape or from communism, but It sounds good.

    Human adaptation, and genetic variation. This is the final nail in the coffin for an equal state in the true sense of the word. It is also the topic discussed in the short film “2081”. How would you keep everyone equal? Is it fair to take the genius of one man and turn if into an imbecile simply because Joe down the street has an IQ of 100? No, and I think the short film; as cheesy as it was, hits the issue spot on. The scene where the ballerina dances un inhibited and the base player provides wonderful background is a key example why we should not have physical and mental equality. The power to grow and develop in interests that one finds suits them is what makes America and countries like it great!

    Equality, socialism, communism, whatever you would like to call it are all a complete farce. They are great ideas on the surface but they have no substance. When you attempt to dip deeper you realize that they will never work; human emotion and decisions will always get in the way. Equality is a wonderful thing, and in America it is quite present, but total equality would only weigh this country, or any society for that matte, down.

  79. Jesse Conchas says:

    The U.S Constitution states that “all men are created equal.” These words look great on paper, but when it comes down to it we all know it is not true. It’s in the human mind set to think that we are better than everyone else (weather it is racially or economically) people strive to do their best. They want to set a high goal, and gloat to everyone about how they got to the position that they’re in. Equality will never be achieved, everyone would have to have the same income, the same religion (or no religion at all) each parent would have to have the same amount of children. There are just too many complications in the idea of an equal society.

    Americans are greedy people; we were the first country to give people the right to sue one another. We like money…but if we all hopped on the band wagon of this “equality” thing it would eliminate all of the social classes that we have in today’s age. This concept can enrage a lot of people… you can be a highly educated, and distinguished doctor making the same amount of money as a person working the cash register at Taco bell. If this country was truly an equal one I wouldn’t bother going to high school or college. The only reason most people go to college is to make more money, and with this equality idea put into play all I would need to do is get a job working the drive thru and bam! I’m as rich as Bill Gates. This doesn’t seem fair, but fair isn’t the same idea as equality.

    Being a fair country and an equal one are two completely different ideas. In an equal society you have everyone bringing in the same amount of revenue, so my question is what happens with the people who have a number of five in their family when the “equality plan” is based for a family of three. How is the family with five going to get by on a budget plan designed for a family of three? It wouldn’t be fair, people would starve, they wouldn’t have the same living conditions…they wouldn’t have the same things as the people with a family of three. This is not equality.

    Religion…it would either have to be eliminated or everyone would have to have the same one. People have a sort of pride in what they believe in, they want to think that their ideas are the right ones and don’t even want to consider any other. If the government were to choose one religion for everyone to follow then it wouldn’t be an equal country… they would be putting whatever religion they chose on a pedestal and would tell everyone that this is the best one, it’s the right one to follow. If the government were to do this they would be a higher power, taking the Idea of equality and flushing it down the toilet. It would be the same way if the government were to enforce no religion at all.

    Do to the fact that the United States is such a divers country equality will never be a possible thing to achieve. It’s a concept with many major complications. The only way we could possible make a truly equal country is if we all make clones one person of some crazy thing like that, and I don’t see that happening anytime in the future.

  80. Liliana Soriano says:

    Equality means that everyone and everything is treated the same, with all the same respect. Everyone has the same opportunities, same everything; food, money, same size house, no matter what, everyone gets treated exactly the same. To some people this sounds like a great idea but to most, is could really affect their way of doing things. Some people are born with natural intelligence while others are born with special needs. Some are born naturally rich while others have to work their way up. No matter how much we try to make everyone and everything equal it will never work because everyone is different in their own way and that’s what makes us so special.

    Sure, one good thing can come out of this, is that there would be no competition on who would have the best clothes, the fanciest car or nicest home and everyone would be all equal. We wouldn’t have to be judged on what we looked like such as what we wore or how we did our hair. Everyone would receive the same amount of money, clothes and food. But then again, when it comes to work and money everyone has their own opinion. For example if someone works harder than the other person at work then they should get paid more. By looking at that I believe equality will defiantly not work in this or any other society.

    Another reason why I think equality would not work is that if everyone got the exact same amount paycheck, no one would want to work harder than the other and would just slack off. There would also be no motivation to get an important job that is seen as more successful than others. But if you aren’t getting paid as much as you should, there is less motivation to aspire to have one of those careers. If there is no motivation to get a job, no one would want to get an education because they think they wouldn’t need it because there would be no use.

    Just like in the video clip “2081″, everyone was supposedly equal in knowledge, beauty and in strength, but no one was truly happy. If equality were able to be achieved, it’d be very similar to the way equality was shown in the video slip where everyone was equal in knowledge and in strength in which case the strong people had to wear heavy handicaps to weaken them, the intelligent had to wear ear pieces which would send shock waves to the brain to keep them from thinking, and people who had more beauty then others had to wear masks. People with more beauty should not have to wear masks because everyone is beautiful in their own special way; it’s just that human nature makes people think that other people are prettier than themselves. Athletes and strong people should not have to be wearing weights because people get jealous that they aren’t as good and just like Mrs. Kindred said, we can’t just break off people’s legs just because their better athletes then us. We will never be equal because everyone is born with different qualities.

    In conclusion, I can see the benefits of both sides of the argument but when it comes down to financial and education matters there are many problems revolving around the subject of becoming equal. And no matter what we do, no one will become equal because everyone has their own specialties and talents that others can’t do which makes up special in our own way. If you think about it, humans are like snow drops, no two are alike, that is what makes life interesting. So equality would not be perfect for everybody.

  81. connor mazzola says:

    I think life would either suck or be really nice is everybody was equal in the U.S. People being equal can be described in anyway a human being wants it too really, everyone having 5 fingers could be equal, everyone having the same rights could be equal, or maybe even everyone having the same everything could be equality. All you need is to be have common thing/s with everyone else. Now when i comes to government there are a few “equals” out there. There is the United States way of being equal, where every man has the same rights and opportunities to do things. There is the soviet/chinese way, where they all work for the state and everyone is in one giant social class. And finally there is the straight up, super technical way of being equal. Everyone would be,have,and do the exact same thing.
    Personally I like the way the U.s. interprets equal right now. We all are born and around age 4 or 5 we go into the public school system. We grow up, getting grades, learning, and trying to strive to get up there in the world. We can either chose to fail, succeed, or just be average people. Everyone has a chance and when I say everyone I mean the majority. I know people of the lesser mind with certain diseases that impair them from doing certain things don’t have these same chances simply because they cant preform. They are still considered this “equal” that we, in the U.S. all have. This is the way I like it, this is the way it should be, to be able to go out and become better is just so great.
    Now on the other hand we have the socialist/communist form of equality. Their form is that everyone is in the same class structure. So the whole country is pretty much one giant middle/lowish class. Also they drop wages and you work for food, housing, and medical that is given to you. I don’t know much on this fact but it seems to me if you stop working, that means these necessities are taken from you. Their idea of equality is pretty much like the government putting a brank on you and sending you to work. It doesn’t matter this theory doesn’t even work, but pretend their ways actually did work. The U.S. wouldn’t even be able to function this way, at least at this day and age. We could never change to this form of equality for we have become accustomed to my favorite way. I mean like we could’ve been like Russia and it could’ve kind of worked but it would’ve failed, just like in every country.
    This is the form of equality I hate the most. Ask yourself this, would you like to be one of the clones/storm troopers in star wars? (Yes I know, star wars reference…) I couldn’t handle it and this definitely wouldn’t function. There would have to be some type of job that would take care f the needs for every single thing. And the world would have to have one race, one hair color, one height, wage, everything… That would be the true equality, like the sign from math =.
    You see equality can be interpreted anyway, so this prompt doesn’t really work. In my interpretation of equal, of course the U.S. would be perfect! It would be the way I want it to be, either how it is or some super outrageous thing. Um yea I think equality is when I have an island somewhere in the tropics, with a ripping right hand wave, a boat, super awesome house, and a girl to live there with. I think im going say thats equality from now on….

  82. Ian Hendrick says:

    I’m going to have to take qualify on this. The prompt is so open-ended it’s like trying to find a Hawaiian port from one of the Great Lakes without a map or compass, or knowledge of where you are. Equality is a finicky thing, everyone has their own version and everyone thinks theirs is the best version. There are too many little details to work out to make everyone happy.

    When you really get down to it, there is only one way to make everyone perfectly equal. Kill them all. Every. Last. One of them. Screwing with genetics wouldn’t work because someone would have more power while she or he made changed everyone else. Who’s to say that this person wouldn’t take advantage of their temporary role as God and mold society into their image? Robotics wouldn’t work because the robots would have to have an AI to keep up with natural human evolution, and as I’ve ranted several times a true AI will NEVER work. It will ALWAYS gain more power than intended and result in the deaths of pretty much everyone. It’s like how the schools are teaching the new generation in ways that they taught the previous generation, it won’t work because of all the technological advances and natural evolution of learning and study habits.

    The word perfect is just as much a theory as infinity. In every instance something, no matter how microscopic or irrelevant, could be different. On top of that, it has to do with everyone’s personal preference too. For instance, in my “perfect” world politicians don’t do anything, oh wait, that’s reality. In my “perfect” little world politicians don’t exist, bacon is healthy, unlimited, and doesn’t require the death of animals, Freddie Mercury is still alive, and nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. That’s just a small glimpse, my “perfect” little world is actually a really scary place, I don’t recommend visiting it. The chances of finding someone with the same exact world are quite literally nonexistent.

    Even in 2081 not everyone was equal. When you have any kind of police force breaking down doors and taking children from their parents you should take it as a hint that your society is not only not equal, but also quite screwed up. The mindset of the government seemed to be, “Let’s take all the strong people and duct tape lead to them and the smart people will get earpieces that make their ears bleed every time they think. That way no one will be able to question why we’re still in charge.” “Handicapping” people is not the way to bring about equality. It’s a way to piss people off. You might as well just take a crowbar to everyone’s knees. Then everyone can be equally injured and some other entity can walk in and take power like it’s a cake walk.

    Ian Beamer makes a fair point in saying that anarchy is the closest to equal society can possibly get while still alive. Easily everyone could be equally dead and that would be the end of it, but “Noooo.”[/sarcasticeyeroll] People have to survive and continue to cause problems. None of this would have happened if the human race hadn’t been favored by natural selection.
    Something else Ian brought up was economics. Economics are a huge part in this whole “equality” nonsense. Living in the capitalistic country that is the democratic republic of the United States of America, you notice that no one is in it for the better of the country. Everyone only cares about how much profit they’re going to make. And when you live in a country that taxes its citizen’s half of what they make it’s really hard to make a profit. Then, to rub salt and lemon juice in the compound fracture of a wound, the country doesn’t know how to spend the money it collects for “taxes” causing debt for every person in the country and eventually resulting in the economic collapse of said country and the other baker’s dozen countries whose economies rely on ours.

    True equality cannot be achieved. The closest you can get, without killing everyone, is anarchy. However, on a more positive note you could completely burn the economic system. Get rid of all desire and need to make a profit and give everyone equal opportunities in everything. This is a very lazy form of equality because it gives everyone the chance to be the same, but doesn’t require that you are. It states that if you’re not equal to someone else and not happy about it, either work harder to get to that point, or get over it. However, I still say killing everyone is the best option. No one can complain about not being equal because everyone’s too busy being dead to complain and even if they wanted to complain they would have no argument because everyone is equally dead.

    To recap, politicians don’t know what they’re doing, the United States of America isn’t going to last much longer the way it’s going, money is a plague, equality can only be achieved with blood, and the human race will never prosper without getting out of the hole of stupidity that it’s tripped and fallen in and rather than trying to climb out they’re breaking the first rule of Minecraft and digging down.

  83. Sean Hernandez says:

    Lately, there has been a lot of talk about equality and what it means and is it possible to achieve in the U.S. In the dictionary it’s one thing, and in the U.S. Declaration of Independence it’s another thing, and in communist Russia and China it meant something else. Equality has been described in so many different ways, it seems the word has become undefined and we can only get a general idea of its meaning. Equality will never work in the U.S. because societies in the past have failed in fully accomplishing it, it does not fit into the way U.S. society works and finally because human nature has proved that it won’t work anywhere.
    In the past when the people of a country were beyond unhappy with their leader they would overthrow them and make a new regime that would fit their needs. Equality was usually always involved, asking for equal rights and job opportunities and simple things like that. While others didn’t want to deal with one group of people being greater than another and took equality to a more extreme level by making the rights of everyone equal so that no one was greater than someone else. However, there was usually someone that was leading these revolutionary changes and by gaining the support of the people they ended up becoming the new dictator of the country like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.
    Equality is nearly impossible to have in the United States because it doesn’t completely fit in with how things work. In the short film 2081, you see what happens when the government takes action in trying to make everyone equal in every way from rights to things like intelligence, strength, and even beauty. Equal rights included job opportunities as seen in 2081 the news reporter obviously wasn’t cut out to be a news reporter but he could still be one. This is saying that no matter what job you want, no matter how much education or experience you have, you can have it because there is no requirement for a certain amount of education or experience. You could see where there would be flaws in that situation. The worst part of 2081 was holding the more intelligent people back so they would think just the same as those that weren’t as intelligent. This means critical thinking wouldn’t be around that much. Critical thinking has made mankind advance in everything since the beginning of time and by holding back the brilliant minds of people there is no way society can advance any further.
    Finally the last reason why I know equality will never work is because of human nature. Human nature is very self-needy, do whatever it takes for you to make it out in the world. When Stalin and Mao got a taste of power they started to focus on finding ways to get more and became rather hypocritical of what they wanted. And with the personalities and the talents of everyone being so diverse it would be very difficult to find a way to make them all equal. Also if everyone was truly equal, there would be no leader and all throughout history mankind has had a leader for everything and I have not heard of a society so far that has worked out without a leader. Plus part of human nature is wanting to be on top which means there is always someone that wants to be in charge.
    This is proof that equality has never worked, will never work and shall never work because of human nature. It’s just not possible for the human race. Although I do agree with Ryan, it may be possible in a robot society but not for mankind.

  84. Maddi McCarthy says:

    “The state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability” This is the dictionary definition of Equality. Many places all over the world have tried to maintain equality and the craziness of it gets the best of them. There are so many different ways to look at Equality, how does it look in your eyes? Equal opportunities, same paycheck and taxes, equal voice, or even everyone have the same standard of living? Equality can be achieved on many different levels.
    In the financial world there are plentiful things you could do to make this area equal, not saying they would last very long but I could still happen. Every pay check could be the same amount of money, one reason in my opinion would be that if doctors are getting paid the same amount of money as McDonalds workers there may be a few complaints. One other way would to make sure everyone is paying the same amount of taxes. No one was paying the government more or less of what anyone else is. These two ideas alone could change the way Americans function. One more thing would be that a 31 years old mom and a 20 year old college student would have the exact same voice and understanding of government and the way they want it to run.
    Does everyone deserve the same opportunities? As to do what they want in experiences? All opportunities all could be made equal in a way that you could join dance class, go back to college, or make a new career path for yourself. Another way to go about equality would to make everyone have the same standard of living, how much money you have, the comfort of your home-place, material goods and necessities available for you. With the quantity of money that you make in your lifetime. What if everyone must have the same amount of intelligence? Would we teach the more intelligent to be less intelligent, or teach the less intelligent to be more intelligent? These questions are hard to answer unless you are actually in the mind set of a completely equal place. Everyone must have the same opportunities, standard of living, and amount of intelligence, in an equal society.
    Would a completely equal United States be as much of a dream of everyone else thinks? As one of my friends Leah had sad “No matter how well they may already be treated, it’s almost never enough, and that is why people can never truly feel equal to one another.” I agree with this statement and believe that it sums up human nature in general. In the short film 2081 a ballet is going on the good ballerinas wore chains and weights to make them just as bad as the others, Yet there was a girls that did out reach the chains and continue to dance at her best therefore making everyone not equal.Equallity isn’t impossible, Yet it’s difficult to maintain.

    • Maddi McCarthy says:

      Conclusion: Given this situation, I believe here in the United States equality would be able to happen, I’m not sure about how long, but it could work. Even though, over time human nature would give in and take over through time. The idea of equality sound good to most people, but when you actually think about it could turn everything into a mess. People wearing masks because they are too beautiful? Very intelligent people wearing things that’s hock them when they have a strong thought? Equality sounds like a fabulous idea, until you over think it.

  85. Megan Witters says:

    Would the united stated of America be a perfect place if every one was equal? We are asked this question I believe is an inaccurate and impossible thing to ask for in the first place. My reasons? Equality is viewed differently in each person’s life. That same idea goes towards peoples perception of perfection, which is ultimately unattainable. And my final thought is a question; Why is there so much emphasis on perfection and equality, and emphasis on how we, as students need to fix that problem, even though it cant be fixed. The idea that we could make our country, our world perfect and equal is an irrational idea in itself.

    Equality has many different faces. The definition states that it could be “in status, rights, and opportunities.” Even an attempt to. Accomplish one of those aspects would include diligence, and full cooperation, which most humans are incapable of. A question that I think of is that would everybody still be allowed to show their true characteristics in an equal society? That can be likened to the short, and interesting film, 2081, a film dedicated to the thought of equality. In this film, ones who tend to excel are weighed down, to make them less talented in any aspect, to compensate for the lack of ability for others. The man in this film is convicted of crimes of breaking out of his handicapping devices, and is imprisoned and tortured for this. He wishes for everybody to excel in what they can, and that it is wrong to handicap someone just because they are good at something. I believe that most of us would live too in agony if we were handicapped in such a manner.

    Perfection: meaning to have all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be; being free from flaws and defects. Each and every human being has a lone representation of perfection. Can perfection, though, even be attained by humankind’s own effort? Can an imperfect human race come about a perfect government on its own? Obviously nothing perfect could come from something imperfect, so I really find this wording of our prompt to be humorous, being that it will never be attainable under mankind’s personal creation. Perfection is not an option for humans under their own effort.

    And of course, my personal question of why is their so much emphasis on perfection, and equality, and that it is our job supposedly to attain it? We know that no government humankind has come across is anywhere near perfect, yet in class I feel so much pressure to make everything change, that the power of the earth is in our hands, as students. This could be our modern day warfare, fighting for what we think we deserve in a very human like standpoint. To hear in class on Tuesday, everybody going around in circles with their thoughts and ideas, and how we will fix things. especially attempting to confuse us, and maybe even anger us, was Ms. Houlahan’s words, things like; that if these people made the rules and these people didn’t get that chance, it wouldn’t be equal. The every so often hint of genocide our class gave off almost made Hitler’s ideology justified, that the ones who hinder society were to be gotten rid of. The fact that educated children in our modern day society were push to think even that killing people with defects could be an option, if we really wanted perfection, pushes this thought too far, that we have to find a way to come across perfection ourselves.

    The irrationality of this idea of perfection pushed us to seek out every option, if it is vile or not. It is not that i am saying that these options will be pursued, since we can learn from history that it does not work out, as in the case of nazi Germany. The pressure to change this world with some amazing idea for equality makes me uneasy because of the minds corrupted by society. Ones might think that the government isn’t ran well now, well don’t we hear about how different life was during the childhood of the ones running the countries now? I’m sure that everybody had a lot more morals then, and they were raised more simplistically, without video games, internet, or iPhones. Imagine in thirty years, when the kids of our generation run this world, and I wonder if it is wrong of me to assume that it will be worse than ever? Let’s just say it won’t be perfect.

  86. Gwendolyn Richey says:

    I don’t think that equality is something our society in the U.S could have. Equality could mean several things, as to the Declaration of Independence, where “all men are created equal”, that’s such a broad statement which could have multiple means to different people. It is this lofty ideal beyond our reach that we always dream about but never actually accomplish or reach that goal.

    Is having an equal society where everyone should think the same; no man is smarter than the other. As referenced to the short film 2081, where everyone is considered to be equally smart, talented or athletic. How is this society supposed to learn and grow together without the ideas from others, rather than having the same thoughts and/or opinions as to everyone else? Is this really how you’d like your society to be based on? Rather than trying to sculpt a society in using your brains and talent to try and create a society close to equality.

    Reading Jeff Long’s blog disagreeing with having an equal society, he mentions, “Equality is when everyone is exactly the same. But that is just not possible. People have strengths in difference areas and weaknesses in others, there’s always people that will take advantage of the system, and somebody needs to be in charge.” This seems to always be the case, were someone bites off more than they can chew. Someone is always going to want more, whether it’s more money, power, food, or fame. There’s always someone who abuses the power to equality.

    While brainstorming the thoughts on equality, Connor had mentioned how the mentally challenged people need aides to help them live and that’s not being equal to everyone else who doesn’t have an aide to help them out. So just right there is a problem to this equality based society to what we so call want.

    This will always become a problem no matter what time period you’re in 2081 or 2018. The thought that everyone to become equal is a society that will never learn to grow and share new ideas of living. But instead we stay stuck in this protected and unfair society were change isn’t exactly broadened. I disagree with having an equality based society.

    • Andres Sanchez says:

      Life in the United States wouldn’t be perfect if everyone was equal because it wouldn’t work as we say in the short film 2081. This film showed why equality wouldn’t work because everyone isn’t born equal everybody comes from different backgrounds and are brought up with different ideas on equality.
      There is no exact way to define equality because everyone is unique in their own. Equality is everybody in someone way wants a form of equality but it wouldn’t work. I agree with Alyssa that people who have more don’t want to help out the cause because they wouldn’t want to give up their money so everyone would be equal went comes to ones finical well being. We have learned that people don’t want to give their money up like in Chinese revolution the business owners didn’t want to give up their business.
      With the intelligence, you can’t decide how intelligent someone is they are born with it. How would you limit someone’s intelligence? You can tell them to stop being so smart or try to limit their thoughts, you might try what the government did in 2081 but that just hurt the government as they are losing one’s support. Which might lead to a revolution which wouldn’t help one achieve equality? It’s a vicious cycle because since the beginning of civilization we have tried to have equality, we might have been taking a few steps forward but in my opinion equality will never be achieved especially since he haven’t achieved it yet.Equality is dream that will never be achieved because there will always be someone playing devil’s advocate.

  87. Kristina C. Garcia says:

    Life in the United States would not be perfect even if everyone was equal. Equal as in everything being the same or exact. Equality is also being fair and treating all the same. Total or true equality is impossible. It would always be an amazing idea but highly impossible to reach. Any thought of equality whether it would be physically, mentally, or financially it could never be possible.
    It is impossible to make everybody physically equal. In 2081 the movie, they had weights to make it seem like everybody was equal. By putting on weights that is already making them un-equal because they have to wear the weights while others do not. If someone was born without an arm also makes them unequal. Although we can give them a prosthetic they still won’t be equal to whoever the model person is. Everybody is made different to change this world in their own special way.
    Not only are people physically different but they are also mentally different. Equality is impossible here because we don’t have control of genetically creating the same brain. In other words if we are born with something different with our brain were stuck that way. It’s not fair (or equal) for a person who is different have to be altered it wasn’t their fault they were not the same. No matter how hard somebody tries to be equal and/or fair having to alter someone to be the same as somebody else is being unequal.
    Sadly financial wise could not be identical either without being unfair to certain. Agreeing with Kiana Blossom that equality is just a dream and will never be part of reality. Depending how much everybody is paid that would mean the the rich people could not afford to pay for all their “rich people” stuff and that wouldn’t be level as other. It would be beneficial to all those without jobs to receive an income. Above all that will prevent people from reaching their true potential because if they could work any job with the same pay we could possibly lose higher educated people job position.
    Over all true equality could never be possible. We have tried, Russians tried, and the Chinese but never really reached this dream of true equality. There will always be flaw in everyone and everything. The only thing that is common to everybody is that everyone is different. We are also all humans made to do what we do best and that is live.
    (Sorry for the late post if I had know I was going out for dinner and was going to be getting home at 9 I would have finished sooner)
    (also did not post sorry for the inconvenience)

  88. Grant Speckman says:

    Life in the United States would not be perfect if we were all equal. Total equality is not a being that we, as a society, can possibly reach. Equality would mean we look the same, act the same, and all receive the same amount of materials. This is completely impossible with today’s technology. Even if equality was reached, it is a human nature to want to be better than your peers, and equality does not let us fulfill this desire.

    Communism was formed by the idea of equality. Karl Marx believed that a society with no government, and each person receiving the same amount of food and money would work in a real life society. But, he was wrong. Both Russia and China failed in their attempts to establish Communism due to corrupt leaders, only majority support, and the fact that equality well never work. Equality would mean that we all dressed the same, and had the exact same intellect. This is a great subject to daydream about, but realistically it is impossible.

    It is a human instinct to be greater than your peers. We buy fancy clothes and cars so we can look better; we buy big houses to make others look miniscule. We naturally compete with one another, and this is good for society. When we compete, we push one another to greater lengths to become even better in what you are competing in. Competition can make us become successful in our areas, and this is for the bettering of society.

    I believe that life in the United States is good where it is. It is not perfect, but capitalism lets us become who we want to be by working hard. Life in the United States would not be perfect if we were all equal, because even if this was an achievable goal, we will always want to be the best.
    (I was absent on Tuesday, so it was due Thursday tonight for me)

  89. Lidia Vences says:

    Although the word “equality” is a word that has very different meanings to different types of people (ex. Students, teachers, homeless people, celebrities, and “higher class” I think that we can all agree that equality would obviously not work. Why? One example is with the government. If everyone got a say in how to run the government most likely we would come out with an outcome that only favored a group of people or a social class. Let’s say that a homeless person says that free homes should be distributed among all homeless people. What happens to those who have worked hard for their homes? That certainly isn’t equality. Everyone would be overpowered by selfishness and want to come up with something that favors them and not the whole country. We all know that we can be a little selfish at times. Why care about the whole country when you can just worry about yourself? Now I’m not saying that’s my way of thinking or everyone’s way of thinking but I am sure that half of our population thinks that way.
    Another example is that everyone would have the same athleticism and intelligence. Now that would be weird and kind of creepy. No one perfect and if everyone was equal then there would be no celebrities or anything because we would all be the same. For example, I am absolutely terrible at math. I was not blessed with the math gene as some people were. Some of my friends are amazing at math which of course angers me but I wouldn’t want to be an exact clone as them. Individualism would be non-existent. We wouldn’t have professional athletes or singers. However California is mostly known for its “opportunities” which is why so many people move here. So in a way we are given the equal opportunities but it’s just something that were given. It’s not really a big deal. It doesn’t affect equality as much. If communism didn’t work back then, then why would it work now? It’s kind of ridiculous how Stalin truly believed that communism would work. By paying everyone the exact same amount of money and having them work then rest for eight hours and sleep for eight hours. I am sure that, that sounds great for some people but honestly did it work out? No it didn’t. For example in school we have the slackers, and the ones that work hard. What if we were all given the same grade? Would that be fair? Heck no. The slackers would get to do what they do best (which is slack) while the hard workers work their butt off for the same grade as the slackers. Same in the work force. Some people work harder than other people. Let’s say you work at a fast food restaurant. Some other person could easily slack off while you work yourself to the bone. And for what? The same pay. I’d rather not try at all if I was going to get the same grade/amount of money as everybody else. Equality sure sounds great at first but how could it possibly work? Our economy is already bad. Communism would make it even worse. I do agree with Liliana though. There would be no competition for the cutest clothes and fanciest cars. None of that would matter which means everyone would be happy and you wouldn’t get treated different for having the things that you have. Alas we all know that having a sort of communist government wouldn’t work. The reasons being clearly obvious. (Wasn’t here to see the video or to listen to class discussion. Wasn’t sure if I had to do three paragraphs so I only did two.)

  90. Jonny Cogburn says:

    I believe that life would not be perfect if everyone were equal. If everyone were equal, we would look the same, act the same and have equal intelligence, and be given the same opportunities and money. This would make life boring and have no exciting turns. We also wouldn’t have the chance to compete with others, which human nature tells us to do.

    If we had the same looks, there would only be two different people. Man and woman. All men and all women would only have one look. Same hair, same eyes, same face structure and so on. This itself is impossible with today’s technology. Every person would have to have yearly plastic surgery to change what their true self wants to be. People would not be able to tell the difference between each other, and would forget who their friends and family were. Similar to our class discussion, their would have to be a law in which people would have to go to these yearly plastic surgeries, and if a person didn’t, they would be arrested. People would also have to cut their hair at regulated times as well, and anything else that a human body changes, would have to be regulated.

    If everyone acted the same and had the same intelligence, there would only be one personality with everyone. If there were a way to make this possible, there would be no point in having friends or having fun. Your life would be work, then sleep. As shown in 2081, people would have to have handicaps that regulate people’s personality and knowledge, which can endanger a person in significantly important decisions or life or death situations. One problem would be that everyone would have the same experience for jobs, so there would only have to be one job for every single person. Obviously, humans would not be able to survive without all jobs being worked. If everybody knew how to work every job, and all jobs that are available today are available to them, some may find it unfair that another person has an easier job than them, which puts them back at only one profession.

    To be able to have the same opportunities and money, the form of government would have to be communism. Everybody would be given the same amount of food and pay, and be given the same opportunities. I agree with Grant about how communism has failed in the past with China and Russia, but if everyone had the same personality and knowledge, greed, being the reason of communism’s past downfalls, would not fall into the mix and communism would actually have a chance at becoming their form of government.

    I believe that life in the United States allows people to be equal enough that most people are happy with it. If you try hard, you can become successful, and you can also be yourself. You have your own personality, and your own choices, and that is more desirable than being a clone of everyone else.

  91. Alan V. says:

    Everyone is taught to try to be all that they can be, in order to go far or succeed in life. This search for wealth drives people to compete with each other. Total equality would make competition inexistent. This is extreme idea of total equality would not work in today’s world. Competition is what takes away the bland aspect of life. People need some inequality to ensure stimulation of our economy. Technology would no longer be pressured to advance. People need to be different from each other to keep people searching for a more positive position in society.

    Most people are seeking for equality in the sense that everybody wants to be treated the same. The equality we search for should abolish any form of prejudice. Before you meet someone, you should not think less of them based on physical or mental features. People tend to make bulk decision regarding race, gender, and religious choice. This is the area which we still need to strive toward achieving a more equal world. Equality is having the same rules apply for everybody . This absolute equality is necessary when dealing with the law. Everybody should be judged the same for their negative actions. The United States Government says that all people are innocent until proven guilty. Figuratively, we can apply this statement

    In the social sphere equality implies the removal; of all sorts of caste or class distinctions, which places some on higher level than the other. All men are born equal and all differences among them should be capable of explanation in terms of social welfare. It is to be noted that social equality is simply conspicuous.

    Political equality means that all citizens* should have equal political right and privileges. It is guaranteed through universal adult franchise, the right to be elected to all representative offices, right to hold any office under the State provided necessary qualifications are fulfilled, the right to form associations, the right to express opinion, freedom of Press, so on and so forth, but most of the time this doesn’t happen because of the social classes we are set or born into.

    If you think about equality sounds good of course. But the thing is that an “equal” government will never work. You will have people who will ALWAYS want to be ahead, or on top of the others. Being unequal means that you have people competing for new advances in technology, farming, economy etc. Equality would probably be the fall of our “empire” that we now have.

  92. Crystal Cardiel says:

    Equality is a hard word to define mainly because it is only an idea. If equality were to become real it would be very foreign like an alien planet. Equality is a concept that is hard to grasp, but to define it I would say it is to treat everyone the same with respect. For instance, I believe that people should have equal taxes, treat each other equally regardless of their sexuality, race and religion and have politicians that uphold the people’s rights . Equal opportunity would be an example of equality and it would be up to the person to grab an chance or let slip right through their fingers. I do not believe everyone should have equal pay though, my reason is that some people do not want to work so they do not. People who sit down, do nothing and just live on welfare without trying to make their life better do not deserve equal pay as a doctor who saves lives. Now to answer the prompt, yes life in the United States of America would be perfect if everyone was treated equally, but it is only an idea.
    The fact that in America the rich are taxed less completely makes no sense in my opinion. However as Carolina Canosa said in her response the people with money would not agree mainly because they would not want to lose the good life they have paying low taxes. So the conclusion made here is that as humans we have a greedy and selfish nature. That when we have many pieces of green paper in our hands we become like a child clinging onto their favorite toy unable to let go. We become a child willing to anything to keep that toy even if it means kicking, screaming or killing.
    In America one thing that vexes me is when politicians put their religion in politics. Yes they have a right to believe in what they want but they do not have a right to make people conform to theirs. I am so sorry to those I offend but this is my opinion. If the higher up people in the government say that “gay marriage” is sinful to their religion that is ok for their opinion but what if that couple is not the same religion or even has a religion. Why should they conform? I personally do not understand why should people suffer by the hands of another persons belief even if they are the same religion. In contrary, this kind of thing will always happen. It is a sad thing though if one person is different they will be shunned mainly because people run from what they do not understand while others embrace it. In 2081, the people who are very athletic, beautiful, and smart are handicapped. Alas, in this society it was as if progress was killed. The TV shows were the same people who were smart could not think of new ideas, even the news was the same! When people stop a group considered “different” it kills progress, it kills a nation from moving foreword.
    From my understanding of what I have seen, the government passed absurd laws such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Now, there are multiple acts going against the internet, hidden as trading acts or some sort of way to stop piracy when really it is censorship. These act is called ACTA it will basically not allow us to post links about things we see on the internet not allow us to post fan art of a series and many other boundaries that the internet was meant to break. This violates our 1st amendment which is our right of freedom of speech. Fortunately, this horrid bill has not passed yet. The patriot act violates our 4th amendment, the right to have privacy in what we do, by looking at what we type or listening to what we say on the phone if we are “suspicious”. The NDAA is basically an act that someone could point at you call you a terrorist and then you are in military jail without trail which violates our 6th amendment the right to have trail. If our government is doing this it is clear to see that the people in charge could care less about equality when they strip what form of fairness we have all ready.
    My view on this is that yes America would be a perfect place to live in if we obtained equality, but it shall never be so. It will never be mainly because we can care about each other as much as we want but when power, money and stupidity mix together like batter for an evil cookie it chokes the kindness and tenderness we have in our heart to death. Hopefully, the future will prove me wrong because if equality can never be achieved it does not mean we should just give up. We as the people should always strive to gain equality.

  93. Amanda Brown says:

    Equality to all the people in a society is a long desired, yet infeasible goal in life. Equality can be summarized as mainly when everyone is treated exactly the same as everyone else in a government or society. Most people wish for equality to everyone, but that is just not realistic. Certain people are better at some things than others are, humans always need someone in charge to keep order, and no matter how much “equality” we give out there will always be that group of people who want to take over or abuse the government system. The citizens of Russia and China during the Russian and Chinese revolutions were under the influence that Communism was the way to go in order to achieve their goal of equality, but yet once again after all the lives lost during these revolutions they still ended up back to square one, with another dictator. Personally, I agree with what Jeff had written about saying that “true equality and the idea of Communism is purely theoretical, and will most likely stay that way. It is human nature to compete.” I agree with him because in all reality true equality to everyone would not work because in just about every society, there is always going to be people wanting to be the best and there is always going to be competition between social classes and people in the same social classes as well.

    Everyone has different strengths, as well as different weaknesses, but does that mean everyone else has to have those same exact strengths and weaknesses? In the real world, there is always going to be someone that is better than you are at something and it is not fair to that other person to have to “dumb down” their strengths so that they can be average like the rest of the world. In 2081, people are given handicaps so that the people who are considered “average” can feel equal to the people who are really smart, strong, or beautiful. I highly doubt you would be okay with someone stopping you from being able to excel at what you are good at, so why would you want the government to do the same? In Communism, everyone gets equal pay regardless on how good of a job they do. So one person could be working as hard as they possibly can while on the other hand someone is barely putting in any effort at all, but they both get the same amount of pay. I think it is safe to say that none of us would be happy with our government if this were happening with our society.

    In class we once talked about how without having someone in charge, just about everything would start going downhill. The government would go from being a democracy that is “by the people, for the people” to anarchy. We would have no way of telling how money should be distributed to all our citizens. In the long run, it would be every man (or woman) for themselves, just like in Lord of the Flies. If you look at the Russian and Chinese revolutions, they fought for years to try to attain equality and to eliminate the dictator, but after all the struggles they faced trying to achieve this goal of “true equality”, they still ended up with rulers, such as Stalin and Mao.

    In a government where there is no ruler or someone in charge, there is going to be people trying to take over everyone else and trying to abuse the system. These people who are attempting to take over their society make promises that are impossible to keep. They convince the citizens that if they elect them as leader then everyone will become equal; the citizens then elect this person as their leader and then wonder why not everyone can be equal. They cannot be considered equal to everyone else because there is someone above them at all times. It is a vicious circle of trying to attain 100% equality. People are not happy with the government so they revolt, get rid of their ruler, elect someone else to take over because they make a bunch of unrealistic promises, then the people become unhappy with that so they go through the cycle once again.

    Long story short, every society needs to have someone in charge to keep things in check, there will always be people who want to take over and make things easier just for themselves, and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses from other people and they should not be penalized for them. I do agree that Communism would be great, but human nature makes it impossible for it to work out and properly function. Equality to a certain extent is a good idea and is much more likely than “true equality” under Communism. Communism in general just plain is not an idea that would be able to bring success to any society.

  94. Kinsey Thomas says:

    Equality, the quality that most people want, but may never get. Equality is a goal that the United States would like to achieve, but never usually is never succeeded. Equality is a way of life that many want to achieve, but to an extent. There are some reasons why equality in the United States would qualify as good, but could also qualify as detrimental. Some of the reasons are equal opportunities, treated the same, and same academic levels.

    A positive look for equality for the U.S. is that all people would have the same opportunities. Everyone gets the exact same education to be able to have a job and career when reached a certain age. This also could be a detriment because although all people would have the same opportunity, people who would like to excel in a different subject could not do so. Everyone must be at the same education levels; no one may be treated differently. This shows that although there are some positives for equal opportunities there are also negatives as well.

    Another reason why equality is beneficial is that everyone is treated equally. Nothing would focus or depend on your race looks, and or academic level. But to challenge me Kylee said that academics and looks can’t be masked or held back it is who you are and it is not right to hold it back. Although that may be true, it is also true that it would be a much better and equal way of life if we were all treated equal. You could not be turned down for a job, be bullied for being different. No confrontation being held over your personal characteristics that are good or bad. People of all sorts would be monitored that all were being treated equal. Not treating someone equal would be strongly looked at and could lead to punishments. Everyone treated equally would be a positive to the United States.

    Lastly, another negative caused by equality would be that you would have to be on the same academic level as everyone else. Although it may sound like a positive it would be a negative because you wouldn’t have a mind of your own. Like in the short film “2081” if you thought of something above, below or a negative thought your brain would be muted out by a high-pitched whistle. Almost as if you were a robot, being controlled by “the man”. Also this would be awful for the people that would like to excel in life. Reach you highest potential which may not be everyone else’s and being held back and trapped because of it. This is why everyone equally being on the same academic level would be a detrimental effect of equality in the U.S.

    Equality is a goal that may never be reached because it is impossible to reach. People would be treated equally which is beneficial, but would also be held back and trapped which is a detriment. It is a quality all people wish they could have but cannot succeed at. Overall equality for the United States would qualify for both parties for these reasons and examples.

  95. Winston Burkhardt says:

    Equality, a state in which everything and everyone are identical causing no distinction between anything and any being. This statement is impossible and unrealistic therefore we should eliminate this wanted fantasy from our thoughts and ways of life. We are all born unique and different varying in talent. It is the way God made us. We must accept it and use our differences to further improve our country and eventually the world. So, the idea of equality is not hard it’s impossible to achieve no matter how hard we strive. I strongly believe life in the United States would not be perfect if all were equal.

    What is the benefit to having an equal society? It seems that I can find more negatives than positives. Equality eliminates creativity and a person’s right to think for themself. If the United States had a completely equal society it would remind me of the short film 2081. 2081 is a film showing a possible future United States. The film shows what true equality would be like. The society it portrays is disturbing as it illustrates the loss of true meaning the people have. The thought of creating a society in which all are clones of one another is a joke. With such a society how would the United States reach out to achieve greatness if all of us cannot think outside of the box? The greatest people are those that take the biggest risks. It is those risk takers that create diversity and are capable of making a non-perfect but flourishing society.

    While reading many other people’s essays, one stood out to me. In my opinion, Christian Chavez clearly and correctly states that it is impossible to create equality due to the fact that human nature is part of the equation. We as humans are naturally selfish and self-fulfilled. We want what is best for us no matter the cost even the cost of equality. Equality forces us to receive the same as everyone else which would not be accepted by many. The need for dominance over one another is too great for anyone to suppress. This eliminates the idea of equality. A perfect example from the short film 2081 is the idea of putting weights on the strong to make them like the weak. This symbolizes our minds, when we let equality weigh down on our thoughts equality makes them too heavy to bear.

    In our class discussions we talked about many people’s ideas on how to create the perfect society. Many gave suggestions of creating a society in which everyone has the same features such as hair color, clothes jobs, pay, and taxes. Many good suggestions were given but all of them were very far fetched and not realistic. These ideas would indeed create an equal place but the thing is that this would not work in the United States. America has been labeled the place of change and opportunity. We have been given the opportunity to strive for good and accomplish our greatest dreams. The sky has no limits. This is why I firmly believe that bringing true equality into the U.S. would not create a perfect society.

    We are all blessed to live in the country that we do, full of change and opportunity. It would be impossible to ever achieve equality in such a diverse country. Many people view equality as meaning fair what it really means is taking peoples ideas and differences and ignoring them for who they are as an individual. I strongly believe that equality would not make the United States a perfect place. In fact it would further corrupt our government and create utter chaos. Equality is meant to benefit us but the thing is “equality is impossible to obtain”.

  96. Corey Fluke says:

    Equality is one of the main reasons why the United States was formed. But to say that every single thing in a society must be equal is just complete nonsense. I do believe that humans should be equal in a sense that everyone has the same opportunities as others, but not in a sense where people must look the same, dress the same, act the same, etc.
    I believe life in the United States would be terribly hard to sustain if perfect equality was reached. IF perfect equality was reached, does that mean anyone could walk into Oval Office and request a seat on congress? How far could we go with equality? If everyone was equal you would not be able to hold certain “mental” thoughts about other people. Also, how would it be fair to the people living on the East Coast, that have to deal with cold weather during the winter, compared to the West Coast that might have to deal with a minor chill?
    Disregarding all the flaws that “equality” has come to be, I do believe human beings should be equal, TO AN EXTENT. As stated above it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to achieve perfect equality, the closest I could see equality literally getting to would be very far from what is shown in the film shown in English class, “2081”. I do not understand how that film was displaying equality, the government (unequal) was controlling almost all of the citizens and it didn’t seem like they were given the choice to leave (unequal). The husband was not allowed to take off his equipment that looked like it was blocking his “intelligent” thoughts (unequal), the ballerina’s were also not able to take off their masks for fear it would cause an unequal disturbance, (unequal). As you see, even in a film that was completely fiction they were still unable to produce an equal society.
    The closest I believe equality could ever be achieved in the United States would closely resemble of what we have now. Removing racial factors would also be a key factor in true equality, because without racial tensions you remove some of the inequality that was occurring due to racial beliefs, stereotypes, etc. Another key factor to achieving equality would be removing religion, although some people may see this as very harsh, I believe it to be almost necessary to achieving perfected equality, due to the fact that many people associate religion with being “superior” to one another.
    In conclusion, I see equality as being almost unreachable, in a sense that even a fictional movie was unable to perfect equality, as stated by Tyler Bransfield, ” equality is by far the worst idea to make life perfect in the United States of America” I strongly believe this as true as the United States is probably as equal as it is ever going to be, with so many things separating us (as well as connecting us) it is a very difficult thing to say whether equality will ever be achieved. If it is somehow achieved, will it be achieved successfully? And for how long?

  97. Deja Rasch says:

    By nature people are wicked and greedy, once we get a taste of something we like we want more, for example power, or money. Money can turn a person into a selfish beast a specific example can even be taken from Sponge bob. Mr Krabs a restaurant owner will do anything for a penny, even tackle some one to the ground for it. Equality would be a difficult goal to reach in this society of greed.
    Even if the United States reached total equality what then? What happens after that? That seems to be our eternal goal, to reach total equality. If we did then to me that would mean no more poverty or racism but everyone equal in each others eyes. It would seem silly to make intelligent people wear headgear to make them think less or the athletically fit ones to wear weights to slow them down or even beautiful people wear masks like in the video of 2081. Every one has their strong and weak points so to take away a persons strong point would make every one weak because they don’t have anything that they are god at anymore its been handicap from them because every one needs to be “equal”. Even those people with mental disabilities for everyone to be equal it would physically be impossible because people who have certain disabilities cant walk or talk.
    Take a look at celebrities (presidents, actors, singers, brand name businessmen) , normal people aren’t very equal compared to them. But without them we wouldn’t have any large businesses, no Starbucks or Apple products or even sources of entertainment such as movies because it wouldn’t make them equal, they would have more money than every one else or more power or fame. Today’s society is so fixed on getting more or being better than someone else. Equality would seem to make things easier but in my opinion it would cause disaster. Without suffering there would be no compassion no need to help others so we would all fend for ourselves because we wouldn’t need anyone to help us at all. No one would need to donate money to anywhere else because no one would need it. But everyone earning the same wage would be unfair because in society there will always be people who really want to succeed in life and those who are just going through the motions and not really trying, but they get the same thing as the people who are really trying and putting in the right amount of effort. For example a person in class studying extremely hard for a test and doing all the homework and a lazy person who wont do any homework and doesn’t study for the test, they both take the test but the teacher decides to give a average at a C and the A worthy student ends up with a C and the F worthy student gets the C for not doing a darn thing. It doesn’t seem fair to the student who worked really hard.
    I agree with Tyler B when he said “Equality is a very risky thing for a society, especially the United States, and a policy of enforcing equality would likely have more negative effects than beneficial ones.” because honestly who is going to enforce that everyone needs to wear their handicaps because people rebel and not every person is going to keep it on, it just won’t happen. Equality is just a dream people have that will never be reached in our society today

  98. Olivia Dela Cruz says:

    In an era of economical unrest and heavy tension between the government and the governed, the word “equality” is tossed around as some sort of catch-all buzzword. Though it sounds appealing and just to rid the world of barriers and grant every man, woman and child the exact same rights, in practice the procedure falls short. The United States would not be perfect if “everyone was equal” simply because absolute equality is intangible. To be more precise, equality has no universally accepted interpretation, nor is it ever going to satisfy every last person, and specifically to the United States, the complete transition to it would be nearly impossible.

    Equality is in the eye of the beholder—it can be interpreted and implemented in countless different ways. Since “equality” is such a broad, unspecific word when referring to a government, there is no real indicator of where equality ends and diversity begins. For example, in the short film 2081, equality was defined by physical ability, as well as mental capacity and a wide variety of both birth-given and practice-earned talents. However, these gifted peoples’ abilities were stamped out for the sake of fairness and equality via crippling burdens disguised as handicaps. The government of 2081 was so bent on keeping everyone on the same page that teams of armed men (and presumably other secret services) were dedicated to regulating handicap use by force. Other people have interpreted nationwide equality ideologically and economically, and I am sure many others can provide even more interpretations. There are simply too many variables involved for equality to become anything more than a theoretical fantasy.

    Another defining flaw in the “equality for all” argument is that equality is not set in stone. All it takes is one person to be dissatisfied with the way they are treated, and the government has to rush in and solve the problem. But since the United States is so highly populated, probability of these accounts will skyrocket. People will start to abuse the government for their own personal benefit, as it is human nature to do so. Even attempting to keep everyone happy would require a very strong government presence, which would inevitably begin to resemble a dictatorship. After all, if a nation is based on everything staying a certain way, the government will be forced to stamp out any chance of that changing.

    Even if some political genius somehow hatched a plan to avoid a dictatorship or radical reforms, the United States would have difficulties making a transition from current ways of life to the new “Utopian” society. As Lauren mentioned, tensions between different ethnicities and ostracism against people of a certain sex, gender identity, religion and/or sexuality is very apparent in the United States. The tension would not just disappear, even as generations pass. Diminishing it is possible, but with such drastic social clashes, ideological equality would be far out of reach. Wealthy people would be dissatisfied as well. Why should a man that spent years of his life inventing innovative technology that saves lives share the same salary and benefits as a drug addict who dropped out of high school at age sixteen?

    Universal equality sounds wonderful in theory but, especially in an American society cannot be achieved. The government would be scrambling relentlessly to contain everything and keep its citizens equal, and potentially end up oppressing them. Reluctant people would become angry, band together and wreak havoc on the nation. And what comes after that, anarchy? None of that would be worth a shot at something as impossible as absolute equality.

  99. Andrew Nyznyk says:

    Equality is an unreachable and in some ways undesireable goal. When you have all the diversity that the world presents and try to censor it by any means necessary then you end up taking away any individuality that presents itself. Equality is a mind state, because unless you are the victim you don’t question whether or not the actions you are about to take are going to have a negative effect on the person on the receiving end. people are naturally ambitious and when you think about true equality there is a somewhat sinister lining to it because without knowing the your full mental and physical capacity, how will you persue the goals you have set for yourself when you are made to be equal to everyone else.

    In a world where everyone is as good looking, intelligent, athletic, and well of as each other, there is no sense of one’s self because everyone is an “alpha plus” or a “gamma minus” if you will. If you have everyone in the world competing towards a common interest (for instance college) then you know that you are the exact same as everyone else and hence forth have the exact same qualifacations as everyone else. When everyone else is you mental and physical equal than what is the point of bettering yourself for the already gaurenteed future of, in this case, higher education.

    In a world where everyone is as good looking, intelligent, athletic, and well of as each other, there is an absence of ambition. When everyone around you has the same emotional drive as you there is a stalemate with you and your colleague or co worker. If there is the opportunity of a raise in the workplace how is the boss going to determine who is fit for a raise when everyone is the same. What is the point of becoming a doctor or a lawyer when all of the people in the world earn the same benifets and have the same ailments. What is the point of persuing any goal that you have set before yourself when it will end in the same outcome if you just did nothing!

    Human adaptation, and genetic variation. This is the final nail in the coffin for an equal state in the true sense of the word. It is also the topic discussed in the short film “2081″. How would you keep everyone equal? The scene where the ballerina dances un inhibited and the base player provides wonderful background is a key example why we should not have physical and mental equality. The power to grow and develop in interests that one finds suits them is what makes America and countries like it great!

    A world where everyone is as good looking, intelligent, athletic, and well of as each other would never exist. The thought of this distopian socioty becoming a reality is as distant as pluto at the height of its solar cycle. Equality is an idea, and it will stay an idea because of human nature and our naturally ambitious lifestyle and mindset.

  100. Janile Dabbous says:

    Equality is not impossible, but it’s not as simple as some people may think. Plus not everyone has the same opinion about equality. Yes equality means everyone is equal, but what does that include? Is everyone equal in taxes, pay, and in government? If everyone was exactly the same, and couldn’t be above average in anything, there would be no room for improvement. In my opinion equality means that everyone has the same starting point in their lives, like a race. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to learn and improve. Life in the United States would be better if everyone was equal.
    People should have the same opportunities as each other. You shouldn’t have to bring people down to your level to be equal like how the government in 2081 made it seem. In 2081 “handicapped” people were smarter, stronger and more beautiful. It’s not fair to those people who have so much more potential than others. Just because you’re stronger or smarter than someone doesn’t mean you’re better. That’s why everyone needs an opportunity to improve and become a better person. Mostly everyone who has watched 2081 have said that they wouldn’t want to live in a place like that. People should be able to choose what they want to pursue. People want to be able to say ‘I’m one of the best workers they have.’ Could they still say that if everyone was equal like in 2081? That is not equality.
    In our world today equality is a very difficult subject. Of course everyone wants equality for each other, but there will always be a few people who are better at one thing than someone else. There will always be people who don’t agree with the idea of communism. Even in our English class, there were different ideas of equality. I agree with Ryan when he said the military in WWII is the purest form of equality, because even though not everyone was equal in job ranking, everyone had a job that each person respected.
    Religion and race also play a big part in the ideas of communism. Stereotypes have ruined the way we look at people today. For example, when people see Arabs with hijabs and long beards they automatically think they’re terrorists, and they treat them different because of their religion, the way they look, and what they wear. On planes they check some individuals suitcases if they look suspicious. How is that fair? Before we can make the United States a place where everyone is equal, we have to get rid of these stereotypes. Unfortunately that may never happen. If, by some miracle, that we would get rid of all the stereotypes and make everyone equal in the United States, it would be a perfect place to live.
    Basically, equality could only be reached with the effort and hard work of the people. Once people could agree and compromise with each other is when they finally understand the true meaning of equality. Everyone has a unique finger print that no one else in the world has, equality shouldn’t prevent those people from exceling in life, it should do the opposite and help them be the best they can be. No one is the same, but everyone is equal.

  101. Justin Baird says:

    This type of equality would be immpossible to acheve because if everyone was made equal like in the film “1802” people would still have equal amounts of opprotunities but we dont necceserily need to act the same because like my grandpa once told me if everyone was equal in intrests and life the would would be a boring place people would have nothing to argue about and then there would be no way to communicate with others.

    On this sense peolpe are made inequal for a reason and that is because not everyone wants to be equal like i dont want to learn how to do algebra because in my carrer choice i would never need it unless i was a chemist or somthing witch is not going to happen .take school for instance if instead of every student having to do mandatory classes let them choose want they want to take and wat there geaered twowd taking.

    A way of acheving true equality would be to remove all tensions between religion i belive that if there wasnt a separation between the church and the state that we would have more rounded laws based on the morals of the bible witch is the most equality driven book ever written. and then we could possibly eliminate most crime and racial tensions witch is also acrime and then there would be a safer place for every kid to grow up in like pre civil war everyone knew everybody

    Just like people did in the french , russian , chinese revolutionswere all geared tword equality but they all failed and ended up with a dictator to tell them whatto do and when to do it.. evenm the american revolution was driven tword equality ” a governm,ent run by the peiople for the people ” it dosent get any more equal; than that another way to achevie equalitywould be to take machines out of the picture and go back to stone ages dont hear any rocks complaining about inequality.

    Another way would be to live like the amish live off the land and for the land were te only job people have are to harvest and work like if they were on afarm that way the people would never even figure out that they are better at somthings than others . like 1802 achiveng the same thing but if you were to try to acheve equality by that means all you would be doing is starting a revolution. with this i say that equality will never be acheved so if everyone live day by day noone woiuld have to worry about it like if you looked at the big picture instead look at the little one.

  102. Felicia Paredes says:

    Some degree of equality can be achieved, but never to the point where it lasts for the rest of their lifetimes. Equality can be either good or bad depending on how it is used such as when everyone gets the same pay or everyone gets equal rights. In saying this Equality would not be a good idea even in the United States, but would be great if you only took it to a human level. As seen in the short film 2081, in the rise and fall of communism, and the opinions of other students, equality can either be a utopia for some but an abyss for others.
    In the short film of 2081, the ones with natural talent were handicapped. So in general the beautiful wore masks to cover their beauty, the intelligent wore ear pieces that cut off their thoughts whenever they thought of something, and the strong wore weights to hold them down. This was to make everyone “equal” in a sense. Though a man had gotten loose and showed everyone that true beauty was and what beautiful music sounded like. Human can’t have restraints on them, they need freedom to grow. In this view ,equality was taken to the extreme. The “different” were viewed horribly and held down, in a sense they were killing off the people.
    Communists have also tried to give equality to all. The only communist government that had ever lasted the longest was in Russia. In China, they did achieve a step stool for equality but in the end ended in defeat. They went in to a great famine that killed many in this quest for equality. Some may say that it couldn’t happen to the US but there is always the possibility of it happening. You never know what the people will do when equality for all is established.
    In a paragraph that Carolina Canosa ,wrote she states that “the people with money would not agree mainly because they would not want to lose the good life they have paying low taxes.” It is true in a truly equal society everyone pays the same tax ,gets the same wages, and the same opportunities. What ever a human gets ,that they like , they will not let go of it. It’s like what Crystal Cardiel wrote in one of her paragraphs “we become like a child clinging onto their favorite toy unable to let go”.
    In the end of it all humans cannot really achieve the highest level of equality. It would be a nice place if everyone in America was “equal” but on the contrary it wouldn’t be so nice. I wouldn’t like it to be 2081. This equality may be the future or it could just be an exaggerated illusion. Equality would not be a good idea even in the United States, but would be great if you only took it to a humanly levels.

  103. O'cean Brown says:

    Life in the United States of America would be terrible if everybody was equal. If everyone was equal, then nobody would be able to show off their talents, we would also be forced out of our opinions on everything, another thing that would be horrible is there would be a major lack in things technologically, etc. If everyone was equal things would take longer, everything would be harder, and everyone would be burdened down because of other peoples faults.

    If everybody in the United States of America was equal, we would not be able to showcase our talents. This means that we would not have amazing athletes, amazing artists, amazing actors, etc. The list goes on forever. Without the people in the world that are the best at what they do, we do not continue to grow as a species. For example, in 2081 the orchestra was horrible all together, because they were only as good as their worst player. But when their best cello player got to play alone as well as he could, the music sounded amazing and it left everyone in awe. In class we were talking about how some people may be fantastic at one thing, and substandard at another, the system we currently use allows for people to showcase what they’re good at, and in most cases not have to do the things that they are not so great at.

    With everyone equal, nobody would be able to state any opinions. Everybody would be forced to contain their thoughts on the matter, because nobody could be wrong. A good example of somebody being forced to not think, or get a wave of thoughts considered “smart” taken away from them is during the short movie 2081 when the man watching TV has the headset on. This headset was supposed to block him from getting smart thoughts. Without being able to share your opinions with other people, or debate over things and come out victorious, a lot of decisions would not be made. People would be forced to hide their emotions, and that always turns out bad.

    Everybody equal means that nobody can surpass anyone, which means nobody could make new inventions to better the world. We would be limited to whatever we had when this whole equality government started. Nothing in the world would ever get any better, this fact alone is enough to prove how wrong total equality is. Almost no idea in the world is good enough to stop the growth of a country.

    Jesse Conchas said “being a fair country and an equal one are two completely different ideas.” I agree with this, you can be fair and do what is right, have good people in your country, etc. Or on the flip side, you could force everyone to be equal and not let anybody show any sense of individuality, let nobody highlight their greatness. If everybody was equal, life would be horrendous. The United States of America now is a good example of being fair, yet not completely equal.

  104. Sage Fazzone says:

    Everyone wants to believe that equality to all is reachable but in reality it is very hard to achieve to almost impossible. Equality to many is simply everyone has the same right, clothing, everything and no one ranks above the rest. That no matter what you believe in or the color of your skin you have the same rights as EVERYONE! That leaves room for error because not everyone will want to be equal. There will always be that one person who wants to revolt against it all. But would the United States be perfect if everyone was equal and the answer is simply no. It is no because in every society there is one person who revolts, no one would stand out, and no one to lead us if we are all equal. Those three points will show why the U.S.A would not be perfect if we were all equal.
    If we were all the same and equal we would all look the same, dress the same and act the same. Like in the movie “2081” when the people who were beautiful had to hide behind a mask so they would be equal. The ballerinas who could dance really well had to have weights so they would be considered “equal” to those who were not so good. A part in the movie that really stood out to me was every time the father had a thought and it would make a buzzing sound and the wife would always go “That sounded like a gunshot. That one was a doozy.” Every time the husband had a thought that was considered “over the average” he was practically shocked in the ear with the “handicap” attached to him and everyone else who was very smart. It definitely was not equal or even fair to those who were smart to have to get punished for smart thought and carry heavy machinery all day while the considered “unaverage” people had nothing to really worry about. In the end everyone who wanted to be creative, smart, and invent new things couldn’t because everyone has to be equal and nothing more or less.
    In James Carling’s blog he mentioned in revolutions people have promised equality but never achieved it and if no one has ever achieved it why promise it? The fact is that equality has never been achieved because there is always that one person who wants to revolt against what is being promised. There are many examples of that happening in movies, books, and even in history. In the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” Captain Jack Sparrow was mutinied against and thrown off his ship. I mentioned this because his first mate wanted to be above Jack and revolt against him so he can be the leader/captain of the Blackpearl (the ship). Also along with the movies in “2081” the prisoner revolts and tells every one of his “equal” experiences that weren’t so equal. Going Into the history matter I think of what happened in China with the Qing Dynasty when it was overthrown because a more powerful government wanted to come into power and create equality. In a book called “Hidden Mickey” by Nancy Rodrigues there is two friends who throughout the book try to overpower the other to become the leader so he can get the treasure that Walt Disney left. The list goes on but these are just another example of why U.S.A would not be perfect if we were all equal.
    Finally, if we were all equal and no one can be greater, smarter, or more powerful than anyone, who would lead us? Yes maybe we used a leader to get us to equality and as soon as we reached it he would soon have to back down for he is not equal to anyone! Be honest too, when you get a little power, whether it be babysitting to being a boss, it’s hard not to go overboard at first and it would be difficult to hand over your power. People could go crazy with the power and would eventually not want to have equality even if achieved. That is, to me, one of the biggest flaws when countries try to achieve equality. I’ve seen power control happen to my brother and me when my mom gives us both a little more privileges and power in the house.
    All in all, my main point in that America would not be perfect if we achieved equality. There would need to be a leader, someone would not agree and want to revolt and no one would stand out. We may believe that equality is very easy to reach but it’s actually untouchable in any country and even in small towns. Why do you think that no other country has gotten a gold medal for Equality? We, as the USA, watched and read about equality and how it’s impossible to reach but yet we still talk as if we have it, which we don’t, and as if we can touch the cloud of equality. Don’t you think since we have seen it go downhill and fail so many times in history we should not try it ourselves?

  105. Domenica Stoll says:

    The definition of equality: “the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability” ( Obviously it is important for individuals to feel “equal” with one another. However, this desire for equality does not pertain to the dictionary definition. Besides the fact that life can and will never be perfect, and also that true equality can never be achieved, life would not be “perfect” if everyone were “equal.” The conception of a perfect, equal society can be proven to be erroneous through the true meaning of equality, the individual’s illusion of equality, and the fact that theoretically if communism was achieved (though it can never be), life would still prove to be imperfect.

    True equality cannot be achieved. I disagree with Sarah Scheinert’s statement that “When it comes to an equal society, we wouldn’t know where to truly begin.” There is no place to begin since equality cannot be reached. No matter how hard governments may try, people will never be equal. According to the dictionary definition, to be equal there needs to be correspondence in quantity. People weigh different amounts and some people are missing arms, legs, eyesight, hearing, etc. To be equal everyone would need to be built the same (i.e. clones). Also, no one is ever the same degree in society. People constantly judge others and even in a theoretical communist society, there would still be different standings in a business. Obviously, referring to value, everyone has different assets to offer. Doctors have more value than janitors since they save people’s lives, even though the latter are still needed in a society. There are many different ranks and everyone cannot fill the same one. Also, the abilities of individuals differ. No one person is the same. Some people are great at being news’ reporters and others, like the stuttering man in the short film, 2081, are not cut out for the job, but hold the ability to do something else. Overall, true equality can never be reached because everyone was born an individual. Even if the government tried to take away people’s individual characteristics such as in 2081, everyone still would not be equal because of previous points mentioned and also the fact that the government would be controlling society thus making them superior as Ian Beamer mentioned. If everyone were to be equal, they would all be clones of one person and have the exact same job, thoughts, etc. Luckily, we are humans and can think for ourselves. Besides equality of the individual, political and economic equality can also never be achieved. As Tyler Bransfield stated, “Politically, total equality is anarchy, and economic equality cannot occur without a government as nature will revert business to primitive capitalism and destroy equality…” If true equality cannot be reached and people are happy to be individuals and not clones, then why does the word “equality” still appeal to people?

    People have a misconception of equality. They think of it in terms of matters which straggle from the true meaning. They want a society where they have the right to voice their own opinion and get fair treatment from the government. They want equal rights and equal opportunities, but they do not want equality. An individual may strive to be one of the top medical students graduating from a university. They enjoy the self-accomplishment and self-worth that they experience. Another may become a famous painter. They, too, will appreciate the compliments and recognition they receive. It all comes down to the idea that everyone wants to be an individual. Everyone wants to be good at something and succeed. Everyone wants to be special. Everyone wants to stand out. Life would not be “perfect” if people weren’t recognized as special. Life would not be “perfect” if people had to bottle up their talents. People would not be happy if they couldn’t be individuals. The true attraction of “equality” comes from the desire for each individual to receive a chance to become someone great. For poor people to have the opportunity to attend college… For someone to have the ability to start from nothing and end up
    being a billionaire…

    Communism seems to have a negative connotation to most, but theoretically it sounds fair and almost “perfect,” except for the aspect of the individual. In a communist society, everyone is supposed to be “equal.” Already, it has been established that this is impossible. Ignoring the fact that neither true equality nor a perfect life can ever be achieved, the theory of communism seems to provide people with opportunities. The poor can be scientists, engineers, etc. The rich have to work like everyone else and lose the fortune that their family collected. Perfect for everyone? Not exactly. No one receives recognition for their work or extra pay for the stress or strenuous tasks they must perform. Competition and motivation are lost along with self-worth. There seems to be no point to aim for greatness. Life is imperfect. People are unhappy.

    True equality will never be achieved and life will never be perfect. Sadness will result from “equality” being forced upon people. The achievement of the misconception of “equality” causes much happiness in an individual and is arguably the most “perfect” life will ever prove to be.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=what%20is%20a%20legislative%20veto|utmcct=/browse/strong&__utmv=-&__utmk=15340982

  106. Malia Garibay says:

    Equality, a elusive goal sought after by many attained by none .If you were to look up the word equality you would find something along the lines of “balanced or the same ” but in my opinion equality is giving everyone the same opportunities what they do with those opportunities is up to them . I think equality is never achieved because everyone has there own definition of what the word truly means, and you cant acquire something you don’t understand. Arguments about equality normally appear when discussing , government ,living standards and our intellectual and athletic capabilities

    A major part of equality comes down to the government. Many would argue that to truly have equality everyone must pay the same taxes i don’t agree with this because everyone makes a different wage and the taxes they pay should be heavily affected by the salary they receive. If you tax everybody the same. The people that get a larger salary will walk away with a great amount of money while the people who don’t earn as much will be struggling to get by. another aspect of the government that is debatable is if everyone should be able to vote , i think that not everyone should have a say in the government because if you gave everyone the right to vote you would have 12 year old who knows so little about the government deciding the fate of the country. if it was up to me everyone that voted would need the proper education to vote, i know this doesn’t seem fair but i think when it comes to something as important as the government the need to be fair is buried .

    the living standard is also a very touchy subject when it comes to equality. I believe that the living standards should not be the same because some people work very hard to pay for there houses and it would not be fair for them to have to live in the same house as someone who doesn’t work at all , it would be degrading to the people who spent a lifetime saving up for a home to be living in the same house as someone who has never lifted a finger or earned a cent . But then there are also the people who have done nothing to earn the glorious mansions that they live in, but those are extreme cases which for some reason is the example people most use when arguing for equality . A good example of this is even seen within our own class some of live in very large houses and some of us live in tiny houses where the family has to all share a room , but would be fair if they gave us all a medium size house and we all to live in it ? sure it sounds great to the ones who have a lower wage , but to the ones that busted there butt in college just to get where they are today it would be complete disaster . Especially since we were all enrolled in to school as kids and we were all given the same opportunities that got us where we are today.

    if everyone was forced to be the same when it came to intellectual and athletic capabilities we would never have the Einsteins or the Micheal Jackson of our generation . Its like the movie 2081 all the people with extraordinary talents where deprived of those talents completely, like the beautiful people had to wear masks and the great dancers had weights to hold them back, the intelligent people had to wear mind blockers like we discussed in class if that was to really happen we would never even know what true beauty is and we wouldn’t have all the great inventions that we have today . i think that we are all born different for a reason because we all have special talents or something we excel at more than others

    those are a few of the reasons i think that equality is unattainable, because everyone has something special they bring to the table and you take that away from them, society will be starved of something beautiful i hope that one day we can find some type of government that can please everyone but for now that is nothing more that a dream

  107. Megan Peek says:

    In The United states, our form of government is a democracy, which means everyone has a say is our government. We are allowed to vote for our own government officials, and we all have our own right as citizens of America. China is a communist country, which means everyone is equal when it comes to wealth. They all get the same paycheck, it doesn’t matter what job they have, and the previous leader chooses their next one. So where does equality stand in these countries? What happens if equality gets taken one step further?
    Equality, is it perfection or disastrous? Although the meaning behind equality seems simplistic, the reality is quite the opposite. No one can truly achieve perfection, just as no one can truly achieve equality. You may think you know what is approaching us, but no one truly has the power to truly know. If you think about equality what do you see? Some see an anarchy, a land of chaos with no one in charge because we are all “equal”. Others may see a monarchy, we all live under one set of rules from one set of people. We will all be equal, right?
    In the short movie, “2081” exceptionally excelling citizens in the U.S. have handicaps, strong people have weights to hold them down, smart people have devices in their ears that make a high pitched sound over a certain amount of time, and the beautiful people are forced to wear masks so they don’t distract others. Harrison, the fugitive that refuses to wear his handicaps, is one of the strongest athletes and one of the most intelligent. He is forced to wear some of the heaviest weights and most distracting mental handicaps. If they take the handicaps off, they are persecuted by the government; therefore, the government, above all, is superior.
    Equality is unrealistic; but we all want to believe it is achievable. Even our founding fathers believed everyone was created equal. Some excel in one area, and that is not because we are all the same. Equality sounds flawless at first, nonetheless unifying at heart. If we were all the same no one would be unique, special, or most importantly, themselves. Those who rebel and show their true colors will be treated with cruelty and insensitivity. Who’s to say what it means to rebel but one man in charge? How is that equality?
    As previously phrased, we all have differences. Some are taller, smarter, richer, fitter, or stronger, so we can’t be made the same. There are many words that describe equality, but has the word impossible crossed your mind? Equality can be a myth. Equality can be hope. Equality can be a downfall.

  108. Kalin Moore says:

    Will it take us all blinded before we become color blind to each other? Unfortunately we humans use our eyes to categorize each other. Here in the US, we humans see each other on different levels, and can never achieve true equality. People discuss, fight, argue, protest, and write about equality trying to be achieved, but in reality is impossible to achieve. There will always be someone lurking in the shadows of equality, waiting to rise among the crowd to take power and control of society. The US government is a democracy where everyone votes and has a voice, but lately our voices have shrunken to a drop of water. From the protesters marching through our streets demanding change in the government, to the lower class workers who cry out for their voices to be heard. Equality is a problem that runs through our government, citizens, and race.

    The government stands on the pedestal above the rest of us. Our government consists of three branches of power, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. First is the Executive where the President holds the power above all. Second is the Legislative which consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate who passes the laws. Then you have the Judicial branch which consists of the Supreme Court who defends our Constitution and rights. As I told you before, the President is always head of the government and us as citizens. When we think of government, we think of a building or group of fancy dressed people who are on a pedestal above us, not equal. The government has never been equal, even though the Constitution states “that all men are created equal” we have never been created equal (note it does not say women). In the short film directed by Chandler Tuttle, 2081 visions the US as “finally equal” where the beautiful wear masks, strong wear weights, and the intelligent wear ear phones that interrupt their train of thought. Even here the government controls everyone with devices called “handicaps”, blinding citizens to cover their plans, and breaking families apart. Even though in the movie, everyone is supposedly “finally equal”, the government was secretly behind the scenes manipulating everyone, and pulling the strings that controlled people. The government blinds us to the fact that equality is impossible to achieve.

    Everyone is unique in their own special way, but does not mean equal. We as people make up the 99% of the US, and the other 1% is the rich. In one of our class discussions about Occupy Wall Street, we discussed that it is obvious no one is equal. The 1% of rich seem to get richer, while we as the 99% struggle to maintain our house, food, and life’s. We will never see each other as equals, even though we say we are. Someone will always be smarter, faster, stronger, richer, taller, louder, and more successful than you. Even between boys and girls, men and women, where men are supposedly “dominant” to women, where I say women should take the lead and not let the guys always become the main event (then again that is just my opinion). We have never been equal to one another, nor treated equally, and paid equally. The Chinese during the Revolution was ruled as a Communism, working on equal terms, but if you look deeper, Mao Zedong was the Chairman in charge of the Chinese, making sure everyone worked. Jeff Longo made a point about both the Russian and Chinese Revolution and how each rise with a dictator in the end like all other revolutions. We as citizens of many generations are blinded to the fact that we talk about being equal, but in reality are never.

    We are like a giant pot full of many different types of cultures. People of many different types of race are not equal to one another. Take a white person and an African- American person, do we think equal even to this day? Some would say yes they are equal, some would still say no because one is a different color than the other. Ok, lets take an Asian person and a White person, who is smarter? Some would say the Asian because some people say “All Asians are smart”, but let me tell you that is not true, others say the white is smarter, but in reality smart is not something that is natually given when you are born. It should not matter what race or background you come from, what should matter is who you are as a person, but it still does not mean we are equal because equality is impossible. We are blinded to equality between different races.

    We catorgize each other making us unequal. Though movies, history, and people, we find that equality is an impossible goal to achieve. Everyone is not equal, but is different in their own way making us unqiue indivisuals capable of doing extrodinary achievements in our life. Only blind could we possibly become equal. But will always have someone lurking in the shadows of equality.

  109. Sandra Jeffery says:

    Everyone is their own individual in this world. In the United Stated, equality would not work in making our nation perfect because each person has something unique about themselves, such as their own talents, and skills, and if everyone were equal then there would not be a quality in a person that is different. Another reason why equality could not be perfected is because people are always competing with one another to be greater and thriving to make new ideas. Also if everyone were equal, then we would not have soldiers to protect us from other countries. So no, life in the United States would not be perfect if everyone were equal.

    One reason why equality would not be perfect in life in the United States is because each person has something that is different about themselves. If we lived in a world where we were equal and could not use our talents and skills to the extreme, then our world would not be as interesting and it could get plain. In the movie 2081, for example, everyone was equal. Some people were forced to wear handicaps so they were not more athletic than someone else, some had to wear a head piece so no one was smarter than another person, and some people had to wear a mask to cover their face so they were not more attractive then someone else. This then led to a revolt by one man who was imprisoned for not wanting to live in an equal society. He was very smart and athletic but could not use his talents and was forced to wear the heaviest handicap equipment. In a society there is always going to be at least one person who will not want follow what the majority of people are doing, especially if everyone is equal in that society. If society was equal in every way then people would get upset because they are not able to show off their talents and skills.

    A second reason that equality would not work is because people are competitive and are always looking for a way to make an idea better. As Harnoor said, people are competitive and if we had equality, then there would not be such a thing as competition. Competition is what keeps people thriving to do better at what they do and be the best, but if everyone were equal, then people would be doing the same thing, at the same level. Also, with competition can come new ideas about things. Honestly, a world can never really be perfect because there is always something that can be changed. This would mean that equality would just be something that is not in our reach. Without new ideas, our world would just be plain and boring.

    Finally, equality would not work in the United States because, as said in a class discussion, if everyone was equal, then how could this country be protected, with strong soldiers, from other countries? If everyone were equal, especially in their athletic ability and strength, then the only way there could be strong soldiers to protect the country is if everyone were very strong, but not everyone is equal in strength and athletics. Each person is born with different strengths and athletic abilities and if we lived in a world of equality, the people would not be strong enough to fight for the country, unless they were allowed to take off the handicaps that made them equal in strength and athletics. If that happens, and they were allowed to take off the handicaps, then they would no longer be equal to the other people in the country.

    To conclude this argument about life in the United States and if it would be perfect if everyone were equal, the answer to that is no. Life in the United States would not be perfect, it would probably be worse. Each person has a unique quality about them and if everyone were equal, then those qualities could not be shown to their best ability. People are always competing with one another and new ideas are always being made to a nation. Also, if everyone were equal, then we could not protect ourselves from other countries who do not live a life of equality. No one lives a perfect life, which is okay because nothing is perfect. Perfection can never truly be achieved, just like equality can never be achieved in a nation.

  110. Megan Kearney says:

    If the face of equality were the ruler of the world, today’s style of living would change right in front of our eyes. Living under the United States Constitution, each human being has their natural rights. Still under this constitution people are not equal. Equality is the state of everyone being equal in his or her rights and status. Life in the United States would not be perfect if everyone were equal. If everyone would receive the same opportunities, an equal voice in government and pay the same taxes individuals or groups of individuals will seek more power and money and will fight back over equality.

    With current opportunities such as education, the majority of people have the right to receive a formal education. If the world were under equality every person would have the means and right to attend any school of their choice. When more than one intelligent mind makes a contribution toward ideas and development the result is positive. Unfortunately, though some people naturally have more intelligence than others and desire to express that freely and not be held to an average level. In the movie 2081, the government used technology to restrict the “smarter” people from sharing their intelligence with the outside world.

    In today’s society, The Declaration of Independence protects the citizens’ rights of speech. As with almost everything there is always an exception, for example in history we learned about when people spoke out against the Kaiser they were punished. This was because their comment was taken as a threat and so their right to freedom of speech was not permitted. There would always have to be the exception to the right of freedom of speech. In this case there will never be a time when everyone can say and comment on what ever they choose. People will always feel like they do not have the right to express their opinion with an equal voice in government.

    In the news today we here about the Wall Street protest. The protesters are gathering on the streets and chanting and holding up signs opposing the idea that the middle class pays more taxes than the rich that take advantage of the money they have. As Talia Aharon-Ezer pointed out, “The United States would not be able to maintain the idea of an equal society such as communism because, there are tons of people that want to be on top and have more power.” Many people want more power and do not want to pay more taxes so they can control everyone. Also, when more than one person attempts to take control conflicts will arise.

    Overall, the United States has people that will interrupt equality. With the same opportunities, an equal voice in government and the paying of the same taxes people will want to take power and control. Living under the current constitution the citizens are under the best form of government not equality. The United States would not be a perfect society under equality.

  111. Jesa Bryant-Simental says:

    What is Greatness if everyone is equal? Thomas Jefferson once wrote in the United States constitution “All men a created equal.” When Jefferson wrote this I believe he was speaking in terms of religion. If I were religious, I would agree that everyone should be equal under the eyes of God regardless of your race or social class. Considering “God” isn’t a physical being nor does he have any say in government laws or regulations I feel it’s fair for me to say that equality would impossible to achieve .
    I say this with a full understanding that idea of equality has been contemplated, talked about, and even attempted but never fully achieved. I would have to say that equality does mean that hat everyone receives the same opportunities and maybe even the same paychecks because like we saw in 2081 even if you have no skill at a certain occupation you were still allowed to “try” and that was accepted. In a communist society everyone is considered equal which means everyone gets the same paycheck, same food and same means of living in which case if everything is equal, everyone should be allowed to have equal voices in government. As far as I’m concerned it’s all very mediocre.
    Then again like in the move 2081 the government seemed to have full control of everyone and no one really had a say they were just forced to lead the lives they were told. No one is truly equal my nature some of us are just better at certain things that others are maybe not so good at. As we saw in 2081 a society that was intended to be a utopia was quickly turned in to a dystopia without much knowledge. I strongly believe everyone deserves to shine. I’ve always been one to seek out every drop of good in people. Society just has to learn to come to grips with the fact that some people are just going to be better. The great thing about it is that just because someone is good at one thing doesn’t mean you can’t totally own at something else.
    Like Jeff Longo said I his blog “Equality is a far sought after, but unfeasible goal” Everyone has this amazing idea of equality and under the eyes of got we might be. However, theory and religion are one thing but life is so much bigger and in life equality could never be achieved because with equality there would be no success and with success comes greatness and without greatness there would be nothing to strive for thus ending the need to live any life to its fullest killing all hopes dreams, and desires.

  112. Saad Fakhouri says:

    Equality for all, is most likely the best idea, man could think of. But that’s the problem, it’s just an idea. Equality will never be achieved, we humans are full of diversity, some more intelligent than others, some better looking, some stronger. If this idea of equality for all man kind was reached, it wouldn’t be completely equal for everyone. If someone were to wear a bag over their head, because they were too beautiful beyond the governments average standard of beauty, everyone else would still know they are beautiful. Equality, if achieved, would be something that would ruin mankind. It would bring social apocalypse; because of the natural strive of the human race to be better than one another. We will always have that one person that will always strive to be the over achiever, or to be the person that shows of his skill in whatever he is good at. The earth contains the dominant species of humans. Within ourselves we have our own competition in education, sports, careers, strength; we basically compete in every division of life. Rebellion would break out within our country, but they would take it to the extent of killing everyone there for making everyone equal.
    No matter what we did to make anyone equal, we would still know who is stronger, who is weak, who is beautiful, or who is ugly. There is nothing we could do that won’t show who’s stronger, more beautiful, or whoever isn’t equal compared to the Governments standard of “perfect”. I would think that if the Government tried to put “handicaps” like they did in the movie 2081 people would show their strength with the handicaps on. They would think that because they have them on, and they could do a certain thing that shows strength, they would still be stronger. Doing something like putting handicaps on the citizens of America, would just kill their spirits. It would bring a gloomy, depressing feel to America.
    Each person in the world has some sort of strive to be better than someone in one thing or another. We all want to have that higher test score, G.P.A, or muscle mass, or whatever it is. We all want to have the feeling of “being better than someone”. It’s the natural competition we have within ourselves to be the best. We all want to be remembered for something, preferably remembered for being the best. If I ever was forced to have handicaps I would train to be my best, with them on me. But basically what the government would do to try to bring equality, is kill diversity. That is what makes us different. That is what differentiates us. Our personality would never leave us, they can not change that.
    Where we live, on earth, is where we are the dominant species. Where we are the superior, most intelligent species on the planet, we strive and make this planet what it is. If the government were to try to suppress our abilities of being intelligent, of being great, then what would we have? We would then have stopped the inventions, and everything that keeps this country changing. We are basically making, the people that will make a difference in this country, stupid. We are enslaving the mind that made this country what it is today.
    Equality is just an idea, and idea that would most likely never be achieved. We humans are to diverse and too unique to even consider being equal. Something so serious couldn’t be something to even consider. The thought of equality is too much for someone to make that decision. We can’t stop ourselves from being the people we could’ve been. There’s endless possibilities of things we could amount too. We could invent something that could change man kind! “When you have all the diversity that the world presents and try to censor it by any means necessary then you end up taking away any individuality that presents itself.” This is the sentence of Andrew Nyznyk that I completely agree with. In every aspect, this sentence is correct to me. Everyone is unique and different, we are not copies. We have our own look, our own personality, our own way of confronting an obstacle. We are too good to become copies.

  113. Tyhler Kohn Gallardo says:

    “All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die”, wise words from Bob Dylan. This quote really explains about how some americans think about equality. People want equality but we know its just not going to happen the way think. I completley disagree about equality and that fact that its the “right choice of government”. It just would not make sence for everybody to be “perfect” because then our lives would end up like the way it did in the clip 2081, the discussion we had in world history, and how the media represents “normal”.
    In the clip 2081, equality is shown by a system of handicapping people because of their incredible abilities that some people do not share. For example, the man in the clip, Henry, is considered “despicable” and it kept in chains and machines because he is “too” smart and just “too” strong. We may think, well whats wrong with that? But the 2081 government did not think he was normal so they decided to lock him up for years until he escaped to show people he wasnt crazy. Everbody is born with an amazing trait, if everyone was normal people wouldnt be recognized for their abilities. In the world of 2012 the word equality may not be the same as 2081 but if we lived like they did nobody would be happy and we would all be trapped.
    In world history we learned that when everybdoy gets the same amount of candy and after being traded that people who got less or more arent as happy when the outcome isnt what the expected. We started off with two pieces of candy and the object of the game was to play rock, paper, scissors and then whoever won would receive a piece of candy. At the end we came together and some students had 14 pieces and some had 0 pieces, Mrs. Houlahan came around and took all the candy away and then gave each person two pieces. This is how our class was introduced to equality. This choice caused the “upper class candy keepers” to become angry because they were loosing candy because of their hard work, while the “lower class candy keepers” were jaunty because they were gaining candy. With equality not everybody was getting their way causing irratation. So in the candy experiment it showed that equality is not a choice to alot and wouldnt be favored by many.
    Another example of unfair equality is the way the media works. Hailey Winfield states: “Media (sometimes social) in mordern days can serve as a form of propaganda”. When she states “propaganda” it makes me think of WWI and how the government was putting up posters motivating people to draft themselves into war. The point was for young men to be motivated into going to war but then it being a completely different circumstance then expected. Its the same thing with the media now. On TV the say that if you drink this you’ll look amazing. On magazines they show fashion and how this should be how people dress. If everybody was skinny and dressed perfectly nobody would be creative and the world would just be boring. The media tries to represent a state of equality by showing people what should be normal instead of saying “hey stand out on the crowd wear what you want”. The media is just another example of unfair and unequal equality. With it were always wanted to be here and without it were just ourselves. Unique.
    By showing examples of 2081, the experiment in history, or the social media we can tell that equality is something that shouldnt nor couldnt be reached. If everyone was equal who knows what would happen. People who have problems would be higher in the chain from normal people. Everybody wants change but theres just some people who like the way things are now. So why change? There will always be people who want power. There will always want people who want more. So the more change, the more conflict that will occur.

  114. Emma Woods says:

    If everyone in America was equal, life would not be perfect. Equality would give society little diversity and would limit people’s freedom to be who they naturally are. Nobody was made to be exactly the same as everyone else. We were made to be individuals who have different talents and strengths. I think that everyone shouldn’t be equal in all aspects of their lives, but have equal rights and opportunities. Equality may be that everyone should get the paycheck they deserve, pay the same percentage in taxes, everyone gets to vote for government decisions, and everyone deserves to be who they are.
    An aspect of equality: pay. This may give everyone the same amount of money to spend how they please, however, people will not be paid for the work they do. Instead, they will be paid whether they do a good job or not. The population may begin to slack on the quality of work they deliver because they all will be paid the same amount. This would impact the lives of the whole population because the products people buy will not be top quality, and people ensure they get the bang for their buck. Inequality for pay would be the way to get people to work hard for their money. When people get the money they work for, they will perform with excellence. Another thing that should not be equalized is tax pay. Taxes should be unique to each person; nobody should pay the exact same amount in taxes. However, everyone should have to pay the same percentage of their income in taxes. That way the poor wouldn’t continue to become poorer, and the rich become richer, but then the rich will be impacted just the same as the poor. This equal inequality would be the fair solution for everyone’s tax pay.
    I think that everyone should get the same opportunities to have their say in the government. Everyone should have the right to vote for changes in the government. Since everyone can’t directly talk to the president and voice their opinions, they give their input by voting, and by choosing where they spend their money, they are voting for who they want to support. When people don’t get an equal say in government, they end up feeling like they are being taxed without representation, and that they are being taken advantage of. This would make people feel out of touch with the government system and unable to change it.
    Being who you are. That makes you unique and feel special right? But what if it was illegal to use your one-of-a-kind talents? You were forced to be shrunk down to the same level as the person who has the least bit of talent in your sharp area. This is what happened to the people in “2081.” Every person who was above average in any area of life, such as beauty, intelligence, strength and so on, had to wear “handicaps” to keep them from creating an inequality. Everyone was the same in every way possible. By doing this, nobody had any freedom to be who they truly are. Being unique is something that everybody has in common. When an entire population is equal, people will be unable to be themselves when they have to be dumbed-down to someone else’s level. This can be seen in “2081” when the single ballerina is pulled out from the crowd and danced with, when the single musician is soloed out, and when the main character breaks away from his “handicaps” and shows what he can do when he is himself. This seems to me like a basic right of living that everyone deserves.
    All in all, equality is something that is better in moderation. I don’t think that everyone should get the same paycheck, and everyone should have to pay the same amount of taxes, get the right to vote, and have the rights to be themselves. When too many aspects of a person’s life is equal to everyone else’s, you rob them of their ability to be unique.

  115. Evelin Velazquez says:

    For countless years humans have tried to attain equality because they believe that equality equals perfection when in reality it’s nothing of the sort. The definition of equality can mean completely different things depending on the people. For example when I personally think of equality I think of everyone being exactly the same. Same personality, same facial features, same skin color, same job, same pay and so on. While others might think that equality means being equal in status or in opportunities. The definition of equality its-self is unstable as well as any country that tries to achieve equality would be.
    Equality clearly proves to be anything but perfect when it comes to everyone getting paid the same amount of money. As Miztli Tinajero said, “Those who worked so hard to become a doctor, nurse, or lawyer and spent tons of thousands of dollars to get a bachelor degree and masters degrees have to earn the same amount of money as a factory worker or fast food cashier? That would not be fair at all.” If people were living in a country where everyone was equal everyone would be getting the same pay which is unjust since many people might work harder then others and other might work less then others but in the end it wouldn’t matter since they would have to follow the governments rules and receive the same pay as everyone else with out complaint. Not only would that be unjust but it can provoke the people in that society to stop trying because no matter how hard they work they will still be getting the exact same pay as someone who is barley putting any effort into their work at all. Since people will feel unmotivated to put their complete effort into their jobs society will be affected negatively by this since one of those unmotivated people might be a factory worker who makes low quality products that are being sold to the rest of the people or maybe one of the unmotivated people might be a doctor who treats your wounds but doesn’t bother to tell you, you have cancer since that would cause more work for him and won’t benefit him at all because even though he would have to commit hour long surgery and see you repeatedly to treat you for the illness he would still be getting the same amount of money as everyone else even though he is clearly working harder then others.
    Another issue that equality would stir would be the unchangeable differences between people. People all around the world come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and posses different mentalities. To be truly equal wouldn’t everyone have to look the same and have the same mentality and the same personality as well as have the same level of education? We could possibly do the same thing as the people in the movie 2081 did and put physical and mental restraints on people to make them equal to the other people who don’t posses the same gifts as the others but the whole idea of living in a society where people who have certain gifts in some areas be it math, beauty, or athleticism and having those gifts ripped from them so everyone will be equal just seems to be plane wrong.
    The ultimate reason equality would not work is because of human nature. It is in human’s nature to be greedy, jealousies, and posses the desire to be better then everyone else so equality couldn’t possibly be accomplished in a society. One great example would be Russia. Right after world war one communism began to become very popular and Russia was one of the first countries to convert into communist. Hope rose within the Russian people of finally having a better life since everyone would be equal but that hope soon died. The Russian government was supposed to only make sure that the people of Russia were following the communist rules but they became corrupt with power and the communism turned out to be more of a dictatorship towards the end. Thus emphasizing how difficult it was to accomplish equality.
    Equality is just a dream similar to the American dream. It seems to be possible and at arms length but it really is just a dream, unattainable. If the United States were to ever enforce equality I believe that instead of achieving perfection it would achieve injustice and cause more problems then we already have. I believe the closest any country will come to equality is by having a democracy and making sure that everyone at least has equality in status, rights, and opportunities and yet we have difficulties with simply accomplishing that.

  116. Paige Schouten says:

    In the United States today we live in a democratic society, where we are have a voice in the government and have privileges to vote. The democracy was created to benefit the people’s thoughts and ideas. This type of government tries to satisfy all of its citizens by letting them vote for their representatives, for awhile now this has been a successful way of governing in the United States since we the citizens have been pleased and nobody has been planning to rebel, but if our government decided to change everyone’s lifestyle to be all equal everyone would rebel and be unhappy with no incentives or recognition in a society. Equality would never be achievable in the United States due to the people’s aggressive, competitive and ambitious personalities.

    A society where everyone to be equal is just an unrealistic fantasy , people have too much ambition in them to just sit and and be forced feed thoughts that the government prefer them to think about. As we talked about in class , about communism societies and how they never have been truly a success with the people, its the same thing as everyone be equal. People don’t like to listen and be told what to think,they are too curious to want to believe what they are suppose to.

    As human beings we are genetically designed to be aggressive and completive with each other , this is why i believe people created activities called sports to try and release all the bottled up emotions and energy into a sport and walk off the playing field relaxed and rejuvenated. Also to work in a team with and around other people, every person should learn how to work with others and communicate if not they will never succeed in life. Which includes why an all equal society would not work because how would you limit the amount of talent one person has in different subjects and activities, none is born exactly the same with the same personality and the same thoughts. Everyone has their weakness and strengths and to be recognized people will always want to show them off.

    I enjoyed watching the movie 2081 because I never thought as the future to be from that perspective. I imagined we would have hoverer crafts and jets packs flying to school and still running smoothy in a democratic society . But in 2081 they showed us how the government probably wants us to act ,and how easy it would be for them the brainwash and take everything away from us. In 2081 they didn’t show how they got to the equality government they just showed the after effect, but I bet that the government promised all the people unrealistic changes for their cooperation but never saw the positive actions just the corruption of their lives.

    As David Astorga mentions in his paragraph that as a society we will always need a leader to make the main and final decisions for us, if not we would have an undecisive country and never get anything accomplished. A leader is the one essential component we need a society, to call all the shoots and be supported by the people. Having a leader makes everything easier on a country because when you have an important person in charge then it is easier to succeed in and with your country.

    As equality or communism looks really good on paper will never be successful with any government. Government officials I’m sure would love to be in control of everyone and everything but that is just unrealistic due to the huge influence the people’s ideas have on the country. Committing to a democracy government would be the smartest decision overall the equality because democracy tries to give the people what they want.

  117. Christine Willis says:

    Is equality really possible? Equality is where everyone would be the same. There wouldn’t be people who are stronger or smarter then others. Everyone would get paid the same amount of money, and get equal opportunities to succeed. In other words communism. While communism is a nice idea that is all it is, because it would never work.
    As mentioned in the class discussion communism kills ambition. If someone who works at McDonalds got paid the same amount as a doctor or a lawyer, then why wouldn’t you just take the easy job and work at McDonalds? There might be some people who actually really like their job, and would continue to do it regardless of how much they were getting paid. But, there are also people who are only working at their job because they need the money. Those people might end up taking easier jobs, and there might be less doctors, lawyers, and therapists. Right now, if you go to college you have a better chance of getting a job you like and making more money then if you don’t go to college. But if everyone would be paid the same amount of money, then there would be no reason to go to college, or even finish high school.
    Equality means that everyone is equal and everyone has the same amount of power. But, that is not going to work because there has to be some people who have more power then others. In the movie “2081”, the stronger people have to weights to make them weaker, and the smarter people have to wear ear pieces to dumb them down. That way everyone would be equal. But even then they had police officers. Those police officers have more power then the ordinary people do. Also, there has to be people in the government who have more power then others. Everyone can’t have a equal say in the government, that is just not going to work.
    I agree with Kylee when she said that some people are just born smarter or prettier then others. To make those people equal to others you would have to handicap them like in “2081”. But that is just going to make people want to rebel, until eventually you get more of a dictatorship then anything else. Also, if everyone was treated equally then there would be no competition. Its human nature to try to compete and to want to be better at something them everyone else. But if you don’t get rewarded or even recognized, the some people might start to think, what’s the point? And they might just stop trying.
    Equality might work in a very small community. Even then, you might have problems or have people who are greedy or power-hungry. In a larger society it is not possible for everyone to be equal. The reasons I listed above proves that equality is not going to make America perfect.

  118. Alexis Malcolm says:

    Would life in the United States be perfect if everyone were equal? For few this may be true, however for most this would be far from true. Although the ideal of equality sounds perfect it is not possible. When equality is defined it is described as uniformity; agreement in quantity; likeness in bulk, rank, value, properties, etc.; equality in rights. Equality is unattainable because genetically it is not possible, there will be those people who fight against the ideal of equality, and human nature will always get in the way.

    Thomas Jefferson tried to implement a tone of equality when he wrote “All men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence. As Jesse Cochas said “in writing it sounds nice but it is not possible.” Genetically people cannot be exactly the same. There will always be people who are more athletic, more intelligent, or naturally better at something than others. In 2081 the ballet dancers wore weights to hold them down, so all dancers were at the same level. For the dancers who were less talented it was beneficial; however the ballerinas who were restrained would see the weights as unfair. Fairness, impartiality, justice, and equivalency are all synonyms for equality. While in the society 2081 they may have had equivalency but they did not have fairness.

    Those who were more athletic like the son in 2081 saw that he was being held down and he saw the government’s attempt as unjust and acted out. With the film’s sudden ending it left the viewer wanting answers to questions. Those answers change depending on the opinions of the viewer. For the United States to really reach equality what would it take? As many of my classmates would agree a society that was completely equal would offer the same opportunities to everyone. This includes money, land, and ability. Today our nation’s leader Barack Obama is still passionate about equality for our society. “With patient and firm determination, I am going to press on for jobs. I am going to press on for equality” (Barack Obama). Was our leader thinking about how large the United States is? Susy Vasquez brought up a brilliant point of scaling. She said “a class might work but an entire nation would not work.”

    One of the biggest reasons that equality is not possible is due human nature. Human nature is to be completive; meaning that everything that we do is done with the goal to beat someone else or to simply be the best. Today in America we have a society that is built off of competition. While the idea of equality seems like a pleasant dream how realistic is it really? Like Miztli Tinaejo pointed out the cease of “horrible habits of competition” will not last. It is simply human nature to fight to make the most money or to be the most popular. People want to be the best. Power will always drive someone to hold control over everyone else. As long as someone is fighting for more power than others there will never be equality.

    As the author of Animal Farm George Orwell writes a novella about a farm where the animals overthrow the oppressive farmer and construct a society based on the founding principle “All animals are created equal.” With very similar ideals as those that were present in a revolution the novella follows the cycles of the “revolutionary wheel” ending yet another dictator. Orwell once said, “No advance in wealth, or softening manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.’’ On the impossible chance that the United States was in fact perfect due to equality it can be concluded that equality is only a lofty ideal that will always be beyond our reach.

  119. Kate N'Guetta says:

    Equality is the state in which everything is equal. Yes that may sound nice at times to live in a country where everyone is equal, but is that what we really want? There’s a big difference between being equal and being the same. Our differences are what makes us all unique. Not everyone wants to be the same and have the same things. We all have our own abilities and interests. We should all have equal opportunities to reach our fullest potential and not be held back by others. But we should also be free to set our own priorities about what we want to achieve and how we spend our time and live our lives.

    There are some things that should be equal. For example do we all deserve the same pay? Yes, men and women deserve to earn the same pay if they’re both doing the same job and both working equally as hard. But I don’t think that people who have two completely different jobs should have the same salary. Why should someone who’s risking their life every day make the same amount of money as someone who works at a fast food restaurant? It just doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, socially we should all have the same opportunities so we can all reach the goals we set out for ourselves. For instance the opportunity to get a good education. Economically, I think that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. But that doesn’t mean the amount will be the same, because not everyone makes the same amount of money per year. Politically, all citizens should have an equal voice and the right to vote, no matter what sex, or race or how wealthy or poor they are. And everyone should have equal marital rights no matter what sex they are.

    However, if you give everyone the same opportunities does that mean they have the same abilities to start with? No it doesn’t. People aren’t born with the same intelligence and athletic ability and interests. So we all are going to want to naturally do the things we excel in, instead of getting held back by others. For instance in the movie 2081, the people in charge tried to control other people’s thoughts and physical abilities and looks, and this made them miserable. Some people enjoy working harder than others and like participating in manual labor. But other people would rather do jobs that involve their mental ability. Some people like science, others like mathematics and arts. Some people like to work hard to make more money. Other people would rather work less and have more free time. Consequently everybody’s standard of living is going to be different no matter what.

    So should it be our society’s goal to have everyone equal? Not if that means trying to make everyone the same. Because that can never be achieved, just look at the Chinese and Russian revolutions. They tried to make people wear the same things, believe the same things, live together in the same places and have assigned jobs, and it didn’t work. In the end, you can’t mold people. Everyone is born to be their own individual person. Having everyone the same would be a nightmare, not a dream. Everyone would be replica or a clone of what society wanted us to be. I would hate that. I think most people would go crazy trying to make themselves into something they are not.

    With all that said would life be perfect in the United States if everyone were equal? No because people are naturally different and there is no way we will ever all be the same. It’s natural instinct for some people to want to be on top and even to take advantage of others. In my opinion equality means trying to give people equal opportunities and help make up for people’s weak points and stop people from taking advantage of them. But no matter what we would always have a hierarchy and in the end things wouldn’t be totally equal. So I agree with Carly Camarillo that equality will never be achieved and it would be a disaster trying to make all things and people equal.

  120. Justin Noell says:

    Life in the United States would be horrible if everyone were completely equal. In order to achieve complete equality the government would have to brain wash everyone to think on the same level and perform on the same level and then we lose our freedom to be ourselves. Equality is important to have in a country because without it people would always despise everyone else for there human qualities but the government has told us to think of everyone equally but the difference between how we are equal now and in a perfectly equal America in 2081 is that we still are free in our minds to believe what we want but the people in 2081 who are really smart have every smart thought blocked out. In order for everyone to be completely equal in America, no one could be more good looking than anyone else, there would have to be a communist government in the sense of no one would have more money than anyone else, and everyone would have to have the same feelings or views towards a subject.

    The United States view towards beautiful people is astonishing. Models magazines, people on T.V. or the internet all look completely perfect which makes the people who see those people want to look the same and have the same styles so then there are people who able to achieve this beauty because they can afford the latest styles or they were born with good looks which then makes other people who aren’t as good looking jealous because they cant afford the latest look which makes people not equal so by making everyone have the same beauty it makes people not able to see people for who they are by what they wear or how they look which takes away peoples freedom to express themselves for there true beauty.

    Another reason why this perfect equality utopia would fail is because everyone would have to have an equal amount of pay to have an equal house, taxes and expenses. The problem with this like in a communism country is that some people have to do harder jobs but it not fair to pay them less so in away being equal makes it not equal. Another problem would be that people would want to do a job that they couldn’t do like the news reporter in 2081 who stuttered you would just have to give him a brownie point for trying but it doesn’t help you get your daily news because it would take to long for him to tell you the news.

    Lastly for everyone to be equal everyone would have to believe the same things and feel the same way about everything so everyone would have to have the same religion, political party, and basically be controlled to how ever the government wants you to think. This would brain wash us and we wouldn’t be able to be free which goes against why we came to America in the first place to break away from a government that controlled our views and to have freedom of religion, press and speech.

    All in all an envisioned perfect U.S. with perfect equality wouldn’t be possible because it would ruin our ability to think for ourselves and some inequality is needed for businesses that strive off of other businesses that fail and people who work harder want credit for the work they put in by being paid a fair amount.

  121. Alessandra Elster says:

    Equality is something that sounds appealing when you think about it at first, but then you go in depth and realize it isn’t possible for the United States to be completely “equal”. Equality has been attempted in the past in the form of Communism; which has failed time and time again. The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal” which isn’t exactly true and also adds to the difficulties of making everyone equal. Also, in the video 2081, which is an exhaggerated idea of equality, it all ended up in chaos.

    In 1848 Karl Marx published his idea called Communism which was a classless society in which everyone had the same paycheck for every job and there was not one leader. I believe that Karl Marx had good intentions with his idea but it failed miserably each time it was attempted. The biggest reason in my opinion is the fact that no matter what job you had; easy or hard you were payed the same amount of money. Who would want to do a difficult job that requires lots of intelligence or a job requiring lots of back-breaking labor and make the same amount of money as someone who does a minimal amount of work in their job? No one. Eventually there would be no one to do the hard jobs such as being a doctor and people would not be well off. Everyone would do the easy jobs leaving no one to do the hard positions.

    The Declaration of Independence says that “all men are created equal”, but in reality I don’t think they are, some people are born handicapped, some to the point that it is impossible to ever live up to anyone born “normal”, some are born more capable than others whether it be in athleticism, intelligence, etc. Some people are born better looking than others which is an advantage also. How is it possible to make every single person equal to one another? There is no way to just make someone dumber/weaker or make someone smarter/stronger to make everybody “average”. There is no real way to even define average. It simply is impossible to make everyone equal.

    In the video 2081, the government attempted to make everybody equal, even though them themselves weren’t equal to the rest of the U.S.. They had the ability to put people in jail and to shoot the man who rebelled. The government put weights on everyone who was strong to make them weak, put masks on everyone beautiful, and headgear that sent loud noise straight into the ears of every intelligent person so that whenever they started to have a smart thought it was diminished . The “average” people didn’t wear anything. When a smart, strong, handsome man rebelled so he could live up to his true potential and prove that people were being restricted, he was shot dead by the government who aren’t even equal themselves. Even though this is an exhaggerated idea of how attempting equality in the U.S. could result in, I think it still proves a point that trying to achieve total equality will never work.

    In the end, it is sad that equality will probably never exist in the real world but over the years no one has yet to find a way to achieve it. Whether from it failing in the form of communism, or from birth, where people are born better and worse than others, or from a video based on the future, as far as we know, equality, just like a Utopia sounds like a phenomenal idea but couldn’t be achieved in the past, cannot be achieved yet, and it may not ever be achieved in the future.

  122. Quinlan Moran says:

    Equality, one of the most fickle and opinionated subjects in the world. Equality comes in many forms, income, ethnicity, opportunity, education, and more. Life as an American, everyone has the right to life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone as an American is given same opportunities at birth but some may chose to take it and some may not. As American’s we also reserve the right to the American Dream, what up rose this country, the opportunity to strive and build your self up to the top. If life in America was perfectly equal, as seen in 2081, it would be un-constitutional and completely wrong.

    In our constitution there is a statement “all men are created equal” our founding fathers did not mean that we were born with social class, they ment we are born equal with no ranking and no predetermined station by birth. That we all have equal rights to rise and fall by our own ambitions, we decided who we become as evidence by our president who rose the ranks through his version of the American dream. The USA was made to create opportunity for all but not equality. We have no pre-determined destination, we are free to pursue our own goals.

    Our country was not designed to create similarities or equalities, it is designed to enhance and celebrate our differences and reward our uniqueness. We are permitted to stand out and stand alone in our talents and desires. We are rewarded or ridiculed for them. The USA was never thought to create anything similar to the short film 2081. Equality would not work in today’s society because people will not be acceptant of being chained down and not being able to stand out. People as beings were not programmed to not strive to be better than others. People would not cooperate with being handicapped to make others equal such as in 2081.

    This thought of perfect equality is not obtainable in society today because people would not be able to function in a perfectly equal society. People cant function without a government, and if everyone was equal then there could be no decision makers or law enforcers because they would be more powerful there for not making them equal. In the Socratic in class someone brought up that pure communism would not be unobtainable because there would be no government and there is too much natural greed on human nature.

    In conclusion, it is not in our nature to enhance the negatives in ourselves. It is not in our nature to strive for less. As human beings we are naturally completive, we are naturally trying for more, for better. In our children we teach them to celebrate their unique talents and there abilities not there weaknesses. If we were all to be equal we would each need to share the same faults, the same strengths, the same. This would not be possible given human nature. Humanity strives for survival of the fittest, not the fattest. Ultimately I do not agree with the idea of a perfectly equal America.

  123. Blake Gurrola says:

    Society is based off the idea that all men are created equal, yet in that very line lays the loophole that our country is truly based off of. All men are “created” equal but they do not remain equal as time goes on. This very premise is what many are saying is unfair in modern society but just the same, total equality is no better. I believe there is a point in the middle where near perfection can be found. When looking at the topic of equality one must recognize the various forms it appears in such as, financial equality, equality of human rights, and equal opportunity.
    Capitalism grants the equal right to succeeding in our country, but not always the opportunity. In the United States a man’s financial well-being is based off of education, an education that our government is slowly depriving kids now and in the future. The economy calls for cutbacks which leads to cuts in areas such as education; also with a poor economy jobs are lost which creates a problem for those who need a steady income. With fewer jobs even the well-educated and hard-working are at a loss, and cannot achieve their goal of sustaining themselves and possibly their family. Equal opportunity needs to be created in this country to allow all people to uphold a line of work and have a source of income for their family. Equal Opportunity should also fall into the category of basic human rights, which many are deprived of.
    When a nation such as the United States, where its democracy and liberty is an example to many countries, is unable to allow all men equal rights society has failed itself. Everyone deserves the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but apparent to most, this is not the case. Most recently was the ban of gay marriage due to Proposition 8, which prohibited same sex marriage in the state of California. A proposition sponsored and paid for by various conservative Christian churches and foundations. This proposition goes against the separation between church and state and equal rights for all men. Equal rights were also taken away in the film 2081. This movie depicts a future with total equality, leading to insane measures such as weighting people down. Equality is having the right to be your own person, to possess both strengths and weaknesses and not be a copy. Everything except for the financial differences are equal.
    Financial differences are a part of being in a capitalist run democracy, and are a perfect example of those who have taken advantage of the capitalistic society. Sadly the large gap dividing the middle and upper and lower classes has grown far enough for the majority of our country to recognize, and now everyone who does not make above 380,000 thousand dollars is considered the 99%. Equality should be given in ways that offer people to have their own source of income and pay the same tax rate as everyone else no matter how much they make. The ability to have a larger income then your counterpart is just a part of society that belongs.
    Equality deserves to be spread across many different areas of society but total equality. The complete individualizing that comes along with total equality is a risk not worth taking especially in the modern world. Equality needs to be set at a standard and not be too little or too much.

  124. Mariah Satnick says:

    Some people are blind, deaf and have ADD, and others are brilliant, beautiful and athletic, so the chances of everyone being equal in that regards is impossible. In the movie, “2081,” the ballet dancers where wearing masks to hide there beauty from the people who are not as fortunate in the looks, and the thought of this life seems practically impossible. Equality is something that everyone wants but that will never happen. If everyone where to be treated equal the world would not spin smoothly. Soon chaos would appear. People need to be treated differently to maintain democracy or else dictators would soon evolve. People are now too power hungry, competitive, and selfish that equality would not stand a chance to these extravagant qualities.
    Throughout history power hungry individuals have demolished the government and even the countries in which they ruled. Considering people took control in a dramatic manner when equality was not present how would strong personality rulers feel when there is no difference between him, a highly educated politician and his neighbor, a high school drop out working at some fast food restaurant. As Kylee said, people do deserve what they work for. If we take Hitler for example, who thrived off of power, how would he cope with equality, but more importantly how would his followers act. It is pretty clear that people need a ruler just as much as a power hungry person needs to be a ruler.
    Life becomes interesting by always trying to be better than your friends, acquaintances and enemies. Competition in life will never end and it all begins at birth. Human nature is to strive to do things better than the last. From two rival teams playing each other in the championship to find out who truly is the best to simple card games like speed. Everyone would always like to be better than the other; the proof of this is in this one word, REMATCH. People cannot be treated equal because it is natural for humans to try to become better than the best.
    “Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people but justify in ourselves, ” stated Stephen Kendrick. Kendrick is explaining how people are selfish, though it is hard to see it in our selves. This justifies that when people commit selfish acts they do not realize which can potentially lead to problems in the future. For example, Queen Marie Antoinette, who had a buying problem putting France in a money issue, did not realize her wrong doing to the people who “looked up to her.” This proving that people are to self-centered for equality.
    Equality is just a dream that will not become reality. People are too power hungry, living in a dog-eat-dog society, and egocentric the chanced of equality are slim to none. The world is full of people who are all so different that to make them all equal would cause more of a struggle then to allow everyone to be different.

  125. Gibson Splies says:

    Equality between two inanimate objects seems quite easy to most people. A chair for example can be recreated as long as you do the exact same process as the original was created, simple right. This is not the case for living creatures. Equality is a magical/golden ideal that many would love to have happen, but it is only possible if we all had no emotion, feelings, thoughts, or dreams. It’s part of nature to not be fair about our physical stature, intelligence, and talents. Equality is unsustainable because for it to work people would have to have the same opinion, have the same talents, and have the same choices.

    In order to make everyone equal, the hardest thing to change is the choices and opinions that we all have as individuals. These are what set us apart from being the same and is how we are able to relate to one another. Ian Hendrick states that in his “perfect” world “…politicians don’t exist, bacon is healthy, unlimited, and doesn’t require the death of animals, Freddie Mercury is still alive, and nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. That’s just a small glimpse…” and to most of us that would be a awful place to live in, but that is his opinion of a “perfect” world. Many idealistic concepts such as perfect, death, and life don’t have specific boundaries for what they mean. To most people death is something to fear and that it should be avoided at all cost, and while it is my opinion to avoid, I would have to disagree with being scared of it, because let’s face, we will all be dead someday. People may have similar opinions like they could agree on many things, but they might disagree on some things and that is how nature allows us all to have our individuality. In order to have equality, the government would have to take that individuality away from every single person, and make everyone have the same opinion on every matter.

    Nature itself is unfair because our genetics constantly change with every person of every generation so that they may survive to produce offspring and continue the survival of their race. In order for us all to be equal, we would all have to stoop to the lowest levels in every category of survival. This is shown in the short film “2081” where beautiful women would wear mask, and strong men would have weights to make them weaker. These talented people are “handicapped” to be equal to everyone else, and that has many downsides to society. These talents further increase the proof of our individuality and that they show who we are. Advances in technology and society would have never happened if great minds like Albert Einstein, or Leonardo Da Vinci. These talents also help us know what we are good at, like in “2081” the studdering reporter was clearly not suited to be a reporter, but he could be very good with photography, or science. Forcing us all to have no talents is completely against nature, because I don’t see nature “handicapping” the wolf pack leader or the elephant with the longest trunk.

    One thing about equality is that it will never be able alter the human nature. Everyone has a choice and that everyone chooses what they do. In class for example when we were all making our own societies with our own laws, one group said that any form of violence is illegal whereas with our group it was a law for everyone to carry a gun. Now one thing about life is that many people don’t realize how many choices they are making “10% of life is what happens to you, 90% of life is how you CHOOSE to look at it”. In a world of equality, everyone would have no choices, because one person choose to buckle down and study every-night, while his friend chooses to neglect his responsibilities and go to parties instead, it would be impossible to make it all equal between these two people afterward. It is also part of nature to choose your own path because, animals agree that the most important thing for them to do is to survive so they can have a mate to breed with and continue the survival of their species.

    As you can now understand, in order for equality to work, all of our natural rights would have to be taken and that is the biggest problem about equality. Everyone will always want more than everyone else, and their will always be those who take advantage of others. Equality is a good idea at first, but when you think about it and all the people you would have to change, it becomes a bad idea. Equality and Fairness are just excuses that people use to get others to pull themselves out of their own hole. I for one believe that equality can be achieved to a certain degree, such as allowing people to get an education, but it’s the just the choices of some to not and to take advantage of life. I think everyone should just face the true fact that “Life isn’t fair”.

  126. Athena De La Cruz says:

    There is a place where everyone is equal. All people may not have been born equally but are created equal by other human beings. The athletic and strong people wear weights to hold them down from doing things others may not. The same with the people who are considered beautiful; they wear masks to cover up there beauty from the world. The smart people wear machinery on their heads to interrupt their intelligent thoughts. This place exists in the minds of the creators of the film 2081, as well as the minds of the audience who had the privelage of watching it. Some may say this is equality, others say this world was created by people who’s vision was corrupted by jealousy. Equality is an extremely difficult subject to wrap one’s mind around but is it impossible? I belive equality is in fact, impossible. Most think life would be perfect in a world where everyone is equal. I disagree. Life is filled with too many gifted and lucky people for humanity to just brush under the carpet as a whole. If we did this, we would be getting rid of the wealth, the power, and the image of the people who make our world what it is today.

    Equality cannot be reached in the field of wealth. If one person decided the amount of money the rest of humanity recieved, where would we be? Who would get to decide and what reason would they give for deciding the amount necessary? It is too difficult to put a price on the needs of everyone around us. Not only would the amount of money have to be decided upon, but also what type of currency would be used? There would be no diversity. What person would have their face shown on the currency? If the US dollar was chosen, it would be as if all the other countries leaders never existed. Their culture and what made them unique would vanish, as well as if a type of currency from another country was used. Our leaders and culture would disappear as well. There would be no such thing as “wealth”, but on the other hand, there would be no such thing as “poverty”. Everyone would be equal. Everyone would have the same privelages and disadvantages. If this was so, who would humanity to for in order to help? We would not strive to help anyone. The thought of being generous would vanish.

    Power. Everyone wants power. Whether it be in politics, the community, even the household. There must always be a leader. There will always be one person who is power hungry. They will want to take charge. It’s in human nature for there to be natural born leaders. What would we do without leaders? Society would fall apart. Decisions would not get made. If decisions were made, they would not be done well. If power was equal, in the government for instance, it would be utter chaos. Government cannot exist without a leader or people of higher stature. There are some people in our society who are not educated or qualified enough to make decisions as big as what our government handles. People may be bias and make decisions under the influence of others. This is why equality is not possible in the form of power. No one would want to listen to people on the same level as them. They would do whatever they pleased without giving a second thought.

    Everyone in society tries to impress others with their image. Movie stars, models, even regular people try to uphold their image by buying new clothes, styling their hair a different way, working out to get that perfect muscle tone. What if everyone looked the same? What if the beautiful people were just pushed off to the side and were forced to wear masks? What if the athletic people were not aloud to do sports or dance? What if people with beutiful voices could no longer sing? There would be nothing left to admire in the world. People who cannot do something are impressed by what others can do. If this was no longer a part of society, we would have nothing to look to when we wanted to expierence something different or unique. The world would be bland. Tasteless. The unique people would be shunned. Equality would not be possible because everyone wants to be amazed once and a while. We would have no ways to express ourselves.

    Everyone wants to have what they cannot have. This is where the idea of equality came from; peoples jealousy. There are always going to be jealous people on this earth no matter what. People will always believe the grass is always greener. The thought of “Oh, if I just had that.” Or “If I just looked like that.” will circulate throughout everyone’s minds for eternity. Equality is impossible to grasp. Not everyone can have what they want all of the time.

  127. Lauren Crawford says:

    Picture this. Picture yourself getting paid the same amount as everyone else. Picture yourself getting the same education as someone else. Picture yourself not having freedom of expression. Picture yourself unable to reach your full potential. Well, that’s exactly how life would be if the United States lived in an equal society. Therefore, I do NOT think that the United States should live in an Equal Society.

    There are so many contributing factors in an equal society that are wrong, but only a few will be addressed in this essay. First Off, having the same wages is a big problem in the US when thinking about having too many children in one family. For example, if your neighbor had 1 child, and you had 5, would you think it to be fair to get paid $6.50/hr? Obviously you should be paid a little more just to get by, but in an equal society, that would be impossible. And maybe, if we were to be all equal, we could only have a certain amount of children. For some people that could be okay, but for others, they would like to enjoy the company of a large family. Also, I agree with Lidia Vences when she mentions that some people work a lot harder than others and they don’t get even a little more than the other person. I agree indefinitely that that is unfair.

    The next fault in the idea of an equal society is that when living in an equal society you have to think the way other people think. For example, in “2081”, the smarter people had to wear devices on their heads which blocked out any intelligent thought. Every time they were about think of an intelligence response, the device on your head would release a loud beeping sound which then makes you unable to think. If the Government disabled the public of having their own ingenious thoughts, then there would be NO progression in society. Society itself would basically be at a standstill. Also, in “2081”, the Government also made the beautiful wear masks and the strong wear weights so that lesser people in society wouldn’t feel inferior. I think this is complete and utter madness. Many people progress in one area or another and if beauty, brains, or muscle is all that that person has going for them; they have nothing.

    One major contributing reason that equality would NOT work is that people wouldn’t be able to express themselves. Coming from an artist soul like myself, I find it extremely important to be able to have Freedom of Expression. Without Freedom of Expression everyone in the world might as well be colorless blobs of flesh. The idea of not being able to have hobbies that represent myself as a whole is just mind-blowing. The image of only sharing the same interests as other people is devastating. Just imagine having the same hobby as everyone else. Every day you would collect stamps or play sports, when all you really wanted to do was paint a picture or take a picture. That is why equality is a bad idea.

    A democracy is all we need in today’s society. Even though the US’s form of a democracy isn’t “Picture Perfect”, we Americans are working on better the government for generations to come. Even though equality sounds fun at first glance the repercussions are devastating. Basically, you have NO freedom. The government decides everything for you. So, all-in-all, equality is not the ideal choice for today’s society.

  128. Melissa Fox says:

    For years, people have always wanted to be equal. But is that even possible? What exactly is perfect? Well this question changes from person to person. Everyone is unique with their own opinion. From this, I believe that the idea of equality can never be reached through the government’s control, Peoples preferences and the idea of justice isn’t blind.
    From history, it’s obvious that the government can’t make everybody in society equal. If they can’t, then who can? And even if they did put monitors on everybody so people are equal, then what is the point of being unique. Aren’t we supposed to live our own lives? In society, there always has to be at least one person to be above all. Without that one person, everything would be chaos. People would be fighting for the bigger power because human nature is greedy. People want all the power that they can get.
    If there are 6,840,507,000 people in the world, how could we make everything equal? But as Grant Speckman says; “Even if equality was reached, it is a human nature to want to be better than your peers, and equality does not let us fulfill this desire.” Peoples’ idea of equality changes from person to person. It all really depends on the class and the life style they live in. I believe the people that do complain about being equal are mostly jealous, or they never can reach the level of skill that some people have. Or maybe they just want the easy way, for it to be given to them. But as humans, we always have the idea of being perfect. Reality, no one is perfect. People can reach many goals on the way of trying to be perfect, but it just can’t happen. So if we were all equal, which person would we be just like? But If we were all the same, we would probably all be zombies, all mind controlled.
    Lastly, the quote from the Declaration of Independence, “All man are created equal”. This goes to the extent that we are all created equal on the inside. On the outside is where we are all are different. We are all created with the same equal rights. But justice is supposed to be blind. We should have the same rights. However, if someone is rich they can hire the best lawyer that many people can not afford. So that means if they did the same crime as a poor person, they don’t get the same justice? So apparently, not all “man are created equal” in the sense of the justice system.
    I don’t get why anyone would want to be perfect. Perfect has no meaning in life, its just too boring. Why would someone want our country to be perfect? Yes there will be flaw, but personally, I like how the USA is governed through a republic. Peoples ideas come together and either make the best out of it, or sometimes even the worse. Equality isn’t always the best answer.
    The pursuit of happiness is our goal, and each one of us is in charge of our own destiny.

  129. Martin Hanson says:

    Equality is, by the highest standard, unachievable. Through reasoning I have surmised that equality, by the basic term and no other defining attributes, is equality on every level, from paycheck to power. But is that something we want? As I see it, equality in all things, even if achievable (which it’s not), should not be society’s ultimate goal. Where as it is a highly important goal that should be sought after in day to day life so as not to subject any individual to bias, but it is understand that the goal is unachievable and should never be achieved.
    Equality is an excellent idea that, in and of itself is an incredible goal that all should long to achieve, however impossible. Equality is, in its deepest sense, ridiculous, a standard set of which no one can even hope of equaling, however society and life, consequentially, can be more evened out. Hannah Reyes states: “Equality is unattainable in human society you can try to make a person the same in every way or society equal in every way but you can’t. Everyone has a unique ability or talent that makes them different.” I, on the other hand, would make the argument that, if everyone has a unique ability that makes them different, then wouldn’t society by effect be equal. If every man, woman and child had an ability that differed from the rest each of those people would have an ability above each other making them all better then each other.
    However, this idea of equality is an unobtainable goal that, though we seek it, it shall never happen. In the short film 2081 each person of higher talent than the others is consequentially disabled in an attempt to level the playing field. This attempt is ultimately unsuccessful, showing that most times that this equality is sought, it is futile. Even if they were to take the alternate attempt to make everyone better, which would also fail, due to the fact that some simply cannot be taught.
    If it were to be achieved, then society would become complacent, and without will. The lack of will would be mostly due to the lack of a goal, and no one striving to morally better themselves. Society would fail, causing anarchy and turmoil. All life as we know it would halt.
    So, as stated throughout my essay, we see the inability to obtain equality, showing that no society would better from it, including the US government and its people. And though we have come to this conclusion, we must never fail to try and reach it.

  130. Dylan Donovan-Smith says:

    Equality is a hard thing to achieve, whether it be financial or social. The soviets tried and failed at equality on all levels but it ended up with the deaths of millions. Equality for all would take away the uniqueness of the individual, the drive that fuels a person and the passion that we all have inside of us. For example, if a brain surgeon makes the same amount of money a garbage man does, what would be the incentive for him to keep working as hard, to keep studying and training? Equality for all takes away competition and the individuality of who we are. Punishing people who are extraordinary by making everyone ordinary is not the solution to man’s problems. The movie 2081 showed us this. The strong were chained, the intellectuals were hampered and the beautiful were forced to cover their faces with a mask because their beauty was deemed offensive. The fact of the matter is, there will always be smart people, there will always be strong people and there will always be beautiful people. Dumbing down humanity to the lowest common denominator will definitely not make everyone feel better and equal. For example, some people prefer History over Math and those people who prefer History, do better in that class. The same can be said for those who prefer Math. To make them equal would waste the talent of those individuals. Every individual has a unique gift and talent at something and forcing them to become less than what they are capable of is a tragedy. It would break the spirit of the individual. In reference to the movie 2081, when the national emergency was broadcast, the news anchor stumbled, stuttered and mumbled through his report. He was not in the right job. He had a stuttering problem and was not qualified to be a good news anchor. The system mandated that he be given an equal opportunity to be a news anchor, even though he was under qualified. We are all unique and talented individuals. We have unique thoughts, ideas and dreams. Nothing can change that. To ignore humans unique abilities, will destroy the spirit and the mind.

  131. Austin Takeda says:

    Look around you, is life right now in this moment equal? Of course not! Everyone at your school, at your sport or at your home is without a doubt unequal to one another. This is not saying that this person is ‘less’ than that person. However, it solidifies the idea that we as people, are not at all of the same caliber. Life in the United States would truly not be perfect if everyone were “equal” because of the lack of self determination, the unattainable ability of individuality and the prosperity of the government.

    Say you grow up, and through middle school, high school and college you decide you want to become more than just that next guy. However, you can not. Everyone around you is born and raised to make and do just as well as you do. Where’s the fun, the excitement, the drive in that?! You are an individual that has the confidence and self determination to be 101% at whatever you do. But, if you are set a boundary above your head as high as everyone else, why work that much harder? In the short film we watched, the ballerinas were handicapped to be just like the other creating no way of being the top dancer or individual. If everyone was equal in the United States, there would be no prosperous individuals and it would never be anywhere near perfect.

    If everyone in the U.S. was equal there would be absolutely no such thing as an individual. Humans are not animals that you can pure breed and make a certain way to do a certain thing. Persons are in fact the opposite. An example is twins. You see these two people that look and seem the same but on the inside they are so different. They fight, have different views and imagine in different ways than the other. It is like people, we can look similar but we all carry a beautifully unique character deep inside all of ourselves. This definitely shows that if everyone in the U.S. was equal there would be no individuality and that would not be perfect.

    Finally, if every one the U.S. was equal life would not be perfect because of the limitings to the government. If we were all equal could we have government officials? If they are equal to us then how or who will make major decisions? I disagree with Winston saying that being equal , “is impossible and unrealistic therefore we should eliminate this wanted fantasy from our thoughts and ways of life.” I strongly support that people be equal in the fact of voting and having a fair say. But, if people are all on the same level no one can become a significant individual.

    To conclude, life in the United States would not be at all perfect if everyone was equal. No one would aspire to be better than the next. There would be no way of being a true individual human being. And finally there would be no balance in powers of giving or taking orders by one another.

  132. James Robinett says:

    Equality in society is not always the same thing, there are many different levels of equality and not many of them are possible to achieve without upsetting anyone. Imagine that you have worked your entire life to become successful and wealthy, also imagine that your wealth will now be distributed to the people who haven’t worked as hard as you have for their money. This is what it would be like to be economically equal with everyone in your society. The short film 2081 demonstrates how equality can be taken to the extreme and ruin life for the people who have to be physically and mentally handicapped. Nevertheless, the majority of people desire to be treated equally by the government.
    Economic equality has been attempted before through Communism. During the communist revolutions of Russia and China, in Russia, the rich were forced to distribute their hard-earned wealth amongst the people of their country. Everyone was economically equal and even received food rations from the government. In China people lived in government run communes and shared food rations and housing. However, these communist societies could not last for long. Both were quickly taken over by disaster. Food quotas in both revolutions forced independent farmers to grow food for the government for the benefit of the people, however this only quickly brought on famine, because the farmers were previously dependent on their crops to feed their families. Now, the farmers had to share rations with their people. Both countries ended with dictators who wanted to destroy potential threats to their new regimes. In Russia, Stalin had the Cheka, which was the Red Secret Police, who eliminated those opposed to the new regime. Millions were either killed or sent to labor camps known as Gulags due to Stalin’s quotas. These attempts at communism and overall equality for all, ended in catastrophe.
    In the short film 2081, people in the United States had decided to enforce physical and mental handicaps on everyone so that everybody was equal in every way. No one was smarter, no one was stronger, and no one was more attractive than the other. The intelligent were made to wear headphones that emitted a loud buzzing noise to stop the wearer from taking advantage of their brain by thinking. The strong were forced to wear weights and the beautiful had to wear masks so no one would feel inferior. In my opinion, this was not a rational way to make everyone equal in every way. The thought that everyone could be equal in every way is an irrational thought to begin with, because humans naturally compete with each other to become the best. One person will always be better at something than another person. People don’t want to be equal in every way, however people do want to be treated equally by the government.
    People want to be treated equally by their own government. The law enforcement should treat everyone equally, however this is not always the case, whether it’s racial profiling or excessive force, many sources of law enforcement can be unfair. I completely agree with Luke Rosales when he wrote “The majority of citizens feel that it is necessary for the government to treat everyone with the same degree of formal punishment. This is one of the only forms of equality that is achievable, but still a tough challenge.” In a society that has to pay taxes to their government, it would be assumed that everyone pays an equal amount to the government. However, with income tax, that is not the case. The extremely wealthy receive tax cuts, because they would end up paying substantially more for their taxes than someone within the middle class would. Although, the extremely wealthy have large amounts of leisure money, and could afford to pay the same percentage of income tax as someone with a lower salary. This would only result in the extremely wealthy having less money for their own leisure. This is the issue that the wall street protestors having been protesting recently within the past months. In my opinion, this is an injustice to equality in the eyes of the government in the United States, because the government treats the wealthy better than the majority of people when it comes to income taxes. The extremely wealthy got to where they are by working hard and achieving their goals and they don’t spend all of their excess money on their own leisure. However, they should not receive special tax breaks, just because they would have to pay a considerably higher amount for their tax. Overall, in the United States we are very close to being treated equally by our government, but it has not been perfected; yet.
    In conclusion, equality is a wonderful idea, although it can not always be achieved easily and with convenience for the general population. To a certain extent, it is possible for people to be close to equal before the government; however, it is impossible for people to be equal in every way. Societies have attempted to be economically equal in the past, but to only end in disaster. Equality is something humans will always try to achieve, although I believe we can never be completely equal and have everyone satisfied at the same time.

  133. Daysi Perez says:

    Equality is impossible to achieve. It would not be a good thing. People thrive in our diversity and with that sort of sameness, how could we function as a society? There is a reason why there are some people who are teachers, others who are doctors and others who are engineers. Everyone is different. The view of equality is different in every eye but everyone is equal under the law.
    If we all looked the same, how would we tell anyone apart? I, for one, would not at all be happier. Many people, such as myself, revel in our uniqueness. Not everyone would like to learn or work but the ones that do strive are the ones in the upper-class. How will they feel when everything they have worked for their whole life will no longer matter? It is unfair because everyone works differently. I mean it would be ideal because than we would have no wars and disputes over wages and how the richer should be taxed more. But then every single person would be the same, there wouldn’t be one person that did something different. How would we survive?
    Equality can mean many different things. It can mean earning the same wages as your neighbor, paying the same taxes as everyone else in the state, etc. But was this type of equality really meant to be? Equality is emphasized in The Declaration of Independence but it is equality of everyone being equal under the law. Even, if you were black, white, or a woman. Everyone had the same rights and this is how we should view equal. Every single person was set out to do something different within their life.
    I think that this picture of “everyone being equal” would destroy the society. I would consider all of us being dead if we were all the same and there is no way in a society that we can live with the same human beings as us.

  134. Nick Alexander says:

    Equality: a concept with many different interpretations. Be it everybody having equal opportunity, or the same paycheck, identical physical ability or equal say in government affairs. I believe that equality should be having the same basic rights as everybody else. Rights such as having the means to feed and house your family, and the right to free speech, and so on. If in the United States everyone were equal in this way, it would be a much better place.

    Other types of equality, in my observation often times don’t work. With a communist/socialist equality, however nearly perfect in theory, the reality often fails terribly and is in no way a good way to run a government. The Russian and Chinese communist governments are prime examples of this. With only the best of intentions revolutionaries set out to make a big change in the way their governments were run, overthrowing their old leader and replacing them with a shiny new communist leader. But these new leaders try to force the people into accepting a radically different lifestyle all at once, and this often times leads to famine, government mismanagement, an overworked populace, and an oppressive dictator. Even when a communist style society is implemented in a way that is less set up for failure, no matter how well it is going with time and size the society has a greater and greater likelihood of falling apart. The longer it exists is simple statistics, and the bigger the group is the easier it is for people to justify not working for the greater good of the society, thinking “oh, nobody will notice if I just take a nap right now, there are enough workers out so it won’t make any difference.” So even though a wonderful idea in theory, communism/socialism crumbles in reality.

    The short film “2081” gives another, less orthodox viewpoint on the question of equality. The equality in physical and mental capabilities of all citizens. Not only is this nearly impossible to enforce, and completely impossible to get voters and taxpayers to decide that it is a good idea, as you saw in the film carrying out the universal handicaps required an oppressive government to function. The system of bringing everybody down to the same level is not fair in any way, and only by oppressing the minds of the people will you get everybody to agree to bearing the handicaps. And those who are not effectively oppressed, and will not be put down, can so easily break the spell of the propaganda and police brutality, since freedom is instinctual and as soon as the masses see that they could stand up, by all means they will.

    By having equality in the sense that everybody shares the same basic inalienable rights to articles necessary for survival and a decent standard of living. Rights to transportation, to feed your family, to house and clothe your family, to education, to a fair chance at employment, and similar such rights. These as well as rights against discrimination. This society would need to have room for some to be more successful than others, but the core of this equality is that you should not be more or less successful than others based on factors such as: race, gender, attractiveness, physical ability, or sexual orientation; as well as sanctions against the exploitation of the lower and middle classes. Although extremely difficult in the current climate of the United States for various reasons: our government indecisiveness, long-existing prejudices, corporate greed, et cetera, I do believe this would be the ideal form of equality in a society.

    Since equality is such a complex notion, to achieve “equality” you must first decide what you believe equality should mean and how it should be implemented. Economic, physical, government, all different interpretations of equality with different implementations and different ramifications. Some work only in theory, some work only through oppressive government, some just simply don’t work. My belief is that the ideal “equality” is the equal rights to be successful and wealthy if one so chooses and works at it, but does not have to live any day in fear of being unable to feed or protect his children.

  135. Diego R. says:

    Perfection cannot be achieved, United States can only attempt to get close to perfect. Equality is when each individual are equal in ever form of way. In equal in class structure, pay, mentally, physically, emotionally, and more. Most of these forms of equality we have no control over. Total equality would not be in the best interest for the people of United States for competition, destroying greatness, and our difference.

    Competition gives humans the drive to try harder to beat their opponents. For example, Buena and Ventura High School are rivals. After my JV soccer game against Vhs their coach said “That’s the hardest my team has played all year.” If everyone is equal their would not be any drive because every opponent would be considered equal. If someone or a company tries to hard they will become better then the others. Other times they don’t have to try hard but their just naturally talented. Compared to one who has to try hard to do what that one person with the talent can do. Their all getting paid equally but it is not just for lazy people who don’t care and hard working people. Competition is a natural characteristic to humans. Its in our daily live in education, athletics, companies and their even a midget throwing contest. Total equality is not going to succeed because their is always someone who is going to fight and overcome others.

    Human have are have their own talent. Their are many different talents which not everyone has. If equality is what America want then the people would hide their talents that make them great. In the film 2018 they destroy the greatness and extraordinary in people. They also handicap everyone and control what they see and think. In the Declaration of Independence it states that all man are created equally but also gave us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Controlling everything in your life is not liberty or your pursuit of happiness. For example, the movie The Incredible is about superheros who get sue to not use their powers and them have to be the average Joe. Mr. Incredible was tempted to use his power again. Which helped save the lives in the burning house and the town. When he doesn’t use his greatness a guy gets beat up and mugged in an ally. People will be giving up their talents which could be intelligence. Their could be the next Mr(s). Incredible or Albert Einstein who find many discoveries that would help the human race(technology, medicine, cures). This next generation Albert Einstein could be “the greatest men you have never known”(2081).

    In our class discussion Travis said that we can change genes in people but if everyone was created equal, we would be programed like a Robots. Like in IRobot the movie their is one robot who is created different and he stood up for what he thought was right. In 2018 they had to wear mask and chains to hide their physical appearance. Some are to strong or to fast and others are to beautiful.I agree with Kalin Moore’s blog that “Someone will always be smarter, faster, stronger, richer, taller, louder, and more successful than you.” I would not vote for people to change(program) who I am.

    Total equality is not perfect. Competition would lead to inequality by someone being better then you. Humans’ greatness and talent would be destroyed. We would be programed like robots and and not have the right to pursuit happiness.

  136. brandon says:

    equality is a unachievable goal people in the past has set out to do like the Russian revolution. in the revolution they had stalen and a few other leaders lead them to a victorious over take of the thrown but even they set out for equality they could not achieve it because in order to get equality u have to first dub someone a leader and that will all ready run en equality because u have set someone on top of everyone else and if human nature is like it still is then they will not ever want to get rid of that power they were given by the people who intrusted him with that power

    equality is the fairy tale of witch story’s are told of the reason for this is because in a true equality country every one would be the same law of science of the gene pool would not exist people would be doing the same job, work for the same hours at the same time, live in the same type of house, and look exactly like each other and that is how it is a fair tail because only they can have that kind of life.

    to me equality means to have the same exact stuff, look the same way as everyone, and live just like everyone, but to others it is different and thus my equality way is dispersed and can never be help onto.while others my have a equality that can be caputard and brought to reality but that still will only last for so long like the Russian revolution, and the Chinese revolution and that is why i think equality will never survive past fairy tales

  137. Samantha Bensel says:

    The U.S. would be a shackled paradise of oblivion if everyone were perfectly equal. Equality is only possible in math equations; in a government, it will always be unachievable. Being equal includes a perfect balance, but as we know “perfect” is hardly reachable, if at all. If the U.S. somehow achieved equality in every aspect without flaw, our country would be without new ideas, and nobody is given authority so who is around to enforce the law? Too much of anything is bad and too little of something isn’t good; this idea can be carried over to equality. There are to many faults in being a completely equal county.
    If the United States were to be the perfect utopia of a communist government everything would not be so dandy and sweet. Every country needs its thinkers, doers, slackers, and dreamers. Diversity is a good thing! We are designed to be different to function in this world. In perfect equality nobody would be able to display that they were any better than anybody else. To create perfect equality we would need to erase all ambitions of our people and not allow them to display their thoughts like in the short film, “2081”, were some had to wear ear muffs that punish them violently when they had any smart thoughts. With this we would live in a dull, black and white world were nothing is new. To be completely equal everybody would have to have the same everything, this would shut down the people they wouldn’t want to choice their government any longer.
    Equality means everyone is equal, if everybody were equal how could we enforce the law without being superior? In 2081 there were people enforcing equality and trying to hide things from the people, which separates them from the rest of the society. Equality wouldn’t work unless everybody wanted the same thing, since most of us cannot decide on one president together I doubt this radical form of government would be accepted. I agree with Alessandra Elster when she talks about 2081 and the government having to be superiors “it still proves a point that trying to achieve total equality will never work.”
    Perfect equality is unachievable in the United States and anyplace. It shouldn’t be attempted for it will only lead to disaster. By forcing people to be become equal it will also force them to become “live in the dark”. Their will always be rebellions and the strict government needs enforcers.

  138. Sean Green says:

    I completely disagree. It’s impossible to be completely perfect. It’s also impossible to have a perfect communist society. See a similarity I hope. One tragic way of making everyone equal is to just kill everyone. Unfortunately that’s probably the easiest way, but unnecessary. If people didn’t think about them all the time and they thought more about others and the entirety of their society and what not. We really would not have this problem, it just would not exist.

    In class we aren’t even equal. Mrs. Houlahan is the dictator of our little world. Well, she acts like one.  But if everyone is equal, then everyone knows everything. So then there’s no point for teachers at all, one because the teachers can’t be teaching the younger kids about things, just because they no more. Which wouldn’t be possible because the teachers would be the same as the kids, and so there would be no point for schools. No point for learning or teaching. This basically tears everything down to where people don’t even know their own language. I’m not sure if the readers can actually understand what I’m talking about, but essentially because there can’t be teaching, then there’s obviously no room for learning. And since there’s no room for learning then everyone wouldn’t understand each other and everyone would act like little babies.

    People in 2081 weren’t all that equal either, because the police could come into your house and take away your own child. That’s not equality, nor is it communist, because in a communist society you wouldn’t even have a government or police to take the children away. That’s not fair that just because they have a higher position they can do that. Essentially that almost seems like today’s society. Some politicians just do things because they can, and nobody can really do anything about it. That isn’t equality, that’s just insanity. The smarter people had things that shocked their brain to stop them from thinking. Athletic people had lead plates tied to them, to weigh them down, so they wouldn’t be better than anyone else.

    As Ian Hendrick had said, it’s possible to have equality, but not necessarily a great way. I do have to agree that killing everyone would make them all equal, but that’s also a really sad concept and idea if you really put it into context. One of the seven deadly sins is greed. And that’s what ultimately destroys communism and equality. Envy does as well. In fact it almost seems as if, us, the humans can’t get away from the seven deadly sins. I’m sure that everyone in their lifetime has felt all of the seven deadly sins at one point or another.

    To conclude this little rant of sorts, let’s just go over everything I already talked about. First of all, I talked about how in class rooms there would be no point for learning and teaching, because of everyone being the same. Secondly I talked about how in 2081 people still weren’t treated fairly or equally and last but not least, I talked about how humans can’t get away from the seven deadly sins. All in all, I completely disagree, The United States would not be better if everyone was equal. If it was ever even possible to start.

    • Sean Green says:

      Sorry, I noticed that for some reason this hadn’t showed up the first time, so I just re-posted it. I seem to be having bad experiences with this BLOG thing. 😛

  139. Danny O'Donnell says:

    I disagree, Equality for all is an unreachable task in my opinion. To be completely equal, you would have to look the same, have the same intelligence, and social status. Obviously this is not something that can be easily done. Even if, in some way that was acquired, it is still human nature to be better than one and other we thrive on competition. Equality also means that there is no one ruler, which is also known as Communism. So far all that I’ve learned about communism is that it is an impossible system that fails all the time. I just think everyone being equal is just unnatural and couldnt happen.
    being equal is not human nature. Some people are better than other people at things. Some people arent athletic but they are very intelligent and some people are athletic but not smart and then there are people that have both. Everyone is different so how could we all be equal.
    If everyone is equal that would mean that there are no authority figures or government system to keep people in line. If this total equality happened it wouldnt last long before people went crazy stealing and committing crimes, With no punishment for their actions.
    In conclusion the idea of equality among everyone is unrealistic and would not work. So i disagree the united states would not be perfect with everyone equal. Having everyone equal is a great idea and at first it sounds great but I could not imagine a life were i couldnt do the things im good at because we are forced to be equal with everyone else.

  140. Keldon Schmitt says:

    Would it be fair to call Tigers strength and a Bunnies strength equal? For this same reason equality is, in it’s self is unachievable. People aren’t robots; they are individuals with different beliefs and characteristics. Nobody wants to be limited on the amount of successes they can achieve. Equality will never completely happen but it some cases equality is partially achieved, such as in the United States with its executive branches and democracy.

    Something most of the political leader neglected to think of before pitching the idea of communism was human nature. All humans are naturally selfish, like I said in one of our last Socratics “If you had one thousand dollars that you worked really hard for, would you split it evenly between your peers?” Personally I wouldn’t even split it with my best friend. Luke said something similar in his blog, “But it’s not hard for a person’s mind to become shrouded with the idea of personal benefit.” Frankly I thing it is just about the easiest idea, if not the first idea that comes to a humans mind.

    Who will make executive decisions for our country if everybody is equal? The answer is everybody. Democracy and or any other system of government will have to be cut out, if true equality wants to be achieved. That means everybody in the world would have to agree on something and that is impossible. Equality would mean no superior chain of command, no teachers, no principles, and no bosses. Just like Sean said, “In class we aren’t even equal. Mrs. Houlahan is the dictator of our little world. Well, she acts like one.” He is right, don’t get me wrong Mrs. Houlahan you are a great teacher but Sean has a point. With equality comes trust, and if you can trust sixteen year olds to wake up early every morning and go to school for six hours than you can’t expect equality to work!

    Nick wrote, “With a communist/socialist equality, however nearly perfect in theory, the reality often fails terribly and is in no way a good way to run a government.” This is another point I brought up in a recent Socratic, communism/equality looks amazing on a piece of paper, or in ones mind, but when it is put to the ultimate test as a way of running a government it epically fails. Because nobody wants to be limited, nobody wants to be the same or get paid the same as your neighbor that does nothing all year but sit on his couch and watch T.V.

    The thought of anyone, animal or human, being equal sounds like the beginnings of a joke. I do not consider myself equal to anybody, I know there are humans that will have more success than me, and I know there are humans that will have less success than me. But the question is how is equality measured? Is it by how much money you make, or is it by the grades you got in school. The only way everybody will be equal is if the world stops putting scores on everything, and stops making everything a game.
    (P.S When I said I didn’t consider my self equal top anybody I didn’t mean I was better than everybody, I just meant that everybody is different and everybody is there own individual)

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