Hopes, Fears, and Expectations!

For your very first blog post, I want you to introduce yourself to the rest of the sophomores.  What are some of your hopes, fears, and expectations about your sophomore year?  These can be personal and/or academic.  What, if anything, do you want to change from freshman year?  What is unique about you and how do you want to share this with the rest of the class?


About Mrs. Houlahan

I am a middle school Social Studies teacher who works at School Without Walls at Francis Stevens in Washington, DC.
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155 Responses to Hopes, Fears, and Expectations!

  1. Carolina Canosa says:

    Hi my name is Carolina and I can’t wait to start off the new school year. My hopes for this year are to get at least a 3.5 GPA and learning how to be a better leader. My fears about this year are biology, geometry and world history (No offense Mrs. Houlahan). Something I would like to change from freshman this year would be my organizational skills because I’m not really good at beng organized. A fact that may shock you is that I was born in Santiago, Chile and eight months later I was adopted and brought to the United States when I was a year old. Well that’s all I wanted to share.

  2. Jacob Hadland says:

    I’m Jacob Hadland and I hope not to fail any classes. I hope to make new friends and keep them until the end of my high school career. I fear that I may drop down a grade, but I will bring it back up as soon as possible. I expect to have a nice year and keep old friends I made last year as a freshman. I want to change my old habits of not turning work in, to me turning in all the work I can to make my life and my parents a whole lot easier. One thing unique about me is that I’m called Narwhalman.

  3. Deja Rasch says:

    My name is Deja Rasch, I hope to do well and get a higher GPA than my freshman year. I want to kick my old study habits and make studying number one. I am unique because I do not have one “style” I am willing to try out new things and one day I will be surfing and the next I will be out on my skateboard. I dance, sing, and act as well.

  4. Blake says:

    After Freshman year I was looking forward to another year at Foothill. I hope that sophmore year will be much better than freshman year, I also fear nothing. My classes are fun so far and the teachers are all great. I hope to do better this year and raise my GPA to a new level of amazing. In all seriousness i am hoping that i can improve on all the little things i messed up on last year and make school more enjoyable for myself.

  5. Nick Keefover says:

    I am a sophomore at Foothill Technology High School. My hopes for this year are to make new friends, get a 4.0 GPA, and to just have fun at FTHS. My only fear at Foothill is not doing well in my classes. I expect my sophomore year to involve me working hard in every class, and have fun. The thing I want to change from my Freshman year is to not be so lazy. I did good on the CST’s, but I didn’t get great grades. I need to do better on my Homework and such. There isn’t anything Unique about me that I know of, except the fact that I spend a lot of my time on the computer playing video games, but that isn’t really anything too exciting.

  6. tanner phillips says:

    my name is tanner phillips, this year i wish to improve on my study habits and get good grades. also this year i want to work on my hand writing and spelling quite a bit. my only fears about this year is that i dont want to fall into my old habits and begin to fail classes.

  7. Crystal Cardiel says:

    I hope I’ll pass all my classes and I hope I don’t bomb a final or a test.Other than that I just hope I’ll
    enjoy psychology next year. This year I want to focus more on studying than anything else. I make things of wood and I am a level 3 Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do…but I was almost a Black Belt even though I had to quit because of an injury. Yeah thats all.

  8. Kristina Garcia says:

    Hello I’m Kristina Garcia, I’m also a sophmore. A few of my hopes are to be a successful sophmore, do well and have amazing grades. I fear I might fall behind but I will fight ’til the end. I expect myself to try to do better in English for me it’s my weakness. I expect to do well in honors Geometry. I want to stay the same from Freshman year and always try my best. Nothing special about me I just play my ukulele (uke for short) and always keep my promises. I hope everybody as a wonderful year and that we all become friends. ~simley face~

  9. Celine Lecolley says:

    My name is Celine Lecolley and this is my second year at foothill. Some hopes for my freshman year would be to getter better grades than last year. A fear for this year would have to be going back into my old study habits. My favorite subject that I usually find my self getting good grades in is English. I dance, act and sing. I’ve been dancing since i was 3 years old and I love it. The dance shows that we do every year really give me something to look forward to. Also I really hope to have a career as a singer and actress but If I don’t get into the career before college my dream school that I would love to go to would be Cal Arts.

  10. Austin Ochoa says:

    For freshman year I hope that I can achieve a’s in all of my classes. I know that with a little bit of hard work it will not be a problem for me. I need to do a whole lot more studying and put more emphasis in focusing on homework and homework completion. Something unique about me is that I love baseball, anyone who ever wants to go play don’t be afraid to ask!

  11. Connor McHale says:

    Hey, my name is Connor i moved here in 8th grade. Amd really hope to do better in mathmatics because thats my absolute worst class, math just doesnt click for me. Id also really like to improve my study habits because i will be honest here and say there not great although i do well in my classes. I like trying new things, regular sports i.e. soccor,football,baseball havent ever had much appeal for me but i love Parkour,skateboarding (specifically downhill division and freestyle), and snowboarding. Some things i expect to do would be to meet some new peple i went to Buena last year and can already see im going to like alot of the people here at Foothill.

  12. Dylan Donovan-Smith says:

    Hello my name is Dylan. My main hopes for this year are to simply put, pass all my classes. I’m really hoping to pass my Spanish most of all because I struggled in that one the most last year. I don’t really have any fears of this year, what is there really to be afraid of other than a few minuses? I expect that this will be a great year due to all the awesome people in all my classes. I also expect to pass all of my classes.

  13. Sandra Jeffery says:

    Hello, my name is Sandra and I am a sophomore at Foothill. This year I hope to have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher keep my grades above a C or C- all year. I also hope to keep the friends that are close to me. I fear that my grades will slip at some point this year.Also, I fear that at some point this year I will be overwhelmed with work and homework. I expect myself to not procrastinate at all with any assignment or project this year. I expect to have a good sophomore year. I want to change that fact that i did procrastinate on some things freshman year. Something unique about me is that I love to dance and I’ve been dancing since I was two years old.

  14. Jenni Scott says:

    My name is Jenni and I’m a new sophomore. I hope to focus MUCH more on my studying habits this year and get a 4.0 GPA, my fears would be not being able to get such an amazing GPA, but who knows. I expect to be able to balance my social and school life much better now that im a sophomore. If I could change anything about freshman year it would be coming to Foothill instead of El Camino. Whats unique about me is I’m half-Brazilian so I will have a lot of cultural background to help me in this class.

  15. Thais Hamilton says:

    My name is Thais Hamilton I love history and have a fun time when am hands on. You seem like a really cool teacher, but I must be honset Ms. Adams is a great teacher so I hope you are just as great. Writting is my life and I have million ideas in my head at once. I wear glasses because I near sighted, and I have a peanut alligery. I’m okay at spelling and I have a personallity that will pull people in or push them away.

  16. Samantha Bensel says:

    Hello, my name is Samantha but i prefer to go by just Sam. This year I hope to stay above a 3.5 GPA and my only fear would be not being able to achieve that. I have set higher expectations for myself this year to procrastinate less and put more effort in my work as opposed to my freshman year. What makes me unique is my passion for soccer.

  17. Jordan Markley says:

    Jordan Markley, For sophmore year my biggest goal is to keep up my grades, at least a 3.0.Another thing i hope to improve on is my studying habbits. I hope to focus and keep track of my academics so i can succed in college.The main fear i have is My big inputs of sports interfearing with my school work.Last year i struggled with that and its an even bigger challege coming this year, but hopefully i can keep up.This year i expect for mysef to give double the effort, so hopefully it works out!

  18. Gwendolyn Richey says:

    Why hello there! My name happens to be Gwendolyn Richey but you may call me Gwen if you’d like. My hopes for this year are to be more outgoing and express how I really feel, instead of bottling it all up inside. My fears are to fall in the same patterns as last year, I don’t want to be hooked on a relationship and get my heart broken or to break someone else’s heart. I don’t want to procrastinate anymore, because I’ve learned it gets you no where and it’s just a big waste of time. And instead of creating an argument you know your going to lose, just do what you are told without a fuss. My expectations that I would want my mother to see in me are what I’d like to be able to do, keep my room clean, have all of my chores done, and have all of my homework completed. My freshman year was really stressful from the big transition from being in middle school, to here. I was too afraid to ask for help or admit that I didn’t understand the question or problem I was facing. So this year I’m not going to be afraid anymore, teachers are there to help you succeed and help you move towards your goals in life. Why be afraid to ask them for help? Even they need help sometimes. I’d say everyone is unique in their own little way. I am not someone you would perceive me as, I am an odd little duckling, I’m loud, random and love to meet new people and give them a friendly hug. Because I think everyone deserves a hug every now and then. So don’t be afraid to say hi. I love meeting new faces!

  19. Ciena Newlan says:

    My name is Ciena Newlan, I am a sophomore at Foothill. I hope to focus ALOT more on studying and staying focused. I want to get a 3.0 GPA or higher all year. My fear is how hard the classes will be, but you never know. I expect I will be able to keep all my grades up and stay out of FIRE. If I could change anything from freshman year it would be to pay more attention to school and talk less in class. What is unique about me is I am a very social person so it could help in class projects.

  20. O'cean Brown says:

    My name is O’cean Brown, I play Football and I wrestle for Ventura high-school. I love both of these sports, I used to play basketball and baseball as well. This year at foothill I hope to achieve at least a 3.0 and hopefully a 3.5. My goals in sports are also to set higher expectations for myself and work as hard as I possibly can to be the best I can in school and athletics.

  21. Alan Vargas says:

    Well…Hello, my name is Alan and well i don’t really have much to say. This year i would like to get at least all B’s in my classes and have above a 3.0 GPA. My fears would probably be the same as last year, One of them would be procrastinating on my work,studying and in class!. My expectations about sophomore year are not really that exciting besides having a lot of homework and assignments, just like in any other grade. I don’t really think that I have anything unique about me, besides being able to code and program but then again thats not something unique as people can learn to do it. Well thats all, Have a great year to all of the other sophomores!.

  22. Alessandra Elster says:

    My name is Ali and my hopes for my sophmore year are to get better grades than last year and try for A’s and B’s. I hope to apply myself in class and to doing my homework and studying. Something I wasn’t good at last year. I fear that I will fall back into my bad habits but I’m determined to do well. I expect to be out of FIRE shortly by showing improvement. Something kind of unique about me is that I have been a vegeterian for about four years now.

    • My name is Josh and my hopes and dreams of sophomore year is too get at least a 3.0 GPA and too do better on the CST’s this year. I also hope to keep all of my old friends from last year and to also make a lot more new friends. I also hope to get more involved in my church and do more activities. I would also love to do swimming for Buena! Something that is unique about me is that i have a double jointed shoulder.

  23. Anastasia (Ana) Barnaby says:

    Hey! I am Anastasia but many people call me Ana. In feshman year i got alot of comments on my name, like how it beautiful it was and such. After looking at my freshman year I really want to try and just get all A’s and B’s. Im also looking forward to classes with Mrs. Houlahan….I think I spelled your name right. Anyway I cant wait tell my sophmore year! Everything sounds supper fun! ❤

  24. Ian Beamer says:

    Well hai thar. Mah name is Ian, if you couldn’t read the name at the top of this post, and I, being completely original, want all A’s this year. That’s really about all I have to say.

  25. Quinlan Moran says:

    Hello, my name is Quinlan Moran and my hope for sophomore are to improve my grades from freshman year, and that my science teach is better than last years. I hope that I will be able to maintain a 3.7 GPA throughout the reset of my sophomore year and the rest of my high school career. I hope this year I will become a better note taker and a better student. I do not want to procrastinate and stress out before every test, I want to come to class confident and prepared for every test. I feel all my teachers are very prepared and excited to teach a new year! I am confident that I will reach all my goals and that my teachers will give me a helping hand.

  26. Andrew Green says:

    Hello, I’m Andrew, and I have came to Foothill last year. This may sound a little bit weird, but I am kind-of glad that school is starting again. I was starting to become very bored over the summer. This is my second year here at Foothill, as I have already stated, I want to do as good as, or better accademically, as I was last year. But as good as I did last year, I am still worried about the road ahead. The classes that I have this year seem harder than the ones that I had last year. I expect the classes to seem hard at the begining, but later on in the year, the classes are going to seem a whole lot easier than the do now

  27. Mariah Satnick says:

    Hello I am Mariah Satnick I like picnics at the park and long walks on the beach. I am now a sophomore at Foothill High School and have so many mixed emotions for this coming year! I fear that I will not be able to keep up with all the work, or that I will not understand all of the sophomore year requirements. I aim to be able to have a year with no regrets. I would like to be able to say I tried my best in everything, whether it is a school project or a sports game. I have heard so many wonderful things about all the teachers I have, so yes I have created expectations that I hope all my teachers can live up to. Though, I also have many expectations for myself. I expect myself to keep my grades up because I do not want to be babied like a freshman. Freshman year was fabulous but this year will be even better, I have my head in the game and I am determined to not procrastinate. I am Mariah Satnick, thoughtful, unique, and independent!

  28. Talia Aharon-Ezer says:

    My name is Talia and my hopes for sophmore year are to try and get mostly A’s in all my classes. Something that I did last year was procrastinate a lot and not study enough so I will try to study more and not procrastinate this year. My fear is that I will keep procrastinatinating and putting off things.Something kind of unique about me is that I have a twin that also goes to Foothill.

  29. Erica Zavala says:

    Hi my name is Erica Zavala, I’m so glad that the few days that we have been in school things are going great. I’m finally a sophomore and now that I am I hope to do a lot better this year. Many of my goals are about sports and school and how to balance the two. My hopes for sophomore year are mainly to maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA. My main goal for sports is to improve on my pitching. The only class I really fear is my science class I have never been very interested in science so I tend to daze off in class or procrastinate. My expectations for myself are set high this year, knowing how school has been and how foothill and the teachers are, I know I can do my best if I set my mind to do so. Freshman year was fun, but there was some drama. If I could change some things from freshman year it would probably be the drama and the fact that I got so distracted from everything else because of it. I guess something unique about me is that I play softball and basketball but a little more obsessed with basketball, my favorite teams are the LA Lakers of course, and the Boston Celtics. Another thing might be the fact that my uncle and aunt are around the same age as me, my uncle Tyler is 16 and my aunt Bella is 11, so we are very close because of our ages.

  30. David Astorga says:

    Hello my name is David and my hopes for my sophomore year are to get a 3.0 or higher, increase my study habits and pay attention in class which was something I had a problem doing last year, but my fears are not being able to accomplish my goals and just totally fail epically at everything I attempt to do, but I am sure that will not happen as long as I stay committed with everything I attempt/try to do. I am a very social person and I love to meet new people.I will probably be one of the nicest people you meet:)

  31. Saad Fakhouri says:

    Hello, my name is Saad and i strongly hope that i do really good in school for sophomore year. I want a 4.0 this year i will not settle for anything less. I think that the only thing i fear is that i fall into the same horrible study habits as last year. I expect sophomore year to be much much better than freshman year because i fell into a dark time and gave up on myself 2nd semester. I hope that last years drama will not happen again this year and if any does come my way i will ignore it and continue to do well in my studies. I have let my parents down last year by lying and not keeping my promises. Although it was a long time ago i am still very ashamed of my mistakes. But from what i have heard very wise people say, “Life is nothing more than a giant school, to learn from, mistakes will happen to the smartest person in the world, but only a fool will repeat them”. Something unique about me is i have been doing martial arts for about 8 years. This December will be my 8th year doing karate. I have a deep passion for music, and religion. I am open to do any type of martial art financially available. I will be myself around anyone, i do not put up any fronts for people to like me.

  32. Shannon Galvin says:

    My name is Shannon and I’m glad I’m back at Foothill for Sophmore year. I hope that I can receive A’s and B’s in all of my classes. Also, I expect that this year I will be enlightened with a wealth of new knowledge. I know that some of my courses will challenge me, while others will not, but I am going to give every class my best effort! I wouldn’t say I really have any fears for this year because I never feel fear while I’m at Foothill. I am so comfortable in this school and I love it. So I’m ready to get my Sophmore year started with a smile, my friends, and a good attitude!

  33. Malia Garibay says:

    my name is Malia garibay , last year i ended the semster with a 1.7 gpa , but its a new year and a new start , so this year i wanna do it right ! my hopes are i can get a at least a 3.0 gpa and that i can sorround my self with better people , i also hope i can get more involed with my school . but i fear i will go back to my old ways and not try & ingore my homeowork , because last year i did so badly i will have to take summer school every summer till i graduate just to make up my D’s and F’s . i expect to have a good year because i know what i want and im willing to try as hard as i have to make these hopes a reallity 🙂

  34. Felicia Paredes says:

    My name is Felicia and my hopes for my sophmore year is to do better than last year though I still did well with getting A’s and B’s last year. I’m fearful that my habit of procrastinating will falter me. I am expecting to do well in all of my classes and I can’t wait till the year ends. I don’t want to change anything from my Freshman year because then I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Something unique about me is that I am the most patient in my family and I can be very quiet too. I also love to draw and ride my horse.

  35. Maddi McCarthy says:

    My name is Maddi McCarthy, My hopes for this year is pull through 10th grade year with great grades, memories, and a year of laughter! During classes I want to keep up with all my work including homework. Also studying harder for all tests and quizzes. I am hoping to stay out of FIRE by keeping my grades up. Somthing unique or different about me is that I have been dancing for 5 years now.

  36. Travis Holmes says:

    History, it is one of my favorite class and by far my strongest. I generally out smart everyone in this subject. I therefore ask you not to take offence if I correct you. It is kind of a bad habit of mine to correct everyone and have no fear when giving an opinion. I also tend to go on and on once I start going on a subject so all should feel free to stop me, although I will do this more in the second part of the year in the World War 2. My favorite era is the middle ages but I also enjoy the renaissance and ancient era. I hope not to be a bother or to make any one look bad. I stick to my guns and push forward and that is what I bring to every class is effort.

  37. Ben Anderson says:

    Hey everyone, Im Ben. Im 15 and this is my second year at FTHS. I hope to improve my grades this year and recieve no lower than a “B” in any classes. I hope to turn in all work and turn my assignments in completley done. A few things about myself are that I Bmx, and do so alot. I ride everyday and love it. I ride with my friends and we have an awesome time no matter where or when we are riding years ago. I also ride dirtbikes, I have been riding them since I was 10. I like meeting new people so go ahead and say whats up sometime.

    • Ben Anderson says:

      ** I ride with my friends and we have an awesome time no matter where or when we are riding. I started riding about 2 years ago.**

  38. Sarah Scheinert says:

    Hello! I am Sarah Scheinert and this is my second year here at Foothill. I am a very outgoing and unique kind of person once you know me well enough. Some things that you should know about me is that I am the girl that everyone knows that “rides horses”. I have my own horse and riding is my favorite thing to do and I have been doing it my entire life. One thing I hope to accomplish for sophmore year is to keep my grades up and try and achieve a 4.0. I want to increase my study habits and take good notes in class. Something I fear is that if I become distracted by something , that my grades might drop. Although I refuse to let that happen. Lastly, I expect myself to keep working hard and applying myself in school. Well that’s everything I have to say about myself. I hope to enjoy a really awesome year here at Foothill as a sophmore. 🙂

  39. Ian McMillan says:

    hi this is ian, and i hope that i can maintain a 3.0 throughout the year and be organized. im expecting it to be a wonderfully HARD year, but i know that if i just focus on school and not what i usually focus on, i am able to get throught this year. last year(or more accurate, the first semester) i was un organized, bad grades, and i just didnt really care. now that i know that grades will inflict with my future a lot, i am trying to break all of my old habits and i want to start out fresh this year.

  40. Alejandro Robles says:

    Hello my name is Alejandro Robles. Some of my hopes are just to maintain a 4.0 gpa like the previous semester. I also want to be successful at all of the curriculum studies as well as understanding all of the concepts. If I don’t pass my classes with a “C” or better that would be a big fear in my learning path. Some of my expectations by the end of Sophomore year are to better understand Italian, running faster, and learning as bunch as I can on all of my classes. If I were to change anything about freshman year, it would probably be exceeding on my vocabulary. Something unique about me is that I am trying to learn Italian and French.

  41. Tyler Bransfield says:

    As you can see from my posting name, I’m Tyler and my second year at FTHS isn’t looknig to be that different from the first. Well, asides for awkwardly looking for a social group and/or hangout spot, with those already covered, now I can look a bit further into how I want things to be this year. Having done well ( very well I would say)last year in my grades, I hope to keep my grades up, and I think it will be quite possible, but with two honors classes as opposed to one last year, and Bioscience academy (plus Debate as always), it will be harder, or so I think.
    In short, I really want to make sure I don’t fall behind, and that I have a good year with my friends, whatelse could I ask for beyond that at this point? Going further? Well, I have a high bar, but I’ll try…

  42. Jonathan Cogburn says:

    Hi, my name is Jonny, and one of my goals for sophomore year is to not procrastinate with all my work. You will have to do it eventually, so you might as well get it done sooner than later. Another one of my goals is to get over a 3.3 GPA, so I can beat my last years grades. Last year I was too focused on hanging out with friends, but this year, I want to change that. I am going to put homework first, then friends later.

  43. Athena De La Cruz says:

    Hi, my name is Athena but I also go by a variety of nicknames that many different people have thought up for me. My hopes for this year are mostly the same as every other students’. I want to get good grades, preferably straight A’s. I want to excel in Water Polo and Swim Team. I especially want to make friendships with people that would last a life time. Some fears that I have for this year are that I will go back into my old habits and only really talk to people that I know. Some of my fears are also academic and not just social. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to turn in my homework on time, I won’t be able to work my hardest because of sports, and I won’t be able to get good grades. I’m afraid that everything will pile up so high that I won’t be able to handle it and it will all come crashing down on me. Some expectations that I have for my second year in high school are that it’s going to be crazy, fun, and difficult to manage. Something that I would like to change from freshman year is my habit of procrastination. I always waited until the last minute to get my homework done, or to contact my teachers, or to clean my room. I know that it’s an extremely bad habit and I need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Last year was almost a disaster because of my procrastination. I would stay up late every night, even on the weekends, doing homework. This would cost me precious sleep time before waking up at 5:00 am to go to Water Polo practice in the freezing cold. Something that is unique about me is that I am obsessed with rain. I love the smell of the wet asphalt after it rains and I’m not afraid to run outside in the middle of a rain storm.

  44. Leah Sisemore says:

    My name is Leah, and I’m a big dreamer. When I set my mind to something, I do just about anything to achieve it! This year, I’ve set my mind to changing certain things about myself that didn’t work out so well for me last year. Procrastination is usually my biggest downfall, but this year, I want to change that. Academically, I hope to do everything I possibly can to do well in my classes, because hey, in everything that you do, not just academics, if you try your best and still fail, it really isn’t failure at all. I definately hope to keep all of my grades at As and Bs, and to start asking questions EVERY time I have one, instead of last year when I was sometimes too scared to ask. I want to keep my old friends but also make new ones! As for my shyness….that has to go. It’s just holding me back. Sure, I’m afraid, I bet that everyone is afraid about something, but I am going to let go of the fear this year. Instead, I will just enjoy life, because life is way too great to miss out on.

  45. Harnoor Bains says:

    My name is Harnoor Bains and my hopes for sophmore year is to get straight A’s. Freshman year did not go as well for me as I wanted it to be. Yeah, I learned a lot of new stuff, but I didn’t get the grades I was hoping for. My only fear is not getting the grades I want. I expect sophmore year to be not easy, but not hard either. I’m prepared for the worst, but still praying for the best.

  46. Kristen Kanatzar says:

    Hey, I’m Kristen and, like all of you, I’m a sophomore at Foothill. This year I hope to get a 4.0 every quarter like I did last year, pay attention more in class, and to meet new people. I always stress about my grades and if I don’t get all A’s on every report card I start thinking I’m bad at school and am a terrible student. I also hope to procrastinate less this year. Last year I had a bad problem with waiting until the last minute to do everything, and I’ve found out that it doesn’t do you any good. Some of my fears for this year are that I won’t be able to follow trough on what I hope for this year, and being to shy to meet people or say whats on my mind in class. I’ve always had a problem with shyness and it doesn’t seem to be going away, which is why, unless you know me, I never seem to talk. I do though, a lot, and once you get to know me, I’m very loud and outgoing. So come meet me, because I love to talk. Just not initiate the conversation. I’d love to make more friends!

  47. Tayler Calvert says:

    My name is Tayler Calvert and my hopes for my sophomore year are to do the best i can and make the best out of the school year. I’m hoping to keep a good GPA the whole year and to stick with it throughout. My fears are that i will procrastinate on studying or doing homework and projects although I will try my best not to fall back into that habit. I expect nothing but a great year! My unique quality is my love for competative shooting.

  48. Paulo Aguilar says:

    Hey:) I am a student at foothill technology high school. My name is paulo and my hopes as a sophmore is to get better grades than last year hopefully get all A’s but nothing lower than B’s. So this year I am going to have to study hard, stay on task, and not procrastinating. I want to do good so I wont have fire. I also want to have a great year don’t know if that will happen but hopefully the rest of u sophmores do. I don’t think there’s anything unique bout me if something comes up ill share it with everybody.

  49. Miztli Tinajero says:

    My name is Miztli and my hopes for sophomore year is to get a 4.0 GPA. I really want to try my best this year because I feel like last year I wasn’t 100% on it. But now that I am in the AVID program I need to make sure my grades are good. I really want to get into a good 4 year university so I cannot get less then a “C”. This year my fear is mostly english and spanish. Last year, I didn’t try my best in english and I would never read the books so I was totally lost when the teacher would talk about them. I really hope I don’t do that again this year. I have a lot of unique things about me (as you can tell by my name). You like a really cool teacher so I know that if I need help with something in your class I won’t be afraid to ask. I hope this year will be full of surprises.

  50. Joseph Danker says:

    My name is Joseph Danker, and this sophomore year I hope to get all A’s and B’s in my classes. To do that I will try to keep up on homework and study for tests. I also need to stay focused and pay more attention in class. One fear I have is that I will procrastinate too much and fall behind on big projects. I wrestle for Ventura High, and I plan to work hard and get better at it. I hope that I can achieve these goals this sophomore year.

  51. Merai Dandouch says:

    Hello, my name is Merai and my fears for this year is being unorganized and not turning in my homework on time. My hopes are that I get a 3.8 GPA at the most for this year and to have more patience because I usually cant sit down for a long time. Something I want to change from last year is the way I study and something very unique about me .. um well I just transferred into Foothill.

  52. Jotham Nicolas says:

    hello my name is Jotham Nicolas and my hopes for sophomore year is to get a great gpa of 3.0 or higher and also to try and get A’s and B’s bin all my classes.i want to apply myself to do better in class and ask more question.Something that i want to be my big goal is to be at school every single day which i wasn’t good at last year.My fear is to get low grades and to into FIRE.Something that i think is unique about me is im the only child i have no brothers or sister

  53. James (Danny) O'Donnell says:

    My name is Danny and I am in love with hockey. I play hockey in Simi Valley for the California Titans. Hockey is my life I play everyday and love it. The only thing about hockey is it interferes with school and last year I didn’t do very well in school. This year I am going work way harder in school my goal for this year is to get a 3.0 or higher.

  54. Kate N'Guetta says:

    Hello there! My name is Kate N’Guetta and I am currently a sophmore at Foothill Technology High School! My hopes for this school year are to not only achieve good grades and a high GPA, but to also break some of my bad habits from last school year that just brought me down, such as procastination and not staying on the right track to some of my long-term goals such as getting an almost perfect GPA. Last year I learned the hard way that losing focus makes things even more difficult to achieve. Since it’s a new year and a lot seems different and new to me, I have many fears. Who wouldn’t!? My biggest fear this school year is trying to find the perfect way to balance my work load, friends, family, and sports, because it can get very stressfull at times and I don’t want to fall behind. I’m a very out-going person who loves to laugh and play sports. Track and soccer are definitely my two favorite! I have very high expectations for myself, but I know if I stay focused and always try my hardest I can achieve them!

  55. Justin Baird says:

    my name is justin and my plans for sopmore year are to not fail any of my classes and get a better gpa than last year i hope to do all my homework and classwork this year also i fear that i will get worse grades than last year but ima try to do well somthing uniqe about me is that im probrobly th only student at foothill that can rebuild a 350 smallblock chevy

  56. Aiyana Martinez says:

    My name is Aiyana, for my sophomore year i want to get at least a GPA of 3.0 . This year is a whole new beginning for me , i have a whole new year with new expectations. I always procrastinate, even if i say i wont this year i know i will , but that’s okay with me. As long i as i keep my grade higher than a C , i’am good. My Strongest subject i would have to say is Math . I Struggle with English , which is one of my fears. I know alot more now than i did last year , hopefully i will not go back to my bad habits of not studying for Mr.Dustons Tests or Quizzes or not doing an essay for Dowler. This year i will do my best to get where i want!

  57. Winston Burkhardt says:

    Hi my name is Winston and I have amny hopes for reaching new heights this year. I hope to help myself as well as others succeed. my main goals are to increase my G.P.A to at least a 3.5 or better. I also want to become more organized and focused when im at school and also in sports. Last year I struggled with both but this year I feel a new yearning to achieve what’s best for me as a new excited person. My main fear is that I will procrastinate and become lazy, something I’m good at. One thing unique about me is that I love the outdoors and I enjoy hiking pretty much anywhere.

  58. Lidia Vences says:

    My name is Lidia and my hopes for my sophmore year are to get pure A’s and B’s this year. I also hope to participate more in class and actually study for tests before hand and not wait until the last minute to study. i wasn’t very good at studying last year which led to some major consequences. i fear that i will fail a class or get a D in a class. I also want to be more optimistic and not pessimistic.

  59. Jeff Longo says:

    Hi, I’m Jeff. I have to say I am really excited about sophomore year. I feel a lot more comfortable at Foothill and I know a lot of new people. Last year I got all A’s and one B+ so I really hope I can get straight A’s this year knowing I was so close last year! I definitely expect to have more homework this year considering I’m all the way in 10th grade now. This year I’m planning on staying a lot more organized and to make sure I get ALL of my work done before the last minute. I am afraid that I might get lazy here and there and I am determined to keep my grades at A’s. I guess something unique about me is I am pretty shy until I get to know someone. So please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself I am sure we can be friends! 🙂

  60. Hailey says:

    Happy Attitude Illogical Lively Exorbitant Yamazing. That spells HAILEY. My favorite person is my big brother Austin. I LOVE tyedye, g l i t t e r, boys, unicorns, things that don’t make sense, food and much much more. My first goal of the school year is to recieve 100% on every assignment I get for the first 30 days of school. This includes all extra credit assigments. My hope behind this goal would be by doing this, it will quickly become both a habit and pattern that I will continue throughout the school year. I am planning on doing my best academically and I know that I am capable of a 4.0 GPA. This fall I would like to improve my skills in Tennis. I can’t think of anything to be afriad of at this time in my life. Highschool is a pretty good gig if you ask me; I live with my parents, I don’t have to work, I get credit for playing sports and my mom makes good food for me. Oh and I don’t joke around. No, but seriously.

  61. Grant Speckman says:

    Hello, my name is Grant, and one goal that I have is to try to improve the 3.8 GPA that I got last year. I hope to make more friends and keep the ones that I have already. I fear any huge projects that may come along during the year. I expect to manage my homework and projects better than I did last year. In sports, I want to keep improving my soccer skills, and bike as much as possible.

  62. Paris Trollope says:

    Hi, my name’s Paris, I have a lot of expectations, goals, and fears for this sophmore year. A goal would to become and more understanding person to my friends and to my family as well. I tend to be very stubborn about my opinions, and I want to try to be more open and try to put myself into that person’s shoes. My academic goal is to stay above a 3.o. I am going to do much better than I did freshman year. A fear is that I will have fallen back to my lazy tendencies and just give up on homework and organizing. I do not want to be in FIRE! Something unique about me is that I was boen with an extra rib above my collar bone.

  63. Evelin Velazquez says:

    Hi, my name is Evelin and my hopes for this year are to get better grades then I did freshman year. I hope to grow out of my bad habits of procrastinating and complete all my homework and stay focused during class. The thing I’m most afraid of is failing a class and having to retake it and of also having to face my parents with a bad report card. I expect this year to be very challenging but I hope to get through it alive. I guess the most unique thing about me would have to be that I’m able to speak a bit of Russian.

  64. Madison Schmitt says:

    Hello My name is Maddy Schmitt. I was born in newport Beach,Ca.
    I love to swimn and play tennis as well as hang out with family and friends and I also enjoy cooking with my grandma and traveling. I was so excited to start school this year and see what my sophomore year brought me. I like school and love Foothil! This year I hope to have a little btter grades and get at least a 3.0 I am a very organized person and hope to stay that way. I really like all my classes and teachers. Something i hope to change this year would be do hopefully do a lot better at spanish. Something i fear would be history because i dont like the subject. But i hope to grow to like it and it seems like a really fun class and teacher! I always love meeting new people or putting a smile on someone elses face so if you see me dont be afraid to come by and say hello.

  65. Janelle Calderon says:

    Why hello there, my name is Janelle Calderon. Finally I am a sophomore, last year was one if the most difficult years i have ever encountered. I never knew how hard my freshmen year would have actually been, until I had to go to Foothill. My experience at Foothill last year was no walk in the park, but it seriously prepared me for this year. I now know what to expect, in my classes and the piles of homework. Then also having to juggle school, with sports, and friends, family, and your love life. It’s a difficult task, and i have too much on my plate, that it makes me go banana’s! But I know that the end result will be great. This year i want to aim high, and when I say high, I mean i want to get all straight A’s in all of my classes and no procrastinating!!! Which will be difficult, but it is a good thing to get out of my bad habits. I want to be able to look back at my sophomore year and think to myself, ” boy did i exceed my goals.” And feel proud of myself, and also having the relief of my parents not bagging on me about college, and how they look at all your grades. I expect my sophomore year to be as difficult as last year, but at least this time it will be more easier for me to adjust to these transitions. Something unique about myself is that yes I am a social butterfly, but I also focus a lot on grades and most people do not think i am smart or enjoy playing sports. When on the contrary, I love getting good grades and school. I love even more doing sports, it is like my meditation, but only on the soccer field instead of in a yoga room.

  66. Sean Hernandez says:

    My name is Sean and I hope that in sophmore year I can maintain a good GPA. I fear that I will be beaten up for bad citations on research essays because I don’t really know how to cite things and Ialso fear that procrastination will get the better of me. Since history is my favorate subject I also hope that world history will be fun, despite having to do alot of group projects which I don’t like to do. I fell in love with history in sixth grade starting with the Greeks and all that interesting stuff and my love for the subject only grew bigger as I learned more. In particular I like to learn about anything and everything about weapons and warfare all throughout history. Also I am shy and don’t talk alot but I always have alot to say about something.

  67. Sage Fazzone says:

    HI everyone! My name is Sage Fazzone (Fu-zone)! I am 15 years old and my hopes for this year are to continue to get A’s and very few B’s as grades! I also hope that I my teachers won’t give as much homework! (Probably not going to happen!) A fear for this year is going to be all the big exams and tests. I always have a hard time studying for those. An expectation I have is not procrastinating for sure! I did it a lot last year and I expect myself to not do that this year. One thing I want to change from last year is arguing with my brother! I know everyone fights but we fought too much and it isn’t right. Most people are unique because they draw, sing, dance etc. But what makes me unique is I am a soccer player for VHS and a Varsity softball player for VHS as well! Also, besides the usual teenage stuff of loving music and my phone, I love Disneyland! I have gone there ever since I was little and fell in love with it! I have antique Disneyland tickets and know a lot of facts and secrets about the park. Well that’s a little about me, if you want to know more don’t be afraid to talk to me! I love meeting new friends!

  68. Janile Dabbous says:

    Hello, I’m Janile Dabbous, obviously, this year I would like to get A’s in all my classes, but really who doesn’t? I hope I’ll have enough time this year to do some community service since I haven’t started yet. I don’t want to be shy anymore, and I want to start asking questions if I have any. I’m afraid that I will start procrastinating so I will try and do the assignments as soon as they’re assigned. I want this year to be stress free, but I’m sure there will be some frustrating moments along the way, I’ll just try to keep it to a minimum. Out of school I’m kind of loud, it all just depends on who I’m with and what were doing. Even though I’m a teenager now, I still feel like I’m a kid and inside I am. I hope that never changes and I hope this year will be one to remember.

  69. Kalin Moore says:

    I my name is Kalin Moore and I hope to get along with all of my teachers this year, and get to know them well. Also I hope to get better grades this year and to get all A’s, and try my best. I will study harder than last year and not underestimate assignments. One of my fears are not understanding something, and having a class going too fast and not to understand, even after I go in for help. I also have a weird fear of snails, they’re slimy and weird looking and freak me out! I play for the girls golf team for Ventura High, and I hope to get more distance in golf. I will try to go out more and practice on and off the course throughout the year. Also to focus on not only Spanish but also Chinese, which I speak, but still learning which I need to be study more. I was born in China and a few months old when my mom adoped me, and now I live happliy here and do my best in school. I have a god feeling that this year will be intresting, fun, and challenging.

  70. Ryan McDonald says:

    My name is Ryan McDonald and my hopes for this year are to get atleast a 3.0 GPA anything higher would be nice. Another goal for me this year is making the ventura soccer team. I played last year and liked it alot. Some things i enjoy doing are playing video games, Soccer and airsofting. I think out of my favorite activities airsofting has to be my favorite. One bad habit i hope to break this year is procrastinating. This affected me alot last year and hope it doesn’t this year.

  71. Megan Witters says:

    My name Is Megan and I am sorta glad to be back at skewl. All of my hopes and dreams go towards not being a procrastinator. I have that problem, as do many, and it totally sucks. Im afraid that i might not get first chair in music, and it’s the third year up against my Rivalry cellist. I expect myself to maintain an at least 3.0 GPA average, but i would like to get it even higher. I am Excited for all the challenging new classes i have, and i want to stay organized. ;D

  72. Jennifer Castillo says:

    Hiii!!!!! 🙂 I’m Jennifer Castillo but everyone just calls me Jenny. I’m not from around here; I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and moved here to Ventura when I was 8 years old. I learned English really quickly and that to me was one of my best accomplishments. I am now a Sophomore and I plan on making this year better for me than last year. My freshman year I got distracted a lot by guys and by my friends. Since I got distracted so easily, I stopped paying so much attention to my school work or even sometimes I wouldn’t pay attention during class. I not only disappointed my parents but when my report cards would come in I would be disappointed in myself. This year I hope to do better in school and also to learn that friends are great but not to pay more attention on what we do or what we are going to do after school than to pay attention to my school work. I have a fear of doing the same thing I did last year and always procrastinate on my school work. I don’t want to get into a relationship because someone always gets hurt and I personally don’t want to get hurt neither to hurt someone else because of dumb decisions I make. I want to stay on track and get good greats and a great G.P.A. This year I expect to just be better in every way possible that I can be. Another thing that I want to change from Freshman year is to stop caring about what other people think. I recently had my Quince, and thanks to that I finally realized that I don’t need anyone for right now to make me happy, that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me that it only matters what I think of myself. 🙂 I am a very friendly person and I get along very well with everyone that I meet. I love giving hugs and I absolutely hate seeing people sad, specially the people that I love and care for. Well yep that’s me 🙂

  73. Keldon Schmitt says:

    I could give you the normal way how people tell other people about them self’s, Hi my name is Keldon Schmitt, my favorite color is blue and how I was born in the small town of Felton, etcetera, etcetera, on and on about how boring my life is how my parents are divorced how I don’t get along with my sisters. But I’d rather tell you the part about my self that I actually care about, the ‘who I want to be’, what I want to do part. So here it is, every since I could walk I was surrounded by music, in my house, at my dads concerts, and just about everywhere you could imagine. Ever since the age of about 7 I knew I wanted to have a career that involved music. But it wasn’t till one day when my dad decided to take me to the studio that I found my passion of Audio Engineering; it was the perfect fit. So from there on I have devoted the rest of my life to being the best audio engineer the world has ever seen; or should I say heard? So there it is, my life goal and I would say that is the most important thing you would want to know about me, not how I grew up in a small town called Felton.

  74. Edwin says:

    Hey my name is Edwin Hernandez. My hopes for this year is to actually do my homework. I want to improve my studying habits and actually try. My only fear about sophmore year is failing most of my classes again. 😦

  75. Andrea Fuller says:

    Hi (: Im Andrea and my goals for sophomore year is to get a 3.5 GPA or higher. Last year i did not do to good and i had poor studying habits. This year i wish to change those in order to pass my classes and get to my goal of 3.5. My best class is art so i have no problem with it, but in algebra i struggle alot. I cant wait to see how my sophomore year unfolds but till’ then i will just be living each high school moment day by day. (:

  76. Damien Masterson says:

    Hey, peeps! I’m Damien I’m 14 but turning 15 on Oct. 31, yes that’s Halloween :p. I’m new to FTHS and I’m proud to say that i love it here way more than Buena however I’m still in the Drum Line section in the Marching Band and I also play percussion in Concert Band. My hopes for this year our to get along with everyone and get good grades. Probably what i fear most is just all the test and i didn’t do so hot with grades last year so i am afraid that that will happen again. What i expect for myself is, i guess, well, I think it’ll be the same as last year where i just try my hardest and never give up. I’m all about meeting new people so I’ll probably randomly introduce myself to you and yea……

  77. Austin Takeda says:

    Hey my name Austin Takeda and I am excited for this year as a Sophomore! I am turning 16 in September and still can’t wrap my head around that. Anyway, I am very hopeful of this year concerning my academics keeping my grades above a B while juggling Varsity swim season second semester with CIF qualifying times and my new elective with the BioScience Academy. I am worried I will become over loaded with work so my goals are to be organized and efficient with my time at home. I am excited to see how I preform at school and in sports this year and how I will handle each hand in hand. I am making an expectation that I will be top 8 in finals at CIF and that I can keep a high 3.8 GPA. We’ll see, finger’s crossed. One thing I want to change since my freshman year is my time management at home and keeping my workload on a daily basis level and not piled in some areas of my week. I can say unique wise I am a little artsy and would like to use that in class projects.

  78. Taylor Barnes says:

    The name’s Taylor. Taylor Barnes. I am a sophmore at Foothill Tech (obviously). Some of my hopes for this year of the few short years I have left in high school is basically to 1) quit procrastinating! My first year at Foothill Tech was not the best and I definitly plan to do better. I hope to stay focused and for the first time in my entire life get straight A’s. Anyway, on to numero dos! My second hope for this year is most likely to be the most challenging of all my hopes for this year…..Be SOCIAL (Dun Dun DUUNNN)! I am incredibly shy and very closed. I hope to gain many new friends this year and expand my puny circle of friendship. Hope #3 I hope for great, amazing, wonderful teachers! Which as I look back I have been given. My favorite however is still undecided as it is in a tie between Mrs. Kindred and Mrs. Houlahan. Just as a warning, it may be stuck like this forever. I think that about covers it. Now on to the scary part…my fears. I have various fears one of them including being eaten by a giant llama(looong story). But since this is a blog for school and i’m pretty sure these comment boxes have a limit I’ll just state the ones related to school. One of my fears is that i’ll get a D or (gasp) even an F this year. There is nothing worse than bringing a bad grade home to a parent who thinks you’re a genius. Trust me It is not pretty. The only other fear that I can think of would be breaking my record of accidents on a school campus. Again not pretty. I expect to have a wonderful year at Foothill Tech with all my amazing friends from last year. The only thing I can think of that I would change my freshman year would be my grades. I think a few unique things about me would be ,and I think you guys figured this out already, I am extremely accident prone. My accident record is 19. I really hope it doesn’t change. Well that’s it. Later party peoples!!!!

  79. Megan Kearney says:

    Hi my name is Megan and this is my second year at Foothill. My plans for sophomore year include working hard in all of my classes to maintain good grades and have a successful year. One thing I would change from freshman year is that I want to make sure I ask for help when I need it. I plan to do better at managing my time between school work and my sports schedule. I look forward to meeting new people in my classes and making new friendships. Something that is unique about me is that I have been a competitive swimmer since fourth grade and running for four years now. I am looking forward to a great year!

  80. Alexis Malcolm says:

    Hey, I am Alexis Malcolm and I have many hopes for my sophomore year. I hope to get a 4.0 for both semester one and semester two. I am most looking forward to Algebra 2, Chemistry, and World History. These are my favorite subjects but I am sure I will like my other classes, as well. I am nervous about Spanish because I am not very well with other languages. I expect to make good studying habits that work well with my different classes. I hope to make new friends with the people I don’t know in my classes. Something unique about me is that I figure skated for two years before I got hurt this past year, and now I run cross country and swim. If you see me in the halls or around campus please say hi. I am always excited to make new friends. I hope that everyone has a fabulous sophomore year.

  81. Connor Smith says:

    Hey my name is Connor Smith and some of my fears are that im going to fall back into my old habits of procrastinating to the last minute, and that i never studied last year. I definitely want to change that sophomore year though! My expectations for sophomore year are pretty simple, i want to learn a lot, but also have a ton of fun. This year i want to change from my old ways and get good grades in class and study for tests/quizzes. I’m a music addict with my main interests being dubstep and rap, and i also like to go running and stay in shape when i have the time. I love class projects, because i get to show my creativity!

  82. Dominique Callegari says:

    Ok. I feel like I wrote out my blog entry and closed the page without actually posting it so I’m going to rewrite it. (better safe than sorry?)

    My name is Dominique Callegari, I am a pokemon trainer and I am currently striving to get my final gym badge so i can take on the pokemon league (the elite four) and become a pokemon master!
    But in all seriousness I hope to get a good report card with no Cs or lower. I want As and Bs and straight As if I can manage. I also really want to figure out what I want to be when i grow up. I’m afraid that I won’t really get an idea as to what i want to be by the time college application rear their ugly heads. I want to do something artistic but It seems like there is no demand for any artsy careers in this economy! I expect to do community service. I really need to get going on that, like REALLY badly. I really want to change my messiness. Organization is key! I also need to not procrastinate! I’ll wait till the last possible moment to do an assignment every time but since I have block schedule there’s always something due the next day and procrastination really just spreads my work out in difficult chunks and drains me of all my free time. I’d say I’m unique because I don’t get upset easily and i’m perfectly ok with being foolish and telling all of my embarrassing stories.

  83. Ana Bello says:

    Hello there my name is Ana Bello and I’m stoked for sophomore year! Freshman year was a challenge, a constant balancing act, and when I reached many breaking points. I was the girl that wanted to do it all, I have always felt that I was mediocre at best and wanted to prove to myself and parents that I could be that perfect student. I was in ASB, a part of the debate team and never missed a tournament, took honors, went to bible study twice a week, and had ballet class every day. I easily found myself struggling and watching my so not perfect exterior crumble. I didn’t want to ask for help and thought that if I just pretend everything is perfect maybe it would turn out to be. I am proof though that you can only pretend for so long and I now know here at foothill everyone is willing to help you if you just ask. So what will be different this year? I’m going to ask for help and lot’s of it! So here’s a warning to all you teachers out there. I’m still probably going to be that girl that breaks down and wants to achieve as much as possible but I think with help and positive attitude anything is possible!:) Yes that sounded very corny but as you get to know me, I’m a very corny and wordy person as you can tell by the length and content of this post. Well to sum it all up I want to get great grades this year and achieve a perfect balance. Will it be hard definitely, is it impossible definitely not. Let’s make this a fantastic year class of 2015, come up and say hi I’m a friendly person and love to meet new people 🙂

  84. Anna Cogswell says:

    After experiencing freshman year at Foothill, my expectations were shattered and realizations were soon made about the years ahead of me. I look back now with pride and regret, but mostly the knowledge I need to make new goals for the start of Sophomore year. Although my aspirations are not revolutionary or unique, they are important to me. I hope to stay focused on the goal and never lose my optimism. Of course as every student my main hope is succes and the feeling of doing my absolute best. More specifically; as Sophomore class president this year I hope to represent the class of 2014 to the best of my abiliy and put on the best Winter Formal ever! I have many goals in academics, ASB, and life but at the end of it all, I most hope to look back and feel happy and content with my time spent in this wonderfuil school.

  85. Michelle Sanchez says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Michelle. Like everyone else, I want to get good grades this year- A’s and B’s only and a 3.5 GPA or above! My mind tends to wander off, so I REALLLYYYYYYY have to work on concentrating! My biggest goal right now is to do my homework for every class for a month to make it a habit! Like many others, I procrastinated a lot last year and that wasn’t too good and I really don’t want to do that this year. I hope I stay motivated for a long time!

  86. Anna Cogswell says:

    * wonderfull

  87. Diego Ruvalcaba says:

    Hey my name is Diego and this is my very FIRST BLOG and I am excited for this year!X) I am in 4th period and hope it would be a great year. My top two goals this year to get mostly A’s and 1-2 B’s this year and win ventura high school at soccer. I bottle up all my emotions inside and take out in soccer. I was born and raised in Ventura. My expectations for sophmore year is that its going to be harder but i hope i am wrong! I just need to not procrastinate in homework. Well if you want just say hi to me and tell me your name I would not mind

  88. Makaylah Morrison says:

    Hello, my name is Makaylah Morrison and I am a sophmore this year. I hope this year will not be too difficult and that it will be fun. I would like a 3.0 GPA or higher all year and I will work my hardest to maintain it. I fear i will become clustered and disorganized. I expect to do better, participate more in class, and study harder than last year. changes that I would like to make would be my study habits and stay organized. I am such a procrastinator and that needs to change as well. I love playing many different sports. Right now I swim for Buenaventura Swim Club and I am planning on swimming for Ventura High School this year. I hope this will be a great year for me and I am looking forward to it.

  89. Liliana Soriano says:

    Hey everyone!!!:) My name is Liliana but some people call me Lilly and I’m a sophomore at Foothill Technology High School. Some of my hopes for this year is to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher and try to stay focused throughout the whole year. I hope that this year i wont be caught in any drama because it just distracts me from everything else in life and won’t be able to focus on my school work. Some of my fears that i have for this year is that i’ll procrastinate too much and end up failing a class. Another fear of mine, is that my classes will get really tough throughout the year that i won’t be able to catch up with homework and end up failing that class. This year i plan on not procrastinating as much as i did last year because I’ve learned that it takes you no where and your’e just wasting time. Last year i would sometimes stay up till 4am finishing homework and only getting 2 hours of sleep which sometimes caused me to fall asleep during class, so this year i plan to change that. Everyone is unique in their own way, as am I, I’m usually very quiet and shy during class but when I’m with my friends i completely change personalities and turn into a fun, loud, outgoing person!:D So don’t be afraid to say Hi, i love meeting new people!:)

  90. Susy Vazquez says:

    Hi, my names Susy (: I hope for sophomore year to be way better than freshman year and to get to meet new people. My only fear for this year would be to not have the grades i would likee. I want to keep my grades above a “C” throughout the whole year. My expectations are to not procrastinate at all which is going to be really hard to do… but i think/hope i can stop that habit, so yeah.

  91. Hello, my name is Brandon, and I am excited about the new opportunities sophomore year will provide. I hope to keep my grades above a B+ while still having time for my radio and programming hobbies. I also strive to maintain my virtually-perfect grammar streak, running for the third year straight. I hope that pre-calculus doesn’t prove to be as difficult as my parents tell me it is (and it shouldn’t). So far, the fear of having to use creativity in my writing became true within four hours of beginning sophomore year. I would like to see my rise as a programmer begin. I expect this to happen within September or October. I am already finishing most of the programs I have started, thanks to the encouragement of my friends and especially Mr. Villa (without whom I would not have been able to start). If I wanted to change my freshman year, I should have tried harder during the first semester of PE. My programming and math skills do not necessarily make me unique, it is the way I use them together that can make me unique.

  92. Jesse Conchas says:

    Hi everyone I’m Jesse the fantastic…but you can just call me Jess. Sophomore year is going to be a blast! I can’t wait to start learning new things. Well I am fifteen, and one of the things I would love to have would be my driving permit. I plan on getting it this year; I sure hope that I can! Having a permit would be fun and all, but Grades are going to be my main priority for this year. Freshman year I slacked off, and did not do my best because I knew that most colleges would oversee the first year of high school. I cannot be doing that this year; I would like to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. One of the things I probably fear the most is falling in love. I am way too young to even be saying the word. I think this is why I cannot stay in a relationship for over two weeks… when things get to serious I cut it off. I would rather worry about my school work than be caught up in all that drama that comes with a relationship. So I guess you could say for my sophomore year I would like to focus more on academics than being social. Some people say I can be really mean, but I just consider it being honest. It is a hard quality to come across, and I am glad I have it. Once you get to know me I am really not that bad of a guy. If you see me in the hallway just say. “Hey!” and i will most likely smile at you and say hi back. I hope we all have a great year here at FTHS!

  93. Esperanza Barajas says:

    Hi my name is Esperanza Barajas and I am excited for this year in World History. My top two goals to get all A’s and B’s this year and get at least a 3.5 GPA . My second goal is too study more for quiz and test for any class. This year I am in AVID which I’ve been in 4 years this year. My expectations for sophmore year is to work harder in all my classes and get my 3.5 GPA or above. I just need to not procrastinate in homework or in anything in school. 🙂

  94. Esperanza Barajas says:

    Hi I am Esperanza Barajas I am excited for this year in World History. My two top goals this year is to get mostly all A’s and B’s in all my classes. My second goal is to try my hardest in all my classes and get help when I need help. This year I am in AVID this going to be my 4 year in AVID which I am happy I am in AVID.I am in AVID because I want to go to a 4 year university or really good college. My expectations for sophomore year is to pass all my classes and get a 3.5 GPA or above. I just need to not procrastinate in my homework or anything for school. 🙂

  95. Anna Weil says:

    My name is Anna Weil and this is my first year at Foothill. This year, I really hope to get good grades and do all my homework. I tend to procrastinate at times, so i would also like to work on that. I would also like to meet new people this year. I’m going to make sure i never fail any classes and study for all my tests. I’ll try to stay motivated this year, and i also want to just have fun and have a good high school experience.

  96. Kevin Holst says:

    My name is Kevin Holst and this is my second year of being at Foothill, which makes me a sophomore. I expect this year to be more challenging than freshman year since last year was more of an introductory to how high school works. I hope that I will learn a lot of new and interesting things because, as before, last year was kind of bland, accept for EDA with Mrs. Faulconer. You freshman who have her will be very surprised, in a good way. The only fear that I have is that I will continue to procrastinate like I did last year, so I will have to work on being proactive and use my time wisely. Something unique about me is that I play on the boy’s varsity tennis team.

  97. Justin Noell says:

    Hey I’m Justin Noell a fellow sophty at Foothill Tech and I am hoping that I not only get good grades like everyone else but that I make some new friends and meet new faces. My goal for this year is to try not to procarastinate and to not get distracted by the T.V. or to find any lame excuse to not have to do homework or to start on a project until the last minute, just to find more and more work piling up. Last year it took me the whole year to get settled in but now that I’m a sophmore it’s time to be responsible and to try to actually make an effort instead of slacking off. I am unique becuase I am pretty quiet but if you get to know me you might seem that I will start to open up. I expect this year will be one the best years of school.

  98. Zachary Dinkler says:

    My name is Zachary Dinkler. This is my second year here at Foothill. This year I hope that I can pass all my classes and not forget about my homework. My fears are of course that I will forget to do my homework and end up almost failing the class because I didn’t do well on a test. I expect this year to be better at getting things done on time and understanding the work. Also I expect to have a good sophomore year. Whats special about me? well I can play the drums pretty well and I am pretty good with computers. If that means anything at all to you.

  99. Corey Fluke says:

    Hello, my name is Corey Fluke, this is my second year at Foothill. This year I will hope to really strive to perform my best and complete every assignment given to me. I personally think I procrastinated a fair amount during my Freshman year and I wish I could put this habit to a halt. I really enjoyed 8th grade History and the History portion during 4th quarter of Health/Geography during my 9th grade year. I really think I will enjoy this year as I have enjoyed History all of my life!

  100. James Carling says:

    Hey sophmores, I’m James. I love to play soccer, cards, and video games. For soccer I like to play for AYSO, but i am trying out for Buena’s team. I enjoy playing italian card games with my family and italian friends. My favorite video games include the Assassin’s Creed series, Minecraft, the Call of Duty series, FIFA, L.A. Noire, and the Sims series. Over summer i go to Italy for 2 months to stay with family, friends, and to stay in the house we own there. We have a house about an hour from Rome in a tiny town with about 250 inhabitants. There they have a local food festival in which they have me work as a waiter.

    This school year i would like to have good grades and my biggest concern is what my classes will be like since it is still very early in the school year. Go class of 2014!!!!! 🙂

  101. Chris Schneider says:

    The Sophomore year, wow, one year down already. I hope this second one ends up as well as last. If I get straight A’s I’ll be happy with the year. I also hope to get my drivers permit this year too, as I’m certain a lot of us are. After yesterday I hope 6th period is going to be an awesome end to my day. Oh no, we are in 10th grade only 2 more years until our hero project…..pretend I never mentioned that thing. Well lets enjoy these 2 more years of it being out of our minds. Well some people hate me for one of my uniqueness’s. back in the day of 7th grade I had to have surgery on my left kidney and ever since I overheat easier but that also means I can wear shorts in the ran and still be warm. Well I get a lot of hugs during cold times. Ha-ha. So yeah I hope this year to be very fun like all my history classes.

  102. Cristian Alamillo says:

    Hey! My name is Cristian and what I hope to achieve this year is a GPA that is no lower than 3.0 for the entire year. I plan on doing this by trying my hardest in every class that I have and not getting lazy at all. Last year I got extremely lazy and put my work and projects off until the night before they were due, which was stupid because it got me nowhere. My biggest fear is that I start to slack off and get lazy, or I start ignoring my homework and decide to go to jiu-jitsu instead. I’m sure this won’t happen though because I know that anything worth having is hard to get and requires that I give my all. I expect this year to be great, and I know it will be because I am going to do well in all of my classes and a have a wonderful time in them with all of my awesome friends!

  103. Allys Rockholt says:

    Hey my name is Allysa and this is my second year at Foothill and this year i want to get a better GPA than i did last year. Im a very unique person and I love to try new things and meet new people, so if you see me around campus then come up to me and say hi… I promise i dont bite 😀 my goal this year is to not procrastinat as much as i did last year! alright byee

  104. Kiana Blossom says:

    Hello there! My name is Kiana and this is my second year at Foothill. My hopes for this year are to get much better grades than last year, actually be organized, and to not be so quiet anymore. I also hope that I won’t let myself fall behind and stress out to the point where I don’t even want to leave my room like freshman year. I’m extremely fearful that I might fall back into my freshman habits. I’ve always been afraid to ask my teachers for help, even though I understand that’s what they are there for. I’m afraid I will procrastinate and let my grades fall. I expect that this year will have many challenges, some stress, but end up turning out great. At least, a lot better than last year. I know there will be some bad days, but there is always a tomorrow to make up for it.

  105. Lauren Crawford says:

    Oh Hey ! I didn’t see you there . Soooo, my name’s Lauren (obviously) . Here are a couple of examples of things I wanna accomplish Sophomore year .. First off , I’d like to keep my GPA at a 3.0-3.5 . Also, I’d like to TRY to hate less people . People bug soooo much . Next , I’d like to become a really good photographer! I la-la-la-love Photography (: Soooo , yeah . Byeeee .

  106. Jacob Brown says:

    Hi! My name is Jacob Brown and I’m a sophmore at the best high school ever. I am really looking to this year. I’ve got some classes that are very promising and are hopefully going to be fun and interesting. I am hoping that I will be able to get straight A’s again. One thing I would like to change from last year is that I won’t get distracted so easily. This year I’m going to play on the Buena golf team during the spring. I really like math and science but I can’t really say the same for English. This year I’m going to try to make the best of it and hopefully I’ll have fun in all my classes. Well I can’t really think of anything else so… Bye!

  107. Clayton Heaton says:

    Hello my name is Clay Heaton I am looking forward to this year! I hope that it is much better than last year. World History is my favorite subject, and I like having it sixth period to finish my day great. Some goals for me this year are mainly to do well in school get good grades, and learn a lot. Also this year I really want to do well in basketball it’s my favorite sport and I have been playing for about six years. I play for Ventura High School and its very fun for me. This year more importantly I just want to have a good time and work hard. 

  108. Cameron Ellis says:

    My fears this year are to be unorganized and not turn my homework in on time. I would like to be seated at the front, I don’t have any visual impairments, I just think it will help me be a better student. I would like to stay organized and get a GPA of at least 3.0. I love soccer but I only play for AYSO because, I can’t run for long periods of time and, very fast so AYSO helps to let you do something you like without the extreme conditioning of highschool team. I like school and am glad I get to go to foothill and not somewhere else. I am motivated to do well this year and I want to do well this year.

  109. Christian Martinez says:

    Hi my name is Christian Martinez and for my sophomore year i really hope that i get better grades than my freshman year. I like history class this year because i know more people and its not a boring subject. I don’t want to be a procrastinator like last year that way i have more time to work on home work and do a better job. I really hope i get to know the class really good and make some new friends this year. Also I’m going to try harder this year than last year, and i want my g.p.a. no lower than a 3.5. Lastly i hope that i get good scores on my test and project’s like I did last year. Well I hope my sophomore year turns out like I hope and it turns out to be a blast.

  110. Maggie Chavez says:

    Hi my name is Margarita but everyone calls me Maggiee(: I’m a sophomore at Foothill and I like this school but I don’t like the work. This year I hope to not procastinate anymore in my classes and/or fall behind on all my work. My fear for this year would be to not pass a class and my expectations are to have at least a C- in every class by the end of sophomore year.

  111. Slade LeBlanc says:

    Hello, My name is Slade and I am looking forward to this up coming school year. I love all of my classes, and all of the teachers seem great. I am very happy to not be in the awkward faze of being a freshman, even though it was a very fun year. My hopes for sophomore year are to get all A’s and B’s and to have as much fun as possible, also to end this year without any regrets. I don’t have any fears, I am just hoping for the best. My expectations for my sophomore year is that it will be great, and I am sure that it will be.

  112. Luke Rosales says:

    My name is Luke and for sophomore year I hope to maintain an above average GPA, make new friends, and try some new classes I’ve never had before. I fear losing control of my grades and slipping up, so I’m trying to stay on top of everything I have to do to stay focused. My expectations for this year are high and I hope to keep everything a little bit more organized than last year was, and overall I’m looking forward to a great year.

  113. Dawn Luscombe says:

    Hey I’m Dawn. I definitely have have hopes, fears, and expectations for my sophomore year. Personally I hope to still stay close with all my friends from different schools and continue making new ones at Foothill. I fear that I’ll loose contact with my friends from other high schools. I expect without a 7th period that I’ll be going to Mavericks a lot. Academically I obviously hope to get good grades just like everyone else hopes too. My fear is that I’ll fall back into my freshman habits and get distracted. What I want to change from freshman year would be procrastinating or just not doing my homework at all because sophomore year is really important.

  114. Kinsey Thomas says:

    Hey! My name is Kinsey Thomas and I am addicted to life!!! I am now a sophomore at Foothill(obviously). And I am ready to make BIG changes for this year. This year I plan to d a lot better than last year… I think of everything my biggest struggle is homework, and being motivated to do it. I am also going to work on myself, not go into the habits I usually fall into, procrastinating in particular. I also would really like to get my GPA up a lot more because of the colleges now looking at this year. What is unique about me is I talk A LOT sing out of the blue and have a very bubbly personality. I am also very interested in dance and am taking it both at school and on my own time. I love to meet new people so feel free to say hi. I hope this will be the best year for ALL of us sophomores!!!

  115. Brittney Petersen says:

    Greetings my fellow classmates and teacher! My name is Brittney Petersen and I am no longer a freshy! Going into softmore year I have very high expectations for myself. I am shooting for the stars! I would like to obtain a 4.0 GPA or higher this year, I would also like to be able to create an equal balance between school, family, friends, sports, and anything else I deciede to involve myself in this year. I think my worst fear for all of high school is loosing track of my responsibilities, to me school comes first, I want to go to college to become a Forensic Scientist or a Criminal Investigator. I want to be able to try some new things this year like joing a couple of clubs at FTHS and meeting new people at Foothill, freshman year I stayed with my close group of friends and didn’t branch out and meet new people as much as I would of liked. A few facts about me are, I play tennis for Buena, but some of my closest friends go to Ventura,I am currently playing soccer for my 9th year, I couldn’t live without the beach near my house, and I LOVE the color pink! I also love to meet new people and love making new friends! So don’t be shy and come up to say hi!

  116. Gibson Splies says:

    Hey, if you have not read above, my name is Gibson and I just transferred from Buena. As always the first day was very akward, especially none of my friends showed up until 5 minutes from the bell. I also felt like the odd bird during migration, who is constantly going the wrong way trying to figure out the hallways and which classrooms to go to. In a way, this felt like being a freshman, and I mean that in a good way, since you only get that experience once. Well anyway, last year I didn’t get the grades which I wanted to get which was at least strait Bs, so I’m gonna go for it again and not give up. One thing that I hope doesn’t happen is to procrastinate, but it’s gonna happen at least once this year and I hope it isn’t on a project. One goal outside of school is to get a bass drum part for drumline season next semester, right now I’m playing a marimba in the Buena marching band; it’s still a lot of fun just to be in the band. I hope I have a better year than last year, and while I may not be saaaayyyyy the smartest person around; I’m not the dumbest person around; and what I lack in smarts, I make up for with insightfulness. I’m glad to be at Foothill and while I will miss the friends and teachers at Buena I’m sure I will see them again during marching band performances. “A new year… A fresh clean start!; It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!; A day full of possiblities!; It’s a magical world hobbes ol’ buddy, LET’S GO EXPLORING!!” – Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes.

  117. Jose (Angel) Garcia says:

    Hi. My name is Jose (Angel) Garcia. My goals for this year are to maintain a 3.0 or above. My other goal is to keep playing soccer for buena. My only fear for this year is that i wont maintain my goal and wont be able to make my parents proud. My expectation for this year is to give it all I got to maintain my goal. My hobbies are to play soccer and hang out with friends. Oh and finally I hopefully wont procrastinate in anything this year.

  118. Will Randall says:

    hello, i hope that this year goes good grade wise, i fear of not doing good in some of my grades and fail a class or two,and i expect it to go pretty well. i am a nice person till you annoy me, i play military simulation airsoft for a hobby and i love it, i also pc game with a group called we are men. i listen to true metal and i really dont play any sports. dont really have much to say about myself :/

  119. Eryk Vaughn says:

    My name is Eryk Vaughn. this my second year here at foothill and im already sick of all the new people.my hopes are that i don’t fail any classes again like year. i have no fear for this because i don’t real care what happens i just wish for the best.

  120. Paige Schouten says:

    Hiiii my name is Paige Schouten and I am so excited to be a Sophmore this year. Im excited to be back from summer and to see all my friends and some new faces. I hope that this year will go by smoothly and that I will maintain above a 3.5 GPA and reach for a 4.0. Grades have always been a big exspectation in my family so it has encouraged me to work hard at them. Some fears this year is that I will get caught up in a realtionship thats not good for me and I wont focus on my academics and just focus on the drama, as my mom always says “Boys Are Bad”. All i want is my sophmore year to be fun. I want to have a good time with my friends but still have a great deal of focus on school. I hope to meet many new people this year, so if you ever see me at school just say hi. (: Byee

  121. Ella Rae Svete says:

    Hey, hi, hello! My name name is Ella Rae Svete, and I am so happy that I am finally a sophmore at Foothill. I know this year is going to be a blast! Although, I cannot wait until it is finally over, summer was too good to me this year. Anyways, instead of saying, “I hope to get A’s and B’s.” I am going that say that I AM going to get A’s and B’s. That is what I expect out of myself. I do hope this year is a nice breezy drama free year, which I know, being a teenager this is a lot to ask for. But a girl can dream, right? My freshman year went very well. A little stressful since I am also guilty of procrastination, but who isn’t these day? There are too many useless distractions like Facebook (which is the other open tab on my computer). If I could have changed one thing about that year it would have been to try harder. I expected freshman to be easy and just a little step up from 8th grade. Well, I was very wrong and I found this out the hard way. I think of myself as a very unique person. I actually think everyone is unique in there own special way. I guess what is unique about me is that I know music like the back of my hand. Not rap or dubstep or anything like that, but real music. I guess the genre would be “Indie”. Of course, I love the classics like The Doors and Led Zeppelin as well. So, if anyone needs new music recommendations do not be afraid to come up to be and ask to go through my ipod. I will joyfully let you; I love meeting new people, and getting them into fantastic music. I apologize for the length of this, I guess I like to talk a lot.. 😀

  122. Audrey Karbum says:

    For your very first blog post, I want you to introduce yourself to the rest of the sophomores. What are some of your hopes, fears, and expectations about your sophomore year? These can be personal and/or academic. What, if anything, do you want to change from freshman year? What is unique about you and how do you want to share this with the rest of the class?

    • Audrey Karbum says:

      Oops! Accidentely just posted the instuctions… So here is my actual comment. Well hello, I’m Audrey. I am super excited for sophomore year. I cannot wait to be able to get my permit, I want to drive so badly. I just turned fifteen on August 22nd so I won’t even be able to get my permit until February but hopefully this year will go by soon. This year I hope to get all A’s in school or atleast do better than I did last year, which wasn’t too good. I play tennis at Ventura and I am playing singles on the varsity team this year. I really hope I kick some butt in tennis this year and get good enough to even come close to beating Santa Barbara. Academics and sports are my two main focuses so I really hope I succeed in both. Being honest, sometimes I am super weird, loud, crazy, and maybe a little obnoxious. On the other hand, a lot of times I can be super mellow, quiet, and just chill. I really hope I get to meet some great people this year, have fun classes, and over all I really hope I do good in school this year.

  123. Carly Camarillo says:

    Hey, My name is Carly Louisianna Camarillo. Yes, I know my middle name is unusual. Here’s the background story on it……. My dad’s mom’s name is Louise and my mom’s mom’s name is Anna, so my parents got Louisianna. My Hopes for this year is to get above a 3.5 & not to procrastinate. I try to not to let fear dictate my life and actions, but I do have a couple that come to mind. Being late, not doing well in school, disappointing my parents and/or teacher and of coarse the waking up and going to school naked. 🙂 Some expectations of mine for other people are proabably to come up and intoduce yourself because I love meeting new people. Also an expectaion for myself is not to put to much on my plate. Well that’s me! Thanks for reading.

  124. Andrew Marostica says:

    My name is Andrew Marostica and this year I would really like to pay more attention in class, do all of my work on time and proberly. Last year I didnt pay attention or do alot of my work and that wasnt smart of me to do. oh and I would also like to get a 3.5 GPA this year and meet some new freinds

  125. Sean Green says:

    Well hello there, my fellow peers of Sophomore year, and Sophomore teachers reading this. I am Sean Green. I LOVE to meet new people, and I also love hugs. 😛 This year I really want to work on doing my homework as soon as I get home, because as soon as I get home, I always get distracted, whether it’s by the computer, friends, my parents, or my little brothers. I do not want to procrastinate anymore! I’m tired of it, it’s just so stressful. I hope that I’ll meet many new friends this year. I also hope that I do get anything lower than a B. My fear is that I won’t learn from my old habits. I’d like to make new habits that I can follow daily. My expectations are that Sophomore year will not be easy, and I must work for good grades this year. If you’re ever bored or wanna meet new people, I’m always looking for new faces and to meet. 🙂 Have a great day.

  126. Elias Toma says:

    Hello, My name is Elias, And this is My Second Year at Foothill. My hopes for my sophomore year is to pass it with a 4.0 GPA and NOT get behind on homeworks and Tests . I will try my best to get A’s in all my classes and I will try to stay on task. My fear is to fail any of my classes or get bad grades and get rid of my bad habit that made fail last year, I will study more and Do my best !

  127. Sarah Reyes says:

    Hi I’m Sarah and this is actually my first year at Foothill. I went to Ventura last year and most of the teachers there were horrible. I am excited to be going to Foothill and i am excited for teachers to actually be able to help me when i need it. My goal for this year is to try to stay focus. I always get bored in class and start daydreaming then i get lost in class because i don’t know what we were just talking about. I hope this year goes great!

  128. Janine Raduechel says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Janine Raduechel. I am currently a sophmore here at Foothill, and am excited for what this year will have to bring me. My goal this year is yes obviously, to get good grades. I’m going to make sure i work hard these next couple of years to make sure i get into a good college so I may have a good life. But besides this, I would really like to figure out who I am, and who I would like to be. I plan to have fun this year as well as work hard. If you know me, you know I am a soccer fanatic. Soccer basically takes up 80% of my time during the week, and soon even more on the weekends. I plan on becoming a better player this year, as hopefully every year to come. Well, that’s just a little slice of me, and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks!

  129. Andrew Nyznyk says:

    I am a sophomore at Foothill Technology High School. My hopes for this year are to make new friends, get a 4.0 GPA, and to just have tons of fun at FTHS and Ventura. My only fear at Foothill is not doing well in my classes. I expect my sophomore year to involve me working hard in every class :/. The thing I want to change from my Freshman year is to not be so lazy. I did good on the CST’s, but I didn’t get great grades. I need to do better on my Homework and such, that is what killed me last year. There isn’t anything Unique about me that I know of, except the fact that I spend a lot of my time on the football field, the wrestling mat, and the running track

  130. Tyhler Kohn Gallardo says:

    Hi my name is Tyhler, yes Tyhler with an H thats one thing very unique about myself. Ima 15 year old sophomore at Foothill High School and playing sports at Ventura(Go Cougars!!). Just like any person I have many high hopes I wish to fulfill, I wish to get all A’s and maybe two B’s in my classes. Another hope I have is to do my absolute best in sports and homework/tests and my coach/teacher really notices me for being the girl who does 100% on everything. A fear of mine is failing my worst subject, science, or chemistry. An expectation I have from my teachers is alot of homework, which I hope I finish all of! An expectation for myself is to have a lot more patience and hopefully a lot more time on my hands! One people dont know about me is that after high school, I hope to get far away from Ventura or California. I would like to go to college in Minnesota, Texas, or Arizona and maybe going to San Diego State. Well thats just a little bit of me. If youd like to know more just ask, dont be shy, you can always be yourself around me!

  131. James Robinett says:

    Hi, my name is James. Some of my hopes for the school year are to get all A’s and B’s, and not to procrastinate. I expect to turn in all of my assignments in on time and to pay attention in class. I want to try to be organized this year, and stay focused. I’m looking forward to fun year.

  132. Chelsea McCarty says:

    Hi! 😀 My name’s Chelsea McCarty, and my hopes and expectations for this year are to definitely get good grades, because last year I didn’t do so well. I procrastinate entirely too much, so I’m hoping to change that. I’m going to try to stay motivated, unlike last year, and try to stay on track and keep focused. I would also like to be drama-free, because well, no one needs that in their life. I would like to keep at least a 3.0 GPA. The last thing is to meet new people and branch out more, and be confident. I want to have an amazing high school experience.

  133. Antonio Solano says:

    Hi my name is Antonio but you can call me Tony. This year i hope to get straight As throught out the whole year and to have straight As in all my years at Foothill. My fears this year is just like last year, i would always leave all my work till the last minute and almost never study and i hope this year i will improve those bad habits and do better in school if i improve those habits. I am a very chill person that almost never gets mad so if you want say hi to me if you see me around school and give you a hi and smile back.

  134. Camille Werner says:

    Hey! What’s up? I’m Camille Werner. This year my biggest goal is to get a 4.0 gpa. Last year i didn’t do nearly as good as i should have. I was distracted by my social life and sports. I fear that i’ll fall back into my bad habbits, but i’m doing all i can to stay on task and focused. I’m playing soccer and track for Ventura this year. I hope to learn alot and really embrace and participate in all of my classes a lot more this year. I can’t wait to read all of the books you’ve picked out for us and i’m really looking forward to achiveing my goals for sophomore year!

  135. Melissa Fox says:

    Oh Heyy; The name is Melissa, and this is my second year at Foothill. Just like everyone else, i basically have the same goals , At least A’s and B’s in all of my classes and I need to watch my procrastination. I play Buena soccer and i also have club team in Thousand Oaks.. So things can get a little crazy with all the homework. I am worried that i will get way to stressed and just like give up. Anyways, I love to joke around a lot and to laugh. Oh and i love to talk.. So if you ever wanna talk, just come up and say Hiiii

  136. Domenica Stoll says:

    Hey, my name is Domenica Stoll. I’m really looking forward to this year – I expect it to be really great. This year, I’m psyched to be in Bioscience and all of my new classes. I’m taking two honors classes and I hope to stay on top of things. I really need to stop procrastinating all the time! This year, my schedule’s a lot more busy because of things I’m doing outside of school, so I have to work on time management, or work management as some may argue. At the moment, I have a volunteering job and am involved in my youth group. I enjoy reading and I love to write stories. I’m a little afraid of all the work I’ll have to do this year. I don’t know how much down time I’ll get to myself. Hopefully, I can balance my schedule and still have extra time. I know I will find a way!

  137. Jacob Lantiegne says:

    Hey, my name is Jacob and i am excited about being a sophomore at foothill. This year I am hoping to do well in school and also at home. I would like to be able to get better grades this year and try to get on honer role this would be a big accomplishment especially because I am a huge procrastinator. But I not only wont to do better in school but do better at home as well. I would like to help out a little more around the house and not fight so much with my mom and brothers and try to get along with them so that we could enjoy being with each other and not try to kill each other. this would make my year at foothill a lot better because then i would know that i did something right and it would give people something to be proud of. i am also looking forward to seeing some new faces here and hopefully being able to meet some of them as well. with that said i would like to say welcome back and i hope we all have a great year!!!!!

  138. Connor Mazzola says:

    Hi my name is Connor. Im a 14 year old sophomore, so im a little young but whatever. This is my second year at Foothill and I kinda like it a little better than freshman year, but I absolutely hated foothill freshman year. My goals for this year are mainly just c’s or b’s, not much different from my last year. Im not into any sports except board sports like, surfing and snowboarding. Im really one track minded when it comes to surfing, that all I actually really like to do.

  139. Ian Hendrick says:

    That’ssssss a very nice blog you have there… It would be a real shame if something were to happen to it…

    Minecraft reference aside, I’m Ian local reference book and hitchhiker. As for hopes, I don’t really have any. I have a hard enough time paying attention to the present, so thinking of the future? Ha! I don’t know if that has anything to do with my AD- Hey! A squirrel! Wait, what? Oh, yeah. ADD. Fears, also don’t really have any. When it comes to fears in general I don’t really have any true fears, at least none to speak of, more only phobias. Expectations, also none. (Jeez, I feel like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s entry of “The Universe”) Looking at a lot of the other posts people have been describing themselves, I suppose I could follow in suit. As much as I dislike them, I can almost be Vulcan when it comes to emotions. I am not sane in the slightest. Sane people don’t talk to their companion cube. Speaking of which, Portal 2 is by far the best game ever. Within the first ten seconds of starting single player I was no longer in possession of my soul. That became property of Valve. Since I’m talking about favorites, I could also mention that Queen is my favorite band, M*A*S*H is my favorite TV show, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my favorite book series. Wow I talk a lot. I know a good amount of random trivia, so if you’re interested in knowing the date the Titanic sank (April 15, 1912) or the amount of people that survived (712) or the meaning of life, the universe and everything (42) or what you get when you multiply six by nine (42) or the penalty for dumping urine canisters in open trade lanes ($900000 fines to the penalty of death) weird stuff like that, I probably have something you didn’t want or need to know.

  140. Kylee sweet says:

    Hey! I am kylee! This is my second year at foothill! I love it here. My best friend is Ciena and I love her to death! Well I am very friendly and you can come say hi to me!

  141. Ryan seemiller says:

    Hello my name is Ryan Seemiller, some people call me fatpiglet, and ya, I have many hopes for this year but I feel like mentioning the school related one, like getting better grades and such, I also want to meet more people and be much more outgoing and random then I wash last year, and so far I feel like I am suceeding, so if you see me around say hi or something!!!

  142. brandon chandler says:

    hello my name is Brandon chandler but some people call me bug. some of my hopes are that i do good in school and to get good grades. a fear i have is of spiders and that is a bought it on my fears. if i could change one thing from freshman year i would change my grades and stop procrastinating.

  143. Amanda Brown says:

    Hello, my name is Amanda Brown. My main goal for this year is to get good grades, at least A’s and B’s, because last year wasn’t that great. One of the biggest things that I’d like to change is that I procrastinate all my work until the day before it’s due. Why I do that, I’m not quite sure, but I’m hoping to change that over the next few weeks. Another thing that I’d like to do throughout the school year, is to stay on track and stay focused on my school work. I also plan on staying away from all the drama that comes with being a high school, teenage girl, because it’s not a fun time having to worry about who’s saying what behind who’s back. I also want to stay away from it because no one really needs it, especially when you’re trying to deal with bigger and better things in your life. I’m may seem like someone who’s really mean, but in all reality I’m not, I’m actually a really easy person to talk to. So if you ever wanna talk I’m always here for anyone who needs it. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I hope to have an awesome sophomore year 🙂

  144. Christine Willis says:

    Hi! My name is Christine, and I am a sophmore at Foothill Technology High School. One of my hopes for this year is to get all A’s, for the first time ever. Or to at least get a 3.5 or higher. I also hope to make some new friends this year. One of my fears is to fail one or more of my classes. I also need to work on not procrastinating, like I always have before. I hope to have a great time this year!

  145. Valeria FrancO says:

    Well hello there my name is Valeria and this is my second year In Foothill Technology High School. My freshman year was difficult to me it’s was a bad starting and if I could go back through time, I’ll get my self ready for school the next day and not making the same mistakes I did. But I know it is not possible, so that’s why I want to make good decisions for this year. I tasted was is like to be in High School, so this year I’ll be more than just ready to do my best and get better grades as I did last year. I’m a very friendly person, well for some people who had me on my middle school, might think I’m making this out just to look good to the class, but the people who really know me they know it’s true. I might seem quiet, boring, shy, and the worst person to hang out with. But they get to know me, I’m a total different person. And I want to make that change in this school, be a different person and not being the quiet, shy and boring person as everyone thought I was. This year I want to do well on school, participate with the class and talk more!

  146. Josiah Kelley says:

    Hello people reading this, I’m Josiah Kelley. When poeple first say my name they say it as if it was spelt as “Joziah”, To say it correctly, it’s JoSSSSiah, just want to be clear 🙂 I know this year at Fotthill will be better than last year. My grades werent the best, thats for sure, im not going to let relasionship problems, and drama among friends or family get in my way. My biggest fear is that I’ll slack around and just go for the minimum grade requirement like i did last year. I’m not going to say that i want all A’s or a 4.0, I’m just going to say that im going to try my hardest and do the best I can do. One of my goals this year is to get sponserd before summer comes around. Also just to be clear, its JoSSSiah, not Joziah. o_0

  147. Matt Densing says:

    Hi, Im Matt. I am very excited for not being the bottom of the food chain anymore. I cant wait for what is around the corner this school year, Even though it could be extremely challenging. One challenge I am afraid of for this fresh school year are my grades. Last year, my grades ranged from a 2.8 to a 3.5, which is a lot lower than mine and my parents expectations. I hope to reach at least a 3.5 all year round. I really hope I succeed in baseball this year. This year, I will be playing Junior Varsity. Last year, my team won the conference champion, and although I did extremely well when I pitched (for I am a pitcher), I did not pitch nearly as much as I wanted to. This year I hope to sharpen up on my game and succeed. I also hope to be a better person and christian this year. Even though I consider myself a Christian, I sometimes don’t show it, so I am going to try and be the best person I can my sophomore year. Overall, I believe this will be a very fun, tough, and exciting ride through my second year of high school.

  148. Sean Booth says:

    Hi my name is Sean Booth and I’m a new sophmore at Foothill High School!! Some hopes that I have for this year are to get good grades (specifically A’s and B’s) in every sinlge class I have and get good test scores. To succeed in those I will study alot more and try my hardest this year. Last year wasn’t the best year but I hope this year goes alot better. A hope that I had was to get onto the rowing team but I got onto the team last weekend!! Haha I was so excited!! Some fears I have are that I will go back into my old habits and just do horrible like I did last year at Buena. I procastinated, didn’t care about my classes/grades, and I hung out with the wrong people. Some expectations I have for this year are that it will be challenging, hard, and different than last year. A few things about me are that I skate everyday, I play drums, and I can be shy at sometimes but once you get to know me I am very out there and outgoing. Well I hope to meet some new friends and just have a good year.

  149. Rachel Tovar says:

    Hey there, my name is Rachel and I am sophomore from the class of 2014. You may think that I’m a shy person, because I am, but only if I don’t know you or talk to you as much as other people, but once you get to know me I’m not as shy. Anyway, about this year, I have promised myself and I will keep my promise, to do A LOT better this year than I did the last. I will get a 3.0 or higher and I try to be more social and make a lot more friends. I don’t play sports because I’m not good at any, and I don’t have a hobby, when I get home I just get on Facebook and stay on it for quite a while :D, many people think I’m like 15 or older but I’m actually still 14, life for me goes by pretty slow. Well anyways I like meeting new people so don’t be afraid to say hi…see ya!:)

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